What is “DarK”?



“Beauty of whatever kind,
in its supreme development,
invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”

Edgar Allan Poe


DarK is an organization born in 2012 on Facebook and rised to the next level. It focuses on the beauty of the dark side of art. A virtual art gallery with a huge number of pieces of art. Each one has a title and the name of the author. We support artists and their efforts! Be fascinated.


ARE YOU AN ARTIST? Contact us on Facebook to submit your art to DarK!

Famous or undiscovered artists, we show their works to you as long as they’re awesome!

 On this official website you can enjoy the best of our discovering! DarK does interviews with artists, in order to dig their mind. Do you want to know more about a particular artist? Just click on the work shown in the interview! DarK collects scary, macabre (& stuff) stories and also videos. Do not lose our contests!   All material is copiright covered by owners. We do not own any intellectual right on art material we display. We support artists by providing credits on all the works we show here.

Why to register to DarK? Being logged in allows you to comment under the articles. To leave a comment is fun and helpful. What does the piece of art communicate to you? What do you want to say about this artist? Etc. Express yourself! (Warning: Spam links or unappropriate comments will be rejected). You can find the “Register” button in the sidebar.  All information you provide will NOT be shared with any external company for any reason. DarK values your privacy. That’s all! We keep it simple and relaxing.

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Interact! Is that all? Sure not. This started as a traver into the deepest corner of the dark art. But soon the situation exploded. More and more people got involved. We made a group and they started to share their dark side. Art, poems, music, quotes and feelings started floating all over the place. We’re proud to say we are a family now. We cannot touch each other body but we can touch and feel each other soul.   If you want to join us, please visit the DarK group. Welcome to the dark side.

Enjoy the art. In dark we trust. Regards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

DarK loves you!