We are back!

Hello fellow dark souls.

We have taken a long period of break.

This gap was needed for us to reconsider and reinvent the point of existence of the blog. 

Collecting, editing and publishing interviews is not always a simple job.

Artists are busy. We are busy.

We do our best but the material we get is often poorly written and it needs a lot of editing.

Contacting people several times and with long gap times is a neverending story. 

This lead to the death of the blog for the long time each post requires.


We always wanted to help the artists and give them visibility.

We still do it. But now it will be for our and your pleasure only.

We want to take a step forward and make this place a point of eyes’ pleasure. 

From now on we will feature more artworks to drag you in our art gallery.

Less words. More art.

Another chapter is starting. 

Welcome to the dark side.




  Love this DarKness!

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