name: Mark
surname: Molchan
year of birth: 1967
country: USA


The Harpie by markmolchan

The Harpie
by markmolchan


1. Q1: When did you start making art?
I started drawing as young as 4 years old, got serious by 18 (art school), and was illustrating and painting murals full-time by 30.

2. Q2: What does inspire you?
I cannot explain that easily. It is different every time I work. Maybe an idea, a color, a line. Definitely have to feel something for it. But usually someone is paying me to start an image and I must find what I love about it to continue effectively.

3. What are your techniques?

I come from oil and acrylic painting background, with 40 years of pencil drawing practice. These days I use mostly Photoshop/digital for ease of changes. I don’t use any specific technique, just paint until it looks right.

4. What is the main idea or feeling behind your works?
I have no continuous idea, most of my work is commissioned illustration for someone else’s idea. But I have to put in what fascinates me, usually a certail calmness or mood depicted in the image. I shy away from hardcore action.

5. What is the main color of your art and why?
I use ALL colors! haha! Probably too many! Fewer colors means better focus, yes?

6. What would you improve about your work and why?
My heart wants more storytelling and passion/emotion, and less detail. My brain wants more detail and realism at the cost of passion. I think what my heart wants is better at this point. It is more engaging perhaps.

7. Do you have any project for the future?
I always have something coming up for illustrations, but I would love to do a full story/graphic novel type thing.

8. Describe yourself with 3 words capturing the essence of DeivCalviz.
How about two…Passionately confused.

9. Show us (link) your very first work. Describe it from techniques till feelings.
This HERE was probably my first REAL illustration job. For American Girls doll company. Acrylic on board. Unfortunately I was ghosting for another painter, John Pugh. So my name is nowhere to be found in any credits. Oh well, I still made ALOT of money as far as illustrations go. 3x more than I get now.

10. What did change from your first work till now?
Only change is medium. But I prefer traditional to digital. go figure.

11. What is art for you? Escaping from reality or the essence of life?
I don’t know. As a kid, I had to do it. Don’t know why. Now it is a skill that I use to earn a living. Don’t get me wrong! I am passionate about doing it, otherwise I wouldn’t be any good. But I am not that good anyway, according to my brain. Haha!

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