name: Alex
surname: Brock
year of birth: 1991
country: United States


I prithee, take it
by Frrruuussstraation


Q1: When did you start making art?
I’ve always drawn since I was a child, I just never stopped.

Q2: What does inspire you?
Anything Dark/High fantasy and bringing awe and terror into the hearts and minds of the viewer. Basically making amazing fantastical ideas as real as possible. Also artists like Justin Sweet, Brad Rigney, Dave Rapoza etc… and more classical artists like John William Waterhouse, Frazetta, Bouguereau etc…

Q3: What are your techniques?
Well, I mostly draw/paint digitally, and I’m definitely more comfortable drawing. So I usually sketch out a basic composition of what I want and then define everything pretty detailed with the linework. After that I’ll try and get some basic values filled in those lines and then I pretty much just paint on top of all that until it’s done. I also really like the mixer brush and squishing things around to give them a painterly texture.

Q4: What is the main idea or feeling behind your works?
Wonder, awe, fear (sometimes) and wishing one could go into the world of the drawing; just trying to bring magic to life.

Q5: What is the main color of your art and why?
I’m not sure I have a particular incling towards a certain color scheme, I like them all equally.

Q6: What would you improve about your work and why?
Maybe the atmosphere, I’d like to just make it more realistic and also really create a mood, so probably making the entire image work better as a whole to accomplish whatever I’m trying to convey. And of course everything like technical skills and painting/rendering.

Q7: Do you have any project for the future?
Right now I’m just really eager to finish school so I can work on some projects. I’d like to work with games, graphic novels/books, and the like.

Q8: Describe yourself with 3 words capturing the essence of Frrruuussstraation.
Heart, Majesty, Poop.

Q9: Show us (link) your very first work. Describe it from techniques till feelings.
This HERE is my first real drawing with a tablet which I got just over 4 years ago. I think I had just watched Donnie Darko… I have some really old drawings of Dragon Ball Z guys somewhere under my bed too.

Q10: What did change from your first work till now?
I used to just draw for the fun of it and not care too much about how good I was, but just recently I started taking it really seriously and want to make a sort of living out of it. Not much has changed in the urge to get an awesome image I have in my head out into the real world though.

Q11: What is art for you? Escaping from reality or the essence of life?
Art is making my own reality and showing it to eveyone else and exploring it with them.

  Love this DarKness!

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