name: Petter
surname: Burgos
year of birth: July 15, 1990
country: Mexico


Come Whit Me by petterburgos

Come Whit Me
by petterburgos


Q1: When did you start making art?
That is the question. I have perhaps always searched for the answer but at the same I find it very easy to answer. I began by taste towards art since age 10, from a very young me interested the arts and painting. I think that right there it was the “crush” and when I started to involve more art in my life. My father is good at drawing. I like to think that the love of art was my veins before birth. And since art has been part of my lifestyle now not only with photography but with drawing, sculpture, painting, design and literature. So much so that my professional studies involving both art and to this day my whole life I dedicate to art.

Q2: What does inspire you?
(very deep sigh)
Lately everything today and nothing inspires me, but I don’t know how to explain the source of my inspiration itself. Maybe it has always been the way I see it. Many people think me crazy and somewhat extroverted but I like to see is more of what people may perceive with the naked eye. Give a more palpable sense of a feeling, make it more intense, do you get to draw the attention of a person, that captivate, that catch.
Inspiration is available to everyone, as simple as observing, paying attention what we feel and how it affects us.
My source of inspiration would perhaps be my own person, my day to day, my thoughts, my experiences, but certainly my secret is in my dreams.

Q3: What are your techniques?
Photography is what I’m more focused at this stage of my life.
Self-portraits to be precise. I have an idea, translate it on paper, look for items to reach the intended result, ride my set, makeup (if I require so), stand in front of the camera, allowing the character to catch me and shoot.

Q4: What is the main idea or feeling behind your works?
Feelings play a very important role in my work, as I am always looking to convey something that happened to me or my reaction would be like if something like my pass.
Feelings can be very varied and different at the same time, ranging from anxiety, pain, and joy to the most mysterious things (feelings not like to call them).
But you could say that the feeling that I like to photograph or photographing characters think, would be: fear, anxiety, loneliness, pain, terror.
But if all play an important part in my photographs, without a feeling I would not know what picture to take and above all there would be nothing to convey to the viewer.

Q5: What is the main color of your art and why?
Colors range depends on the idea and the feeling that is in play and often what you want to convey. There are self-portraits that sometimes I wish that “it” was what to call more attention to the viewer and usually use a bright color or contrasting it with the rest of the composition, usually use neutral backgrounds and single color, such as black or white, to also focus on the person or object that I’m portraying.
I like to play with colors and have harmony if all goes matching and composition just right that seeing the picture makes the viewer to see every detail and paying attention to each element, the colors catch them, fill them with or catch light in the gloom.

Q6: What would you improve about your work and why?
I would like to improve the quality of the items I use for post production of my self-portrait. About the camera I would buy a newer and that has better quality, artificial lighting that sometimes is generally very bad. If I do not have proper lighting, the intensity of my photography tends to drop.
My post production techniques are what I focus today, to continue to improve as many others have done, but only to reach those with serious results you gain experience over time and experiencing.

Q7: Do you have any project for the future?
Yes, but I still work on it so it could not reveal much about the project, but is related to photography and self-portraits.
Also another project that I would make would be one very common and sounded much internet, it would be: 365 project, but to adapt it to my style of photography.

Q8: Describe yourself with 3 words capturing the essence of petterburgos.
Feeling, originality and authentic.

Q9: Show us (link) your very first work. Describe it from techniques till feelings.
“Come whit me”
One cold November night 5 A young woman walking through the streets of a county resident had recently, had just gone through a very difficult situation where the hopes he had were about to end … leaving forever, walked and thought was the things that had happened that night, he lost track of time while walking, when suddenly I hear a voice calling him far, I doubt if it was a real person or someone who was not with him at that time.
He began to feel a sense that he was difficult to recognize where, do not know if it was fear of the unknown, or fear of what could happen, but at the same time that voice gave her peace of mind, his feelings were a mixture of everything, that do not know, if you keep walking towards the voice or run away from there.
No there was more there than his eyes could see, darkness came over all the eyesight began to fail and blur any object that was close to the turning around all gloom and voice still be heard a little closer and that feeling seized more and more, filling every part of his body, was total silence and darkness and hushed voice and the sound of silence became deafening.
Standing there in the middle of nowhere still thought about what had happened that night, he’d walk toward fact there is not much time, want to escape the despair of it was perhaps what made ​​him walk, forget all and all, putting an end once and for all that.
The silence grew more intense and stunned so quiet, the view became null and standing trying to see, I hear a voice so close, as a sort of whisper in his ear and said “come with me” …
In both tecnias paresca although it’s a very simple picture, I turned to make it harder to think of it, well say less is more.
For it is only one person in this case myself standing in front of a black background, shirtless, with scratches on the shoulders (perhaps a forcejo), the light gave me some trouble because I have no staff to help me with so they were getting a little evidence that I liked more and which could work. It was very tedious to try to play with that light to achieve the end result that is the one in the picture, then use the makeup in my own hands is that cover my eyes was something I had to sketch with colors before makeup myself.
Then was the post production on the computer, play with intensity, shadows, brightness, curves, filters, layers, brush strokes, cuts, blurs and some other things.
And so was born as, “Come whit me” .

Q10: What did change from your first work till now?
Basically were the techniques previously used, the materials and they were a little hasty in time and places. Many of my self-portraits are on my mind because not embarrass me as they were part of my training as an artist or photographer, have them great appreciation and love for reminding me where I come from and how I started.
Even comparing an old self-portrait with one of the current difference is very noticeable but the style is already dominating and giving that label to distinguish my photos to the rest of the others.
They changed many things from the first to the last self portrait I uploaded.
– Techniques used to photograph
– The use of professional photography equipment for
– Make good quality
– Area and designated to make my photographs
– There is already a pre production schedule and self-portraits
– Focus more ideas
– Think before you shoot
– That physically mature
– There is no longer much evidence of errors (thanks to the pre-production)
– There are sketches of each of the ideas
– My experiences and personal experiences
Those are just some of the things that changed just to name a few.

Q11: What is art for you? Escaping from reality or the essence of life?
Undoubtedly an escape from reality, because as many of my favorite artists was art your travel ticket to wonderful worlds where only the one with the ticket can travel, an escape from reality where we can convey when something seems or not we feel, when we want to express something in a different way.
Through art we can make sense of things that we do not have to invent a new world with our own rules and our own values, where everything is governed color, shapes, compositions and feelings.
Art for me is a ticket to magical worlds, where the driver is myself, which is where my destiny as it take to arrive.

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