Vengeance, a love story by Jerry Jett

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(chapter 1)Vengeance, a love story by Jerry Jett

As she rode thru the streets on her custom R6 homing in on the psychic signature of one of the creatures that had killed her bestfriend Cindy. Barbara had time to think. Natural causes. Bullshit. 23 year olds didn’t die of natural causes. She thought she had encountered every type of supernatural creature there was. She was wrong. Whatever had killed her friend was something new. It left a dirty almost repellant psychic signature. Something like rotting meat in a bed of roses. She would never forget it. Nor would she ever forget the look of utter terror frozen on Cindy’s face. What ever had killed her had quite literally scared her to death, and somehow in the process fed on that fear. These creatures had thought they had chosen someone no would miss. They thought wrong. Cindy was Barbara’s friend. And she would have her vengeance.
When she stopped in front of the building. She took a moment to admire her R6. It looked just like every other R6. But just like her looks could be deceiving. There was a turbo charger and NOS concealed under the bodywork. Heavy duty brakes and custom suspension made it one high stepping son of a bitch when she needed it to be. She took off her helmet and set a binding spell to bind it to the bike, and the bike to the ground. Short of a crane the two could not be separated. She couldn’t take any chances it wouldn’t be there when she got back. All that fancy leather that protected her from her throat to her boots was useless without the helmet. The leather had cost her close to a fifty thousand dollars , Kevlar and titanium reinforced it was pretty much bullet proof. But more importantly it was completely sunlight proof. She was one of the few of her kind that had found a way to move around as easily in daylight as in the night. The leather had cost her a pretty penny, but every time she saw the sun rise it was worth every cent. Few of her kind had ever saw the sunrise and survived long enough to enjoy its beauty. She sent out her second sight again. This was one of the assholes who had killed Cindy. And hopefully it would lead her to the rest. She stopped to check her weapons. Unlike the movies would have you believe she didn’t carry a huge gun or a katana. She just carried several push daggers. And in her skilled and powerful hands that was plenty. She also stopped to smile for a moment. These creatures had made one huge mistake. There weapon was fear. And after living for over a thousand years Barbara was quite literally not afraid of anything.
And she was just plain old fashioned pissed off. Never in all her years had she ever met a supernatural that actually had to kill its human prey to feed. It was a survival trait. Supers had to blend in, or they didn’t last very long. There where all kinds of myths about supernatural’s. some true, most not. They where stronger and faster than humans. And there bones where much much harder. Most had a sense of smell and hearing that would rival a bloodhound. Some had extremely long life spans and special mental ability’s like she did. But in the end all where completely mortal. If you took out there heart or their brain, they died just as easily as any human. It was the reason she wore the Kevlar and the titanium breast plate. And why she was willing to where a helmet that weighed almost 40 pounds but was completely bullet proof. And she knew how to blend. Have friends, be seen occasionally during the day. Have a real name and a social security number. She was a master. But she also knew alot about her kind. She knew that these creatures had not had to kill Cindy. But They had killed poor sweet innocent Cindy. Probably just for the thrill of it. And because of that she was going to make them pay.
She shut off and shielded all her mental ability’s. she slowed her heart rate and metabolism down. To another super she seemed completely human. She couldn’t keep them like this long but she could long enough to draw this creature close enough to get a hold of it. When she stepped into the house she felt it reach out to her. She saw the shadows get thicker, and there seemed to be things moving in them. Suddenly there where sounds, whispers that weren’t there before. She knew she had to fake terror to draw out this creature, so she whimpered and cowered in the darkness. The assault on her senses intensified. She could see things coming closer, but she knew only one of them was real. Just a little closer, it was wary. She was acting afraid. But it wasn’t real and the creature could sense that and was confused. She hoped it was old and overconfident. Because her outside appearance didn’t make her seem very intimidating, so she hoped it would keep coming closer. It reached a hand out to touch her and she smiled. Gotcha. In one swift motion she grasped the creature and slammed it against the wall. With the hand she had around its throat she raised it up till its feet where barely on the floor. It was small, red hair and pointed features. She said just what the hell are you? It just stared at her, she gave it a shake. Answer me! Just what the hell are you it asked? Nothing has ever resisted me, and been completely unafraid. She smiled at it, her canines gleaming in the dim light. It’s pretty hard to scare a vampire,especially one as old as me. Now answer me just what the hell are you? It tried to laugh, me to. Irish vampire. Some call us Leprechaun. Where better than you blood drinkers! Your disgusting. We feed on high emotion and life force. Can kill a man without even touching him. This surprised her. Then it said just why the hell are you in my house holding me up against a wall? You and your friends killed a girl tonight.He said yeah big freaking deal. Just a human. There everywhere here like cockroaches. You kill them too. At this she raised him fully off the floor. I’m nothing like you! I have never killed a human just for a meal. And she was my friend. Who was with you? The crew Dolan shamas liam. What do you care, she was a whore. Worked at a strip club. We followed her out, fed and then had a little fun. At this she smiled. A little fun. Cindy was probably the only stripper in the world who was a virgin. She was saving herself for true love. And these assholes had killed her. A little fun. She brought the little vampire down to eye level. Well I’m going to have a whole lot of fun killing your friends. Then she pulled one of her push daggers, and slowly pushed it into his heart. All while staring into his eyes. He died begging her not to kill him. A creature who’s weapon was fear had died very afraid. There was something ironic in that.
It was time to call Tank. Tank was a genetic throwback. Closer to a Neanderthal than a human. Huge and extremely strong. He had muscle tissue similar to an apes. He was quite possibly the strongest living human on the planet. And Barbara had it bad for him. He was the only human she had ever met that was actually stronger than she was. It made her feel like a teenage girl around him. That’s a pretty hard thing to do to a thousand year old vampire. She was dreading this call. For a lot of reasons. Cindy had been Tanks friend too. And she also had to tell him the truth, she needed his help and she wasn’t about to get him killed to keep her secret. He answered the phone like usual. He had a way of always seeming to be close to laughing. It was just Tank. He lived in the now. Content with living one day at a time. He said you still riding that ugly little motorcycle rich girl? He picked on her. He thought she was just a pretty little rich girl who liked to slum around with real bikers like him. He treated her like a kid sister. She wanted him to treat her like a woman so bad she couldn’t stand it. She said shut up Tank. I’ve got a few things to tell you some of them are hard. He got quite. Go ahead. Cindy’s dead. I just killed one of the guys that killed her and I need your help to catch the rest. Tank I need you to understand something. I’m not what you think I am. I’m a vampire. And the things that killed Cindy are vampires too. Just not like me. He was quite for a second. You mean like blah blah I wanna drink your blood vampires? Barbara said kinda, most of that is bullshit. I’m not the undead. I’m very much alive. And yes I do drink blood. But not from humans directly. I buy out of date blood from the blood bank. I’m a thousand plus years old Tank. And I’m asking you for your help and trusting you with my life. Will you help me Tank? Of course i will Barbara. Your my friend, and you fill out that leather pretty dam nice. We have rode together during the day, sunlight not hurt you either? Barbara said did you ever see any of my skin durning the day? My helmet and leathers are completely sunlight proof, and while I’m confessing pretty much bullet proof too. Well I’ll be dammed. Now I don’t feel quite so bad about having naughty thoughts about my pretty little rich girl. What do you need me to do to catch these assholes? Use your contacts, there leader is named Dolan. There Irish and they where in Cindy’s club last night. But don’t get any where near them tank , they can easily kill a human. Even someone as strong as you without ever actually touching you. And no one had better lay a hand on you. Now that you know who I really am, we have some unfinished business when this is over. Sounds dam good, she was smiling when she closed her phone.
Time to sleep and wait for Tank to call back.
It was a little after dark when tank called back. Hey sexy, are we looking for a group of leprechaun looking motherfuckers? Barbara laughed, as a matter of a fact we are. Well I got a pic of them. One of the other dancers took a cell pic of these guys. She had never seen a whole group of red headed men together before. But we might have a problem. What would that be? Barbara asked. Tank said well 3 of these guys look like leprechauns, the forth looks like an extra in a prison movie. A really bad prison movie. He’s freaking huge, shaved head tats steroid muscles the whole nine yards. And If me and you are going to try to date, I don’t want this guy hurting you. This made Barbara smile. Here’s my address, bring the pic over here. We have a few things to discuss. And I got you a present. Tank said what did you get me? A new bike, that 48 knuckle head you ride is bad ass. But not the fastest thing in the world. I got you a bike that will step real high. Tank got quite. Barbara said what? I like you Barbara. Not your money. You don’t need to do that. Barbara laughed. Tank I’m not a spoiled little rich girl. I’m a self made billionaire. Yes that’s billion with a B. I don’t have any children. And I give millions of dollars to charity every month. And I still have more money than I could spend in two lifetimes.So all you need to do is say thank you ya big lug. You make me smile tank, you make me laugh, and you make me want to live. I had almost decided to walk out into the sun before I met you. I’ve never been in love Tank. I always feared it. Why?babe. Your beautiful. Because my kind live a long long time. Most of us don’t die of natural causes. We chose death. If we do make it to the end of our days we get old all at once and die quickly. That’s what was happening to my father. He tried to tell my mother goodbye, and she wouldn’t have any of it. She told him you have been my lover and my best friend for a thousand years, I won’t live another thousand without you. So they signed everything over to me. Told me they loved me and said goodbye. Then walked out into the sun, smiling and holding hands. They shared one last kiss. And then they where gone. I feared love because of that. Hated it. Was angry at it. I never wanted anything to have that kind of power over me. Then I met you. You woke up something inside me Tank, I feel crazy around you. Me and Cindy had a special bond, we both where saving ourselves for true love. Tank said wait a minute, are you saying you have never been with a man? Never even been kissed. Neither had Cindy. That’s why I’m so dam mad at those assholes for killing her. She was a lot more than just a stripper. What I’m saying is that I want you to be my love story Tank, will you be? Tank said. I’ve got a little confession to make too. I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you Barbara. I just didn’t think I was good enough for you. I’m just poor white trash. And your high class. No your not. Your strong, your funny, and you live in the now. Tank smiled. And your different from any woman I’ve ever met. No sob story. Your tough and your totally unafraid of me. I really like that. People act funny around me because I’m so big, you don’t. But Enough with the cuties stuff. I will be there shortly. Barbara said gates will be open , just ride straight into my living room. You live in a gated community? Ha, not hardly. Old factory. Needed the room for my toys.
She wasn’t kidding. Place looked really old. Except for the new fences and security camaras. He rode in and the gate closed behind him. Then the walls in front of him opened up. Holy crap he thought this place looked like a museum for old muscle bikes. Honda 750 4. Kawaski KZ 1000 Hurricane GSXR1100. And that was just a few. And there she was, he had never seen her without her leather on. All he could think was wow. She truly was beautiful. Not like the skinny boy looking girls so popular today. No this was a woman. Curves. Dangerous sexy curves. Hey sexy. She blushed. Dam he could get used to this. She walked him over to the center of the room there was a motorcycle under a black sheet. All yours Tank. He pulled back the sheet. There sat an all black Victory Hammer. I knew you wouldn’t ride a rice burner. 106 cubic inch motor. 6 speed tyranny. Stage 3 pipes and a diablo tuner chip. Had the suspension and brakes beefed up to handle your weight better. Ya like it?like it?Dam I think I’m in love. It’s not as fast as my R6. But it will do zero to 60 in 4.2 not bad for a bike you sit straight up on. Thanks babe. I don’t know what to say. She smiled thanks is plenty. Now let me see that pic. See the one in the polo shirt. He’s no longer with us. So that leaves 3. And dam I think that big son of a bitch is a leprechaun. He laughed. I was just kidding. They really are leprechauns? Next you will be telling me werewolves are real too. Barbara smiled they are, and so are weretigers, lions and bears. Dam. How did that happen? Same way we came to be. The last ice age. It was caused by a comet. The world was thrown into sudden darkness. Some parts like where my ancestors came from were hit really hard. Life found a way. We evolved. Life spans increased. We developed an ability to slow our metabolism down drastically. And we were Abel to change what we could survive on. Just a sip of blood every now and then would keep us going indefinitely. Problem was soon we had to have it, and after so long in darkness we developed an allergy to sunlight. A few seconds will cause blisters, a few minutes will kill me. As for the werewolves. I’m not sure how they evolved. But it was about the same time. I’m not a monster. My ancestors just evolved differently. I feel ya babe. People have treated me like a monster my whole adult life. You never have that one of the reasons I liked you so much. So what exactly is a leprechaun? There vampires. Just not like me. They feed on high emotion and life force. Have an ability to create fear. I’ve experienced it. If I had been human I probably wouldn’t be here right now. That’s why you can’t get close to them. They can kill you without even touching you. And why can’t they kill you? Barbara smiled. Because they can’t scare me. You have to open the door to your mind for them. Once it is open then they can do horrible things to you. Even kill you like they did poor Cindy. How close do they have to be? I’m not sure. I have never seen one of these creatures till yesterday. But I only felt him picking at my mind once I was in the same house as him. Did you find out where they are staying at? Yeah some little whole in the wall called Murphy’s. barley bigger than a long closet with two floors. Lets ride by there and check them out. She started to leave, Tank grasped her hand. He gently and firmly pulled her to him. And slowly picked her up until they were face to face. With slow passion he kissed her,and Barbara felt her heart catch fire. And after a few minutes he just as gently set her back down. Sorry babe. I just really needed to do that. Barbara smiled. And breathlessly she said and I really needed you too. Let me get my leather on. Soon they where riding, two free happy souls flying thru the night on there bikes. A bar. Perfect place for these creatures. Sad angry people made a lot of emotion for them to feed on. They cruised around the place a couple of times before parking out front. Lets go get a drink. Tank said sounds great. She set her bindin spell to secure her bike and helmet. And stopped and shielded her mind. Don’t think about anything but regular stuff okay. They can sense your fears. I’m not sure if they can sense your thoughts so don’t think about them or Cindy. I just need to find out if the big guy is a vamp. If he is we are going to have to make a plan to deal with him. So just keep it light okay. Babe all I can think about is wanting to kiss you again anyway, so this should be easy. That’s great order a beer and stare at my tits and we should be fine. Not a problem. They walked inside. Even shielded it hit her like a ton of bricks, she could feel them feeding. It took all of her willpower not to shudder. Dam babe, you okay? Yeah just be cool and stick to the plan. I will try. But this place don’t feel right. Lets get our beers and get the hell out of here. Not till I see the big guy. She didn’t have to wait long. You could feel him come into the room. He was pulling more than the other two combined. Dam she thought he’s a vamp. How the hell am I gonna get his big ass. Lets go tank. They started to leave, when the big guy blocked there way. Well what do we have here? A little rich bitch and her trained monkey? At this Tank pushed Barbara behind him. This trained monkey will hurt you big boy. Get the fuck out of me and my ole lady’s way. Dolan smiled. I think me and her got unfinished business. If you know what’s good for you, you will just get on your bike and ride. Well I’m not to fucking smart. At this Dolan decided to take matters into his own hands. If he had known Tank, known what he was he might have thought better. He tried to push tank. Tank smiled, and broke Dolans arm at the elbow. Then picked him up and threw him into the wall behind the bar. The place went silent. Dolan was to shocked to respond. Didn’t your momma ever teach you not to FUCK with people you don’t know? And then he laughed. You can thank the United States Army for that arm. Lets go babe. Barbara took his hand and they calmly walked out to there bikes. Once they got outside she said damit tank I told you he could kill you without touching you! You just scared the hell out of me.To many people babe. And I’ve seen his kind before. All brawn and no skill. Besides he wasn’t going to get away with calling you a bitch. I’m real protective of the people I care about. Lets ride.
When they got back to Barbara’s place Tank said. You told me your secrets now its time to tell you mine. He pulled from his pocket a worn looking armed forces coin. It was file worked all around the edges. Sixty six is when I stopped counting. Sixty six human lives. Strangers. I was in the army. Sniper. I was one of the best. These people where our enemy’s. but it still haunts me after all these years that I killed that many complete strangers who never saw it coming. For the first time she saw behind the laughter. Into the eyes of a haunted man. I can help you take down the big guy. Same way I did the others. We will cross that bridge when we get there. First Tank stop hating yourself. Those men would have killed you if they had the chance. I’ve killed a lot more people than that. Always to protect myself. You did what you had to do. And I’m an idiot. Dam I can’t believe how stupid I just was. Tank looked puzzeled? How where you stupid? Because I knew they were vamps, and I waltzed right in there. I found the one I killed by tracking down its psychic signature. I left one of my own when I killed there friend. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I’m letting my anger cloud my judgment. We’re lucky I didn’t just get us both killed. We can’t do that again. And you humiliated Dolan. He’s going to want your head. That’s exactly what I wanted to do babe. Make him react. It’s why I was so successful as a sniper. I knew how to get the enemy to make stupid mistakes. He underestimated me. I’m not as strong as he is but I’m plenty strong enough to be dangerous. He’s hurt now. Taking him down will be easier. And I’ve got an idea, just what exactly is in sunlight you guys are allergic to?the U.V radiation. Barbara said. AWSOME. She just stared at him. I’ve got some calls to make, warm up your credit card were gonna need it.

It had been a long long time since Dolan had been this angry. He was going to kill that little bitch that had killed Murphy right in front of that big son of a whore who broke his arm. Oh he was going to do it slow. After he paralyzed the big bastard with fear. He was going to make him and her both pay for making him look bad in his own bar. He couldn’t wait to show them both just what a pissed off leprechaun was capable of. Soon it would be dark again. Then it was time for a little payback.
Dolan, shamas, and leaum where able to follow Tank and Barbara’s trail back to there home with surprising ease. There powers magnified each others. When they where working together they where truly dangerous. We’ve got company babe. I see em on the camaras. Remember pretend you don’t know their there till the time is right. She was a little nervous. They had prepared for this rather quickly. No time to test anything. She once again was putting her life in Tanks capable hands. She heard them come in, walked right in thru the front gate just like they owned the place. She keyed her remote to open the front walls so she could ride her bike out if she needed to. So where’s the big fella at I don’t feel him here Dolan said. To bad. I wanted him to see me kill you. Still don’t know how a human broke my arm, but if he ever shows his face around this town again he’s dead you hear me dead. Barbara smiled at Dolan. Funny you should say that. She pointed her finger like a gun at one of the smaller ones heads. Your friend I killed said humans where like cockroaches. And you guys were just having a little fun killing Cindy. Well I told him I was going to have some fun killing you. Lights! Suddenly all the lights except where they were standing came on. Barbara put her helmet on. And said to the one she had her finger pointed at BANG! Your dead. His head exploded into a bloody mess. The other small vamp tried to run away only to realize that Barbara had changed all the light bulbs in her house out with tanning bed bulbs. He screamed and ran back into the circle of darkness. Dolan lunged at her, she leapt out of the way and stepped back into the light. Little rich bitch hun? Well,A lot of money can buy cool toys. Did you really just think you were going to come into my house and kill me you stupid son of a whore? Steroids really do make you dumb. Barbara pulled the remote control from her pocket. And pointed it at the motorcycle closest to Dolan. The head light flashed into killing brightness. My trained monkey as you call him knows some people with connections to military grade hardware. Click. Another headlight flashed on tightening the circle. You should have just been content to feed Dolan. You just had to kill Cindy. Now your going to die. She pointed her finger at the other small vampires head BANG YOUR DEAD! And his head just ceased to be there. Just you and me now Dolan. She pointed her finger at his head. No to easy. You said you where gonna make my man watch me die. Click. All the bikes head lights flashed on. Dolan couldn’t move. You dirty whore. Where vampires! Just like you! And your choosing these fucking monkeys over us. Your nothing like me. I don’t kill for fun, I kill to stay alive. And for VENGEANCE!! She pointed her finger back at Dolan. Bang, bang bang. Tank took out both knees and his working arm. Dolan screamed rage and hate at her. Click. Her house lit up like a carnival ride. It’s not the sun Dolan. But it’s dam close. Goodbye Dolan. He died screaming. Tank walked in took the remotes from her and killed the lights. She took her helmet off. There were tears in her eyes. You okay babe ? I didn’t really want to kill them in the end. I just want to be with you Tank. You had no choice babe. Dolan would have found you babe, he never would have stopped. His kind like to kill. Those tears in your eyes show that your more human than he could ever be. Where done killing, lets get down to some living. He helped her out of her leather. And pulled her into his arms. He just held her for a while. She stepped back and stood before him. Innocent and beautiful. He thought to himself , how the hell did I get so lucky. She took off the rest of her cloths.She stood there shivering with anticipation, and a little fear. I want you Tank. I want you right now. And I want you forever. Can you handle that? Tank simply said. I love you babe now and forever. And with a laugh he added. So you got a bedroom in this place?

THE END ( of chapther 1)

Dedicated to Barbara Jett. The one who set my heart on fire. With just one kiss.

(chapter 2) Thicker than water. By Jerry Jett

Barbara had smiled more in the last six weeks than she had in the last six hundred years. And cried a few tears too. She finally understood her mother. Part of her had hated her for so long that when the tears finally came they were long and hard. I forgive you. She had waited a long long time to send that prayer to her mother. Loving Tank had made her understand why she had did what she had done. She would walk into the sun not long after he took his last breath. But she would never tell him that. She cried her silent tears and not only forgave her mother. But also asked her mothers spirt to forgive her for not understanding. But there had been a lot more smiles than tears. Tank was an amazing man, and had made her feel things both in her heart, and in her body that she was still trying to wrap her head around. And all from a man who’s real name was a mystery to her. Life is strange. she gave her heart. And her virginity to a man who she only knew by tank. Barbara thought I need to remedy that!
Tank was working on the KZ1000. She had convinced him to be more open minded when it came to her motorcycles. It was the only one he could fit his huge stature on even kinda comfortably. So he was customizing the suspension to handle his weight. Hey my big sexy beast. She said. Are you somewhere you can stop? Tank raised up and grabbed a shop towel to wipe his hands with, sure babe. What you got in mind? He said with a glint in his eye. Keep it in your pants big guy. I just wanna ask ya something. Okay shoot babe. Barbara says I’ve given you my heart, my love and my virginity. And all I know to call you is Tank. What’s your real name? Tank got a far away look in his eyes. Barbara thought my God are those tears? It’s Tank. Tank I love you, but your a shitty liar. If its to painful, I don’t need to know. Tank smiled thru his tears. God I love this woman. My names Jerry. My twin baby brother Terry gave me the name Tank. He’s 11 minutes younger than me in body. But about 35 years younger in his mind. Unbiblical cord got wrapped around his neck. They thought he was dead. But he came back. Barbara was shocked to say the least. Is he with your parents? Tank said no. He lives in an asylum. Has since he was about 12. Why? If its any of my business. Tank said because he almost killed my father on accident when he pitched a temper tantrum. We are identical twins. He’s almost as strong as I am. Someone that strong who is simple. Is pretty dangerous to be around when he doesn’t get his way. He’s not mean. He just don’t understand how strong he is. He gave me my name. I was trying to teach him to say thank you. He just kept saying Tank! And then pointing at me and saying you. And then laughing. I’ve been Tank ever since. Tank said I should have told you about him before now. Barbara said your dam right you should have! I’ve got in laws and a brother in law! I’m so excited! Tank looked confused. Your not mad? Why hell no. I’m happy! I can’t wait to meet your family. Lets take them all to Hawaii with us on our honeymoon. Tank said Honeymoon? Yeah I said honeymoon. Why should we wait. I love you Tank. Now and forever, my kind mate for life. That part was bullshit. She didn’t have a clue what her kind did in relationships.Barbara had always avoided other vampires. But it sounded good. So your asking me to marry you? Tank said. Yes Im asking you to marry me you big lug. Barbara said. The sooner the better. Tank simply said sounds great babe. But I ain’t wearing no dam tuxedo .The tears were close again. I don’t care what you wear. I just love you so much it hurts Tank and I want to be Misses? What the hell is your last name? Jett, its Jett. And no we are not French. He said with a laugh. Barbara Jett has a nice ring to it. One more question. Do we tell your parents what I really am? Tank said I don’t see why not. There and odd couple no doubt. Moms an old hippy. Dads an old soldier. But they are both young at heart and open minded. If I love you. They will love you with all there heart, no matter what you are or where you come from. This brought the tears again. What’s the matter babe? Why are you crying? Because I’m happy. And I’m in love. And I’m finally going to have a family!!!! Then she smiled and said on second thought bring that thing out after all. Tank said right here? I’m all greasy. Barbara said take me now or lose me forever. Barbara had bought a whole new wardrobe of cloths since she had discovered the passion inside herself. She like cloths she could rip off. Because of the effect it had on Tank. She ripped her cloths off. And to her surprise he calmly walked over to her. Tank reached down and picked her up by the waist for what she thought was a kiss. but passed right by her mouth. He raised her up till there was no choice but for her to straddle his head. Then he kissed her long and slow in the most intimate of places. Barbara climaxed almost immediately. And he didn’t stop. Tank just slowed down. And when he sensed she was ready again he used his mouth to push her over the edge again, and again. When Barbara was delirious with pleasure and begging him to stop he gently set her down. Lose you forever a? I will never lose you babe. Now I’m going to go take a shower. You go to the bedroom and I will finish what I started in a little while. Barbara said with a smile. Well you better carry me my big sexy man. Because right now I can’t fucking walk! Not a problem babe.
Tank said with an evil grin.

Aileen had been watching Barbara and Tank for a few weeks now. Ever since she had found out Dolan was dead and had went to the bar to look at the security tapes. She was pretty sure these two has killed Dolan and his crew. And she was pretty sure they probably had a good reason to. Dolan was a psychopath. She knew this. What she had just seen and heard from the camara she had hidden had made her smile. And oh what a smile it was. Aileen was stunningly beautiful. Her hair was a hundred different shades of red perfectly blended together like an autum sunset. A beautiful face and a body built for sex finished off the effect. She had turned down marriage proposals from kings and queens alike. If you had saw her and Dolan together you would have assumed she was his woman. You would have been wrong. Even psychopaths have mothers. And she now knew the big guy had a weak spot. Terry. Aileen wasn’t going to underestimate these two like her son apparently had. She still couldn’t understand how a young couple talking about getting married had killed four battle hardened leprechaun. But she intended to find out.

Barbara had faced death before, and did it smiling. What she was about to do scared her more than facing down a rabid werewolf. Meeting Tanks parents. Babe. BABE! Barbara looked up. Yeah Tank? Your crushing my hand! Sorry! Relax babe. There gonna love you. Barbara said give me a break. I literally have never done this before. Up until 6 weeks ago I had never been kissed. Now I’m meeting parents and telling them we are getting married. I’m a little scared okay. Tank stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and just held Barbara for a minute. I understand babe. Just relax. Karen and Bob are going to love you. She looked up at her huge sexy man with tears in her eyes. But what if they don’t?Tank thought to himself she’s so fragile in someways. And that made him love her all the more. Barbara was so strong. And a thousand years old vampire. It made him smile to see a very human side to Barbara. You will understand once you meet them. Lets go up to the house or my dad will rib me all evening about making out in the drive way.
Tanks mother Karen opened the door and before Barbara could say a word hugged her and told her welcome to our home. Barbara very gently hugged Karen back. Tanks mother was so tiny. And so beautiful in a natural stuck in the sixty’s kind of way. Well tank are you going to introduce me to your lady friend? Mom this is Barbara, my vampire fianc√©. Barbara thought she would die. Wow that’s AWSOME. Bob! Come meet our daughter. She’s a vampire. From the other room came a mellow voice. Groovy. Let me finish this and I will be right there. Bob came out a little glassy eyed and smelling like good weed. Barbara thought holy shit he looks like Gandolf in a tie dyed t-shirt. Bob walked right up to Barbara and gave her a big hug. Welcome to the family.
Please tell me your a real vampire and not a hot topic vampire. Barbara smiled showing her canines. Well I do own a lot of black leather she said with a laugh. But no I’m a real vampire. That’s really cool. I always knew they were real. No fear at all from either one. Only acceptance and love. Barbara thought to herself. I’m going to end up loving these two as much as I do Tank. Bob and Karen were making this so easy. Tank had been right she had been scared for no reason. Karen said well come on in. I wanna get to know my daughter. I’ve got a thousand questions. I’m a Capricorn. We talk a lot. Bob said me too. But first can I offer you something to drink? Barbara said a beer would be great. Bob raised an eyebrow. She likes beer tank. Better keep this one. Tank laughed she likes motorcycles too dad. And Bobs eyes lite up. I got something I wanna show you while you drink that beer. Barbara said cool. What he wanted to show her was a 69 triumph chopper. I built it myself after the war and me and Karen rode it all over the country till she got so big with the twins she wouldn’t fit behind me anymore. It was a beauty. We still ride it. But either the streets are rougher or I’m getting old cause it hurts my butt now bob said with a smile. It’s beautiful Barbara said. I’ve got a triumph or two. And a Vincent. Bob said wow really? Barbara said I’ve been collecting motorcycles since they were first invented. Got a couple of hundred in my home. They were all my everyday riders at one time. That’s really cool. How about cars? Got a few 60’s muscle cars and trucks. A couple of Ferrari’s. but I prefer motorcycles. Always have. Bob laughed at this. I can see why Tank is so crazy about you. Lets get back into Karen. It was a goodnight. They laughed and talked till late that night getting to know each other. Barbara was sad to have to leave theses two new friends. Karen gave her a hug, and Bob did too. She told them she couldn’t wait to see them again. And truly meant it. Bob said next time I want to come to your place. Really wanna see the all those old bikes. Barbara said your welcome anytime.

When they got home Barbara told tank that was one of the best nights I can remember. Tank smiled. Told ya babe. Their AWSOME. All my friends always thought I had the coolest parents. She said I can see why. I want to meet your brother tomorrow. Tank said we may have to grease a palm or two to get us in to that place after dark. She opened up the Coffey table and thru him a stack of hundreds. Grease away. Tank was kinda shocked. You just keep this kinda money laying around? Barbara said yeah. No big deal. Get used to it tank I’m a very wealthy woman. I made a few investments that paid off. Is there anyway we could get your brother into a private facility? We can afford it. Tank thought about this for a moment. No I’m not sure that would be a good idea. He needs his routines. They keep him stable. Barbara smiled. That’s cool. You really love him don’t you? Tank said twins Are closer than most people can imagine. I wish I could fix him. He’s still 6 or 7 in his mind. Barbara made Tank look at her. He’s loved by you, and your parents. I haven’t even met him and I love him too. So he’s a child forever. Being a child and being loved is a beautiful thing Tank. Grease the palms. I really want to meet Terry tomorrow night. Now get your big ass over here and do that thing with your mouth again before I die of need you big sexy beast! Tank said not a problem babe. And they both got lost in the moment.

Aileen was confused. She saw no ill will in the two happy young people. Why had they killed Dolan? She wanted revenge. But Aileen also knew her son. He very well might have forced these two into a corner. Dammit I wish the security tapes had sound. She knew Tank and Dolan had got into an altercation. But she didn’t know what it was about. So she watched. And she waited. Maybe tomorrow when she followed them to meet Terry she could get more answers. She wanted to kill these two because they had killed her son. But she wouldn’t if he had forced them to. She loved Dolan. Like only a mother can. But she also knew he was crazy. She was feeling a little crazy herself. So she waited.

Tank woke Barbara up gently. Hey pretty lady, did you sleep well? She looked up at her lover and wondered why he was fully dressed. In dress cloths and loafers no doubt. Barbara said who are you and what have you done with Tank? Tank laughed. We are going into a secure facility. Helps to look more like a cop than an outlaw biker. Barbara smiled. You look nice. Tank said thank you. I’ve never really seen you in business casual, do you have some? Barbara laughed. I’ve got more cloths than you could imagine. Tank said great. And how about something with four wheels that’s kinda plain? We can’t take our bikes in to this place. Barbara’s eyes lite up. We will take the Beast. Tank frowned. You’ve got a car named the beast? And it’s plain? Barbara said hell no. I’ve got a truck named the Beast and it is plain. I had it built to be the ultimate sleeper. Give me ten minutes to get ready and I will show you. Twenty minutes latter they where in a garage. Kinda. It was more like a museum for muscle cars. Holy Shit was all Tank could think. If it was fast and loud Barbara had one. Sometimes two. And in the center of the room was a flat black 71 GMC long bed truck. Tank said that’s the Beast? Barbara smiled and said yep. Why’s it “the Beast”? Climb in and fire it up. Tank cranked it over, he could barley hear the engine. He just looked at her puzzled. Rev it, gently. Tank bumped the gas, the whole chassis twisted sideways. And he still couldn’t hear the motor. Just a whining coming from under the hood. Tank shut it down and got out. Barbara was smiling from ear to ear. She raised the hood. There was a 5.7 liter Toyota V-8 with a supercharger sitting in there. Tank said that’s just wrong. Barbara said wrong or not it makes 600 horsepower on pump gas. The suspension and the 6 speed manual are out of a NASCAR racing truck. 3 1/2 inch pipes going into custom made 5 foot long quad mufflers. The Beast will do 200 MPH and is quite enough nobody ever looks at it twice. You wanna drive? Tank said why hell yeah. It took Tank a couple of try’s to get the hang of taking off without lighting up the tires but once he did it was love at first shift! Babe this one is not going back in the garage I love it! Barbara smiled. It’s yours baby. I would give you all of them just to see that smile on your face. Tell me about where Terry is. Tank got serious again. He’s in an asylum for the criminally insane. Barbara was shocked. Oh my god why? Because he scares them, he scares them really bad. When he was in a regular facility if he wanted something or wanted to go somewhere he just broke whatever he needed to to get it. Terry is scary strong. Truth be told I think he’s actually stronger than I am. So they put him in a place with doors he couldn’t break. But you said he’s not mean? He’s not babe that’s the sad part. He’s a real sweetheart. He’s just simple. And has no idea he’s as strong as he is. Barbara pushed the tears away, she was going to be strong for Tank. She knew this was harder on him than he was letting on. Well anyhow I can’t wait to meet Terry. Well we are almost there. They rode the rest of the way in an easy silence.

Aileen was following them at a safe distance in her BMW 750 sedan. A well dressed woman in an expensive car could go anywhere and nobody paid her any attention. The directional microphone on the dash was picking up everything that Barbara and Tank where saying. She was surprised. She figured in an old truck like they where in all she would hear was the mufflers. Aileen knew shortly she was going to have to reveal herself. But she wanted to stay invisible as long as she could.
Because once she showed herself there was no turning back.

Tank showed the guard his and Barbara’s ID’s, and passed him a few hundred in cash. We are expecting you Mr. And Ms. Jett. Barbara smiled. Once past the guard she said Ms. Jett? Tank laughed. Well almost. Even with a big wad of cash only family is allowed in this place. Barbara shuddered. This was a prison. Call it what you want but it was a prison. More cash was exchanged and soon they where in front of Terry’s cell. Barbara thought oh my God. He looks just like Tank with long hair and no tattoos. TANK!!! Tank smiled and said hello little brother. TANK! TANK! TANK! I know, I know. I have missed you too. Terry this is Barbara. Terry looked down and got shy. Barbara felt like her heart was going to explode. Seeing this man who was obviously a child in a cage was killing her. She vowed even if it took all of her fortune Terry wouldn’t be in this cage much longer. Barbara stepped forward and smiled. Terry I’m so glad to met you. Terry still just looked at the ground. She looked past him into the cell at the pictures on the walls he had drawn. Is that a 1927 Pullman dual boiler you drew? Terry looked up and smiled. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love trains! Barbara felt her heart catch fire once again. She loved terry, this sweet child who looked so much like her tank. We have one of those near where we live. They will let you ride on it if you stay calm. Terry danced a little jig. Really? Really. Tank pulled Barbara back from the bars. Don’t offer him something you can’t deliver. I can. He’s not staying in this cage Tank. He’s just a child. We will find a way to make this work. I love you babe, Tank said with tears in his eyes. I love you too. How touching Aileen said. Tank looked down the hall. Private party mam. Aileen smiled and said not anymore. And she dropped Tank to his knees with a thought. All his muscles convulsed and he pushed back into the wall with a look of sheer terror on his face. Barbara spun to face this small beautiful woman, fangs and claws in full view. Not so fast vampire! Unless you want your beloved to die. Barbara glanced at Tank, he looked close to a full blown seizure. Did you know he was afraid of heights? He’s looking Down from the edge of a very tall building right now. One tiny push and over he goes. And believe me. He will be very dead when he hits the ground. Barbara said who are you and just what the hell do you want? I’m Aileen, Dolans mother. And right now I want you to suffer a little loss. Aileen waved her hand and Terry’s cell door came open. I’m a thousand times as powerful as Dolan was. I can create any emotion. Not just fear. And I can dam near read minds. I’m taking Terry with me. He won’t be harmed. Like hell you are. That’s when Aileen touched Barbara’s mind and took her back to the day her parents walked into the sun. She dropped to her knees sobbing. Like I said. I’m taking Terry with me. He won’t be harmed. I will contact you and tell you where to meet me in a few days. Try and follow me and I will drain them both dry. Barbara could do nothing. Blink if you understand. She blinked. Good Aileen said. I will release both of you once we are outside. Aileen held out her hand. Terry come to me. He came just as gentle as a lamb. And stopped and hugged Barbara. Don’t cry pretty lady. It will be okay. Bye TANK! And then he took Aileen’s hand and they calmly walked down the hall.

TANK! God dammit Tank come back to me. She was doing CPR on the man she loved. Aileen had pushed a little to hard and tank had went into cardiac arrest. Thru her tears and madness she was talking to Tank the whole time. I love you Tank. Please come back. I need you I can’t do this on my own. Please Tank. Please come back. I can’t do this without you. Tank reached up an pulled her down. I can’t do this ever again without you either babe. He just held her till she quit sobbing. I thought I had lost you. You never going to lose me babe. I will take The Beast and drive straight out of Hell if I have to to be by your side. What the hell happened?Aileen happened. Dolans mother. She makes Dolan look like a minor annoyance. You can say that again. Suddenly I was on a ledge. Not it seemed like I was on a ledge. I was there. I’m deathly afraid of heights. I need to tell you something Tank. Stay calm, promise. What is it! Promise me first. Okay I promise. She took Terry. She said he wouldn’t be harmed. He seemed fine. And you just let her? Barbara started sobbing again. Tank pulled her into his arms. Sorry babe that was uncalled for. I couldn’t stop her Tank. She found the door to my mind. Love. And the fear of losing it. I was on my knees sobbing when she walked Terry out of here. He stopped and hugged me tank. He said everything was okay. She said she wanted US to suffer a little and he wouldn’t be harmed. For some crazy reason I believe her. He was calm and smiling when they left. Tank said how do we get them back? She said she would contact us soon. That’s all I know. Lets go home babe before people realize a patient walked out and lock this place down. They left. It was a quite ride home.

Aileen was enjoying the ride with Terry. Such a well behaved young man she thought to herself. He reminds me so much of Dolan. Or what I wished Dolan had been. He talked almost non stop about everything they passed. He said the pretty lady in the hospital said there was a train I could ride. Is there a train? Aileen smiled. We will find you a train. I promise. Really? Really! She asked her On Board computer to find her a train and load the route to it. This sweet young man had been in a cage to long. Aileen was going to make this a good day. She reached over and took Terry’s hand. Lets go ride a train! They did just that.

Barbara was beside herself with worry. Not just for Terry but for Tank and Bob and Karen. She didn’t want to tell her new found family that a pissed of leprechaun had abducted Terry and it was all her fault. Vengeance. Was it worth it? She was starting to think not. She had avenged Cindy. But at what cost? Get away from that open window babe, sun will be up soon. She hadn’t even realized. She turned to stare at Tank. If it comes down to a life for a life. I’m giving her mine. Like Hell you are babe. I drug you into this Tank. And because of that she took Terry. If its a life she wants its going to be mine. You just try that. I will be 2 seconds behind you at the pearly gates. I waited my whole dam life to fall in love. I regret nothing. I killed Dolan and his crew not you. If Aileen demands a life for a life to get Terry back. Then it’s mine she will take. But I can’t live without you Tank. I now understand why my mother walked into the sun! We either find a way for both of us to live, or both of us die. Tank held Barbara in his arms. And stared into her eyes. Sounds good to me babe.

Aileen was falling in love! Not the love a man has for a woman. But the eternal powerful love a mother has for a child. She originally took Terry as a bargaining chip. Something to force the truth out of Tank and Barbara with. But it was rapidly becoming more than that. He was a child who had been locked to long in a cage without a mother. She was a mother who’s only child had been born a killer. And who never needed to be loved. This bargaining chip wanted a bedtime story. And by God because of her special ability’s he was going to get the best one ever!

Barbara’s phone chimed. She had two picture messages from a blocked number. She was afraid to look. Tank, my phone just chimed. Yeah big deal. It’s a couple of picture messages from a blocked number. Let me see it. No. If its bad I wanna see it first. LET ME SEE THE GODDAM PHONE! It was the first time tank had ever yelled at her. She already forgave him. Okay but be strong. Tank clicked on the picture. He got a puzzled look on his face. Then he clicked on the next one. And just handed the phone to Barbara. A train. A 1927 Pullman to be exact. And a picture of Aileen and Terry standing in front of it wearing cheap conductor hats and eating cotton candy. Both where smiling. What do you think that means? Tank asked. It means she meant what she said about no harm would come to him. And she took him on the train ride I promised. Barbara started crying again. She was so confused. Her phone rang. Open the gates was all Aileen said. She’s here tank. Tank grabbed his .44 magnum. Barbara said put that away tank. All I we can do is see what she has to say.

Aileen and Terry walked in holding hands. She had to reach up a bit to hold the big mans hand but she didn’t mind. Tank and Barbara just stared at her. Straight to the point is always the best route I’ve always said. What was about to happen would effect all of their lives forever. Tell me why you killed Dolan. And I will know if your lying. Barbara stepped forward. I killed Murphy because him and Dolan killed my best friend Cindy A sweet 23 year old innocent young woman just for fun. I lost my mind with grief for a little while. We went to his bar. Him and Tank got into it. Then he tracked us back here. I didn’t want to kill him in the end he left us no choice. Aileen searched Barbara’s mind. That’d be pretty close to what happened. But you didn’t kill Dolan and his crew. The big guy did. Why? Because he told her he was going to kill her and make me watch. Not in this lifetime. Not while I still draw breath. I killed your son. Me,she had nothing to do with it. Your lying to protect her. You took a life from me. A son! I demand one in return! Then take mine Tank screamed and fell to his knees neck exposed in front of Aileen. Take mine. Please God take mine and be satisfied. No. Was all she said. I will chose the life I will take. I chose Terry’s. Barbara and Tank both screamed NO! Aileen stopped them both with a wave of her hand. You misunderstand. I want Terry to be my son. To replace the one you took from me. He can come to Colorado and live at my ranch. 10000 acres for him to roam on. He’s never going back to that cage EVER. I love him. Tank and Barbara were both shocked. I want us to become family. I know Dolan was a psychopath. I now know he forced you to kill him. Don’t force me to kill you. Let me take him. I sent you the pics to show you he was fine. Let us be family. I love him and he loves you. Lets make this work. Tank got off his knees. And Tank. Terry didn’t hear any of What just happened. He was on the train again. Just like when I put you on the ledge. Tank said thank you Aileen. He will never be medicated again. Because of what I am. Anytime he gets agitated I just take him to the train. And he calms down. Its his happy place. Please let me do this. He needs me. And I didn’t realize it until i took him. But I truly need him too. Barbara said. We can come see him right?. Anytime you want. And if you ever get tired of this you will give him back? Yes. But he will always be a child. And I will always be his mother. Tank you okay with this? This was the first time Tank had seen his brother out of a cell unrestrained in almost 20 years. And he was smiling. Totally cool with it babe. Welcome to the family Aileen. Your coming to our wedding right, I want Terry to be my best man. Aileen said I wouldn’t miss it for the world….

The end? (of chapter 2).

Dedicated to the two brothers I lost. Ray and Robby. Andrew Zebley. And my friend Greg McGuire. Who loved trains.

(chapter 3)

A Dark Obsession by Jerry Jett

Aileen and Terry had ended up staying with Tank and Barbara for a while. Aileen asked Barbara if she was any good with computers? I’m pretty spectacular actually she said. Aileen smiled. Let’s erase any trace Terry was ever in that asylum. If you can do the computers I can do the rest. Barbara asked how? Aileen said I can erase memories. Barbara was a little doubtful. Terry’s a pretty hard guy to forget. Aileen asked Barbara, do you have a physical object you got from someone that is a clear memory? A memory you won’t mind losing, forever? They will be a stranger to you. Barbara immediately thought of Francis. He was a young vampire that she had saved from a group of pirates. She should have let them kill him. He fell in a weird kind of obsessed love with her. And ended up being a pirate himself. He turned bad, part of it was trying to impress her. She just thought it was pathetic. Killing humans when your a vampire is pretty easy. He gave her a cutlass he had taken off the captain of the pirate ship. After he killed him and everyone else on board. She accepted it. But told him they were thru being friends. She killed sometimes to stay alive. He killed because he liked it. And she wanted no part of him because of that. So Barbara went and got the cutlass. Aileen said let me see your phone, I’m taking a video of you hiding that under the sofa cushions. This all amused Barbara. She knew Aileen was powerful but she was a vampire too. She shielded her mind and said lets do this. Aileen smiled blinked her eyes for a long second and said it’s done. Barbara was confused what’s done? Aileen handed her back her phone. She watched the video in disbelief. Holy shit. Even holding the cutlass in her hand and knowing his name she had absolutely no memory of Francis. This would come back to haunt her…

Barbara and Aileen spent several nights in the asylum erasing every trace Terry had ever been their. They also became the best of friends. Strange how life plays out sometimes. Aileen was the most dangerous creature that Barbara had ever met. She was also the most generous, loving and kind. Truly helpful in every way. Tank warmed to her slowly. She had almost killed him. But she had also freed his brother. Tank and Barbara didn’t get married in Hawaii like they had originally planned. Terry was a free man but they still didn’t want to chance trying to get him past airport security. They ended up getting married in front of a train. A 1927 Pullman double boiler to be exact. And tank didn’t have to wear a tuxedo. Him and Terry were both wearing conductors hats and bib overalls. Barbara was wearing a vintage 1920’s style wedding dress. They had rented Tweetsie railroad for the weekend. And thru the biggest party that the town of blowing rock had ever seen. Tank knew Barbara didn’t have many friends. So he put the word out to his biker friends that he was getting married. Free food free beer and good times. It was a hell of a party. Bikers hippys granolas college kids and yuppies all showed up. And one scary looking guy in the best pirate outfit Tank had ever seen. And he seemed to be watching Tank. Tank was used to this. He was big and scary looking. Women wanted him, and men feared him. He attracted a lot of attention. He was used to this. But this was kinda creepy. This guy didn’t seem scared. He seemed like he was waiting.

Aileen and Karen where getting along famously. Aileen was taking her and Bob to Colorado after the wedding. They were all excited. Karen was Irish by decent, and she was fascinated by Aileen. Bob was happy because of certain legal things in Colorado. They were laughing and smiling when Aileen’s smile vanished. I’ve got to go Karen. And she ran off.

Tank was slipping away from a few of his biker friends. He had just donated his 48 pan head for them to raffle off for charity. And made a promise to donate 10,000 thousand dollars worth of toys for the toys for tots program. It felt good to be helping these guys. They had been there when he needed help. But it was time to get back to Barbara. She was taking care of a few details for there honeymoon. He had just turned the corner of a building when he felt the blade on his throat. Don’t move human, the pirate spit out the last word like he had shit in his mouth. Is she still pure? Tank said what the fuck are you talking about? Barbara! Is she still pure! Tank knew he didn’t have many options. He was a skilled fighter. But a blade held on your throat by someone who intends to kill you is almost impossible to defend against. His only option was to make this guy lose his cool. and hope he might make a mistake. Better to die laughing screaming and covered in the blood of your enemy than on your knees. So he said. Do you mean is she still a virgin? And forced a laugh. Why don’t you drop that pigsticker water head. and I will show you why they call me tank. Barbara really likes the reason they call me Tank. The pirate convulsed. Tank thought with rage, he was wrong.

BARBARA! We have got to find tank! There’s a were animal changing somewhere close and he means to kill Tank!Barbara sent out her second sight, their behind the depot!she snatched up a fire axe. And both started running.

Tank was scared, a regular bear is dangerous. This thing was something out of a nightmare. How could creatures like this really exist? Every monster movie he had ever seen still couldn’t prepare him for watching this man change into a monster. His rational mind just wasn’t wanting to accept what he was seeing. Even being married to a vampire had not really drove home the fact that monsters are real. This was almost more than his mind could take. TANK ! Catch! He looked up and a fire axe was flying thru the air towards him. He snatched it out of the air about the time the bear fully transformed and charged him. Insanity is not being afraid in the face of death. Courage is being afraid and still doing what needs to be done. Tank screamed, and something primal Inside him woke up and took over. Something that was hiding in his DNA. And suddenly Tank was not fully human anymore. And he liked it!This was who he really was. He ran at the bear instead of away from it. Teeth bared and screaming. The werebear hesitated. Nothing had ever charged him, everything always ran away. it was not used to something fighting back. It cost him dearly. Tank leapt like a crazed animal and brought the fire axe down on the bears shoulder. The blow would have been terrible from a normal human. With Tanks immense strength it penetrated about a foot thru muscle and bone. and temporarily brang the huge beast to its knees. TANK! Goddammit TANK! Get away from it. But he was having no part of that. He was in a beserker rage. This beast had challenged him. Like so many beasts had challenged his ancestors in the far distant past. It Woke up Tanks own beast. One of them was going to die,had to die. it was the way it was. The way it always had been all thru time immortal. Survival of the fittest. Aileen ! Can’t you do something! She grabbed Barbara. And pulled her back. No I can’t. Their to close together. And Tank is pretty close to the edge of sanity right now. I don’t want to push him over that line. He might not come back. And anything I do to the bear will happen to Tank! He’s on his own. Tank yanked the fire axe loose. And the huge bear struggled to its feet. Seven feet of insane rage driven monster charged Tank again. He side stepped the beast and spun around to swing the axe thru the back of the bears knee. It went down again and wouldn’t be getting back up this time. It was between Tank and Barbara now. It started crawling towards Barbara and Aileen.Tank jumped on the beasts back and brought the axe down on its skull. Over and over again.
Stop him Aileen. It’s dead. Holy shit. Aileen gently probed tanks mind. I can’t. He’s still to close to the edge. I’m sorry. This has never happened before. Well fuck it. She ran up and grabbed his arm….. It almost cost her her life.
Tanks beast spun to face this new threat. Axe raised high he brought it down as Barbara screamed at him. I LOVE YOU TANK! He came out of the red haze just in time to deflect the axe to the side. Barbara never flinched. She just stared into his eyes and said it again. I love you Tank. It’s dead. Tank found his humanity again the beast went back to its hiding place. I love you too babe.Tank asked. What just happened? She said. I’m not sure. But you have got to be one of the only humans ever to kill a werebear without a gun. Tank said fighting it just felt right, like I had done it before. How’s that possible? Aileen and Barbara both just shrugged. Don’t know. Maybe inherited memory? Tell us What happened? He came up behind me put a blade to my throat. And called me a human. Like it was a racial slur. Demanded to know if you were still pure? Barbara said demanded what? He wanted To know if you was still a virgin. He got pretty excited when I hinted that you weren’t. Aileen said some supers hate humans. All humans. They Think your less than we are. Just a food source nothing more. Won’t accept that we all came from a common ancestry. Seems you two getting married pissed one of those types off and he decided to do something about it. Well I did the only thing I could think of. mess with his head and hope he screws up. He changed instead. You saw the rest. I’ve got a question. Are there more were animals than vampires? tank asked. Aileen and Barbara looked at each other. Then Barbara said. They far outnumber us. It’s easier for them to blend in. They are not allergic to sunlight.And don’t require anything special to survive. They can change at will. But never actually have to. That whole full moon thing is bullshit. So is myth that they are allergic to silver. I did know one who was allergic to cats. Barbara said trying to lighten the mood. Tank smiled and said well in that case. I want a bigger axe. Let’s get rid of this asshole and get back to our party….. It never occurred to tank to mention to them that his attacker had been dressed like a pirate…

Saying goodbye to people you love is hard. Even tho they had promised to drive straight to Colorado after the honeymoon it was still hard. Barbara had never had a family since she was young. She never realized how much you could come to love people in a short period of time.but It was time to leave, and time for wedding presents. Barbara had asked everybody to meet her by the front gate. There was a fancy RV sitting there with a car trailer attached to it. They just looked at Barbara? Wedding presents. Bob said I know I’m getting old but aren’t we supposed to give them to you not the other way around. Barbara smiled. You guys gave me the best present. All of you. One I desperately needed. Family. And a reason to live. These are just small tokens of my love. She pulled the keys from her pocket and tossed them to Aileen. It’s completely sunlight proofed. Even in the front. Just keep the windows shut. Figured it would be easier for my favorite leprechaun to make a trip half way across the country if you didn’t have to get hotel rooms. I’m the only leprechaun you know Aileen said with a laugh. Barbara said well your still my favorite. Thank you Barbara. She reached In the front and pulled out a huge book. It’s the complete book of trains Terry. It’s got color pictures and technical specs of every train ever made. Terry hugged Barbara and said an excited thank you. Karen tank told me you weren’t into a lot of material things. She said yeah. Possessions own you not the other way around. Barbara smiled. But he also said you were a huge grateful dead fan. She pulled another box out of the RV. Inside was a vintage signed leather jacket from the band. Thanks it’s cool as hell. And I can actually use it in Colorado. And finally Bob. A man after my own heart. She pulled out a remote control and handed it to him. Did you get me a TV? Nope. Tank said you couldn’t buy the car of your dreams because him and Terry ate you out of house and home. Well it’s never to late for your dreams. Click the power button. He did the lights came on inside the car hauler. You couldn’t see thru the walls at all till they did. Now they were completely transparent. Bob just stared. Where did you find a cherry 69 Mach 1 Cobra Jet? In my garage. I got 2 of them. Never drove this one. Check out the odometer. 001969. Thought that was kinda cool. So I never drove it. It’s factory new. I don’t know what to say. Thank you is plenty. And finally she pulled out a fancy black case. These are for you guys. Inside were 4 strange looking mobile phones and 4 black credit cards. Aileen said what are those. Those are illegal is what those are. Barbara said with a laugh. My company makes them for the government. They are satilite phones that will work anywhere in the world and never have to be can reach us and we can reach you anytime anywhere. I don’t want to carry an illegal phone Barbara Aileen said. To risky with Terry. Barbara smiled. The board of directors of the Suntrust are aloud to carry them. It’s in the government contract. Yeah what good does that do us? See the black credit cards? You 4 Tank and myself are the only people on the board of directors for the Suntrust. So how’s it feel to be a millionaire?They all just stared at Barbara. Your welcome. And she grabbed Tanks hand and ran laughing to The beast. She yelled over her shoulder sign the papers in the RV. and drop the lawyer back at his office. They left in a cloud of tire smoke and laughter. The easiest way to say good bye was not to.

Once they got done laughing tank asked so where are we going on our honeymoon? Barbara said on a little cruise. Cool, what cruise line we takin? Tank asked. Barbara just stared at him across the cab of the beast for a second. I love you Tank. But I wonder about you at times. Vampire. Hello. Can’t go on a regular ship. Not sunlight proof. We are taking my boat. The Sun Chaser. It’s totally set up for me. The entire front half of the ship is 4 inch thick bullet and sunlight proof glass. I can sunbath! Don’t get a tan tho. But it’s still one of my favorite places to be in the whole world. I’ve always enjoyed spending time on the Sun Chaser. Going to be even better with you. Plus I want you to teach me guns while we are on it. I own a bunch I’ve never shot. Tank said really? Barbara said yeah really. Being a vampire sucks at times. Tank smiled don’t you mean all the time and started laughing. Barbara realized what she had said. Your an asshole Tank! Yeah but you love me. Why didn’t you ever shoot your guns? Shooting guns at night attracts way to much attention. Not legal to fire a gun most places after sunset. Tank said I did not know that. But on my ship while we are at sea you can teach me and we can shoot after dark. Plus I can teach you edged weapons. You did say you wanted a bigger axe. Tank smiled. Your AWSOME you know. Sexy as hell. You love fast cars and motorcycles. Your tough as any man. And you don’t treat me like a monster. How did I get so dam lucky? Barbara leaned across the seat and undid his zipper. So being a vampire sucks all the time eh? Don’t wreck and kill us both. And put her head in his lap and proceeded to show him just how much a vampire sucks. It was a good ride…..

Tank was not sure if the Sun Chaser was the ugliest boat he had ever seen or the coolest. It was a big tri hull looked kinda like some rednecks pontoon on steroids. Back half was a lot of open deck he was able to drive the beast right onto the ship. Front half was mostly glass. The center pontoon was toy storage. A few motorcycles a place to get the beast out of the weather and a sub. A small two person one. It was called plan B. He loved Barbara’s sense of humor. She showed him around her ship and pointed him at the big crate sitting on the deck. He opened it. It was full of axes. Take your pick. Tank pulled a few out and said I like them all thanks babe. your welcome. And she showed him her collection of guns she had on board. They surprised him. She loved fast everything. But was all old school cool when it came to her guns. Single action pistols. Lever action rifles. And double barrel shotguns. You never stop surprising me Barbara. I love that about you. Barbara said you too. And picked up a freedom arms .454 casull premier grade and said I want you to teach me to shoot this one first. Tank said babe. I know your a badass. But nobody learns to shoot with a hand cannon like that. That was the most powerful hand gun in the world for about 40 years. Still is the 3 most. Kicks like a mule. She said I know. But if just feels right in my hand. And so there teaching each other began. It was a long few days for both of them. Her hands hurt. And tank pretty much hurt everywhere. Barbara didn’t pull punches teaching him how to fight with blades. Pain is a great motivator not to let your gaurd down. Between the training, and doing what newly weds do on their honeymoon it was long days and even longer nights. But they were both getting better, and really having the time of there lives. The ship was computer controlled so they didn’t really have anything to do except play and train. That’s how they missed the fact another ship had been following them for several days.

Tank was on deck spinning his Cold Steel Viking axe like Barbara had taught him when he noticed the other ship. He looked down at Barbara threw the glass and noticed she looked like she might be having a nightmare. This puzzled Tank more than the other ship that seemed way to close to theirs. She was a sound sleeper, but could come fully awake in an instant. He had never seen her seem distressed in a dream before. And decided to go check on her. The other ship was dangerously close now. But he was only concerned about Barbara. Tank slipped into there bedroom and gently shook Barbara. Babe you okay. She didn’t wake up. He shook her harder she still didn’t wake up. He was starting to get a little scared when the ship announced a collision warning….

Barbara was stuck in a dream. A beautiful young woman was leading her down a path. Beckoning her to follow. Pleading with her. Barbara followed.
Tank picked Barbara up and shouted in her face BABE! WAKE UP! She was still dreaming….

The pirates had boarded the Sun Chaser. Strange looking group. Dressed like old fashioned pirates. And armed to the teeth. Most of the group looked European. One was Asian. Francis told the one with Cyrillic tattoos to go into the cabin and get Barbara. Ivan went…

The ship announced intruder alert. And Tank thought this is just getting better and better. He set Barbara back down on the bed. Please wake up babe I’m a soldier. Not a seaman. Need some help here. And started gathering Barbara’s guns….

The young Egyptian girl stopped. Help me. How Barbara said. Free me. I don’t even know where your at. You will. Help me. Okay okay. I will. Thank you wake up Barbara. Wake up Barbara god damit BARBARA WAKE UP. WE GOT COMPANY !

She sprang out of the bed fully awake. Scared the hell out of tank. Thank God. Why couldn’t I wake you up? I was dreaming. The girl wouldn’t let me wake up till I agreed to free her. What the hell is going on and where’s my pistol? We got company. Look outside. The freighter was 10 times as big as Barbara’s ship. And there was an ugly group of pirates moving around on the deck. Barbara grabbed her laptop and started furiously typing in commands. She dropped all four anchors. Brought the engines to a full stop and activated the security system. All the doors locked only her and Tanks thumbprints would open them. She turned on the tazers. Anyone who tried to force the doors open was in for a nasty surprise. She was almost fast enough to stop them… Almost.

Ivan was going thru the toy storage area when the doors started locking. He had been a gymnast before Francis found him. A gymnast on his way to the death camps. His need to kill prostitutes had gotten him in more trouble than even the Olympic Gold medal he had won could get him out of. Francis had saved his life. Now he did his bidding. No matter what he asked. He did a few gravity deifying moves and managed to make it thru the last door before it closed. Ivan was in the glass dome.

Barbara was loading her .454 casull. Pirates, you got to be fucking kidding me. Yeah babe just like that fucking bear I killed. Barbara turned to stare at tank. The werebear was a pirate? He was dressed like one. Looked just like these jerks. And you didn’t think to tell me this before we got on a ship? Really? Sorry babe. I thought he was just some nut job. Never thought he might actually be a pirate. Kinda out of my element here. It’s okay Tank. But always tell me when you see something out of the ordinary. Little things sometimes mean a lot when your dealing with supers. And this means all these guys are probably weres or vampires. So take no chances with them. No quarter. They will kill you in a heartbeat. I don’t know why, it’s probably my fortune. But these guys seem to want me alive. The fact the other guy wanted to know if I was a virgin just got a whole lot creepier tho.

Ivan stepped into the room with them. And said not your fortune. Francis Came to claim Your hand in marriage,and he’s suppose to be dead. As he leveled his AK-47 at Tank and clicked off the Saftey. 3 shots rang out so fast they sounded like one. Tank blinked and waited for the pain to come. It didn’t. His ears were ringing, but he realized he hadn’t been shot. The pirate was laying on the deck writhing in pain holding his crotch. And there stood Barbara holding a smoking pistol leveled at waist height. Hand still poised over the hammer. Dam babe, thanks. Tank walked over to the pirate and kicked away his AK-47. YOU BITCH! YOU DIRTY SUCUBUS WHORE! You shot my balls off! The pirate raged. Tank stepped down on his crotch. I take it real personal when people call her a bitch. And the pirate screamed in pain. Tank let up. Who are you guys? And why are you on our ship? The pirate raged. Did she shoot Sal too? We wondered why he never came back. Letting a woman fight for you human. Tank said who’s Sal? The bear Francis sent to kill you. She didn’t shoot Sal. I killed him. Didn’t get a scratch on me. He didn’t know who he was fucking with. Who the hell is Francis and what does he want with Barbara? The pirate said ask her who Francis is. Tank looked at Barbara, who’s Francis? Barbara shrugged. I know the name, but I have absolutely no memory of him. Tank looked confused, why? Aileen erased it. Tank looked back at the pirate. He was dead. Tank was actually amazed he had lived that long. One of the rounds had hit his femoral artery. He walked over to Barbara. Why? did you love this guy ? Hell no.let me explain. Terry is a free man because I erased his computer records. And Aileen erased the memories of everyone who ever had any contact with him. The doctors, the orderly’s the judge the lawyers right down to the janitors. When she said she could do this I wanted proof. So she asked if I had a memory I didn’t mind losing. And she videoed me telling her about Francis. And then erased the memory to prove she could. Why didn’t you tell me she erased everyone’s memories of Terry? We didn’t want to hurt you Tank. Why would that hurt me? Because She erased Terry’s memory too. Tank was quite for a second. 20 years worth of me coming to see him twice a week. Every holiday, every birthday. Why the hell did she do that? Those were happy memories! Yes they were Tank. But you didn’t see all the nights he was scared and crying. Begging to be let out. Crying for you. Crying for his mother. Terry’s just a child Tank. He was scared and alone. And locked in a very bad place. He was still crying at night. Aileen couldn’t stand it. She loves him. And Tank. She loves you too. But She couldn’t erase the bad memories without erasing the good ones. She never meant to hurt you. Tank said I didn’t know. Dam I didn’t know that Terry was so unhappy in there. He always seemed okay when I went to see him. He loves you Tank. He was happy when you were there. I’m sorry Tank. Nothing to be sorry for. Aileen did the right thing. You tell her I said thank you. Tell her yourself you will see her before I do.

Francis had heard the shots. And he was in a rage! Fucking Ivan. What the hell was he shooting for? If he hurt Barbara I’m going to cook him alive over an open fire. I didn’t wait 100 years to claim my love to have some stupid Werewolf kill her. I’m an idiot. Why did I send a were in to get my love who likes to kill women!

What do you mean I will see her before you do? Because your getting the hell off this ship and I’m staying. Like hell you are. Tank said. Barbara said Tank this Francis guy dosnt want to kill me. But he thinks your already dead. Your going to get your big ass into plan B get away from this ship and go get Aileen and come back and rescue me. Why don’t we both get in plan B? Because it’s slow. They could easily chase us down. And theirs a girl on the pirate ship I’ve got to rescue. I think it’s how Francis has been keeping track of me. We have to get her away from him. So don’t argue with me. Get in the sub and go get Aileen. Once you get several miles away from this ship surface and use the satilite phone to call her. Have her meet you at the Suntrust dock we left from. Their are attack boats there. and even an apache helicopter their if you know someone you trust to fly it. Your not abandoning me Tank. Your just going back to get help, and better guns. We are going to kill all these assholes. And put their ship on the bottom. I’m tired of people thinking they can fuck with me anytime they want. This ship is one of the few places in the world I could pretend I was normal. And now they have fucked that up. Get your ass in the sub. Go get Aileen. And come back ready for war……

What the hell was taking Ivan so long. Francis knew he was inside. Two of his men had been badly burned trying to force the doors open. They had enough electricity running thru them to kill most things. This ship looked like a pleasure boat but the dam thing was built like a tank. He didn’t want to look weak in front of his men so he just played it cool.

Okay babe. I will go get Aileen. But I want you to feed first. Barbara just stared at him. No. I don’t know how long I will be gone. And I want you at the top of your game. He’s not making you weak by not letting you eat. No tank, I don’t feed directly off humans anymore. Dammit woman I’m not just any human. I’m your husband. And I’m not leaving until you feed. It’s not like in the movies Tank. It hurts. I can take it babe. I love you. This asshole is not going to starve you while I’m gone. Feed so I can go get Aileen and a few of my Army buddies. She walked over to Tank and took his arm to her mouth, promise me you won’t look at me differently once you see my monster. Tank realized she was more afraid of him not loving her than facing down these pirates. I love you Barbara. Your not a monster anymore than I am. And she fed…..when she was done Tank looked at her and smiled. Babe that don’t make you a monster. That makes you sexy as hell. I’m harder than Chinese algebra. She was relived. I’m going to program the sub to take you to our port. You don’t have to do anything. Once you see daylight call Aileen. And before you go let me see your axe..

Tank reluctantly got in the sub. He didn’t like this one little bit. But he knew she was right. They couldn’t win this fight without help. That knowledge didn’t make leaving Barbara any easier. Barbara watched the subs GPS on her laptop once it was away she turned off the security measures. She reloaded her pistol and hid another one under her armor. She had a plan. It was crazy but it just might work.

Francis was getting frantic when he heard the locks all open. Barbara walked right out on the deck. Hey Francis she yelled. And tossed Ivan’s head at him. Your dog failed to fetch me. She said. Figured you might want that back. His men surrounded her. Barbara pulled out her pistol. Francis said you can’t kill all my men with just one pistol Barbara. I just want to talk to you. We are old friends remember. Give me that I don’t want anyone to get hurt. You sent a werebear to kill my husband on our wedding day Francis. You can go to hell. He wasn’t the right one for you Barbara. Humans are weak. He couldn’t ever protect you like I can. I just wanted to show you that. Protect me? As I recall I was the one who saved you. You son of a whore! I don’t need protecting and she shot Ivan’s head off the deck. All the pirates jumped back a step. Barbara cocked her pistol and stuck it under her chin. Take me to the girl. Francis wasn’t expecting this. What girl? The girl you used to find me Francis. Take me to her or this is going to be a very short courtship. Okay okay. She’s on my ship. I will take you to her don’t do anything stupid. It took me a hundred years to find you again. I don’t intend to lose you. Barbara said tell your men to keep there distance. I want to see the girl. Maybe then we will talk. He took her to Alice….
Tank was seeing sunlight threw the windows of the sub. Time to call Aileen. She answered on the second ring. How’s the honeymoon going? Not so good Aileen we got attacked by pirates. Aileen started laughing. Well that’s what there calling it now. Tank said no Aileen I’m serious. We got attacked by pirates. I need you to meet me at our dock. We got to rescue Barbara. Some jackass named Francis has her. Your serious. Let me arrange for Terry. He needs someone like me around to keep him level. I will fly there tomorrow. Anything you need me to do. No just hurry every chance you get. Ive got to make a few more calls need a helicopter pilot. And a door gunner. See you soon. He hung up. Time to call in a couple favors.

Francis took Barbara to the holding cells. Fancy word for cages. His holding cells were just 3 large animal cages side by side. The middle one was empty. The girl was in one asleep. The other had a short, hugely muscled young man sitting in it wearing a hood. There she is Barbara are you satisfied. Francis said. No. Open the center cage. What? Barbara said open the center cage dam it! He opened it. She stepped in. Francis said I don’t get it, what the hell are you doing. I need some time to think Francis. Barbara said. It’s been a hundred years. And the first thing I hear from you is that you arranged to have my husband killed on our wedding day. I want to sit hear in this cage and be left alone for a while. You got a problem with that? Francis was totally confused. But he remembered Barbara was a strong willed woman. Okay fine. Just don’t take to long. Barbara said and one more thing, I want my privacy. She looked at the young man in the other cage and said. Cover your ears big guy. right before she shot the security camara. Francis pissed himself. Don’t post a gaurd. I just want some time to think Francis. I could have put that bullet between your eyes. I didn’t. So relax. And give me some space.francis said Fine and stormed out trying to figure out how to sneak past his men so they wouldn’t know Barbara had literally scared the piss out of him.

Tank called Andrew and Jeff. They had been part of his unit in the sandbox. They had all been the best of friends in the Army. Andrew and Jeff had moved in together and started a lawn care business when they got out. He always gave em a hard time about being like those two guys off that show South Park.all they needed was to open a gun shop too. They hadn’t made it to his wedding Texas is a long way from North Carolina. Hey Jimbo! Screw you Tank! How the hell are you Andrew said. Sorry we missed the wedding. It’s okay. But I need your help. Both of ya. Like right now. And please tell me you can fly an Apache as good as you can a Blackhawk? Yeah no problem. You got an Apache? Tank said my wife does. You would be amazed what she’s got. She’s loaded. Andrew said good thing. Cause we are macaroni and cheese broke. Dam drought no rain means no grass. Why Did I opened a lawn care business in Texas? I should have my head examined. Tank said. I’m going to be honest with you guys. What I’m asking you to help with might be dangerous. Don’t care your our friend. You need help we come running. It’s what friends do. Thanks Andrew. Give me the routing number for your bank account. I will send you guys some gas money. Meet me at this address as quick as you can get here. See you guys soon. We will be their quick as we can. Andrew yelled at Jeff. Get up. Tank needs us. Check the bank account he said he sent us some gas money. Jeff logged onto their business account. This can’t be right. Why can’t it be right. Andrew asked Jeff? Because He sent us a million freaking dollars is why it can’t be right…..

Lady, I like your style the young man said from under his hood. That’s weasels little bastard gets on my last nerve. But why did you ask to be put in a cage? I’ve been trying to figure out how to get out ever since they abducted me. Barbara took a long smell of the young man? What are you first. Sorry to seem a little Leary but I’ve had a werebear and a werewolf try to kill me just of late. Names Brian, but my stage name is Brawn The magnificent. And I’m a human. I worked in a freak show till a couple of months ago in Thailand as the strong man. the little dude and a couple of big steroid guys came to watch the show one night. They kept me in a cage too. But it was just a stage prop. I would pretend to break out ever night growl at the crowd do feats of strength. And if enough money got put in the hat they passed around take off the hood. I loved it. It was the only place in the whole dam world I fit in. Kids always made fun of me. My parents stuck me in a orphanage. The people who ran the freak show treated me just like everybody else. They followed us home. Killed everyone but me. I fought them. But they are inhumanly strong. They beat me half to death. I woke up in this cage. And what do you mean a werewolf? Barbara looked at the young man, and took a long sniff of him again. He was like tank, but different. Some kind of genetic throw back. But mostly human. The reason those guys could over power you Brian, is they are were animals. The little guy is a vampire. Yeah right and what are you the tooth fairy? Barbara looked at the young man, don’t freak out on me okay. And showed Brian her fangs and claws. He probably thinks your a were of some kind. Take off the hood so I can see your face. Brian was still in shock. Brian. Take off your hood. He did.

Francis was in a mood. This wasn’t going at all like he planned. He was suppose to come in sweep her off her feet. She was suppose to be impressed by how successful a pirate he had become. She could care less. Would rather be in a cage than in his bed. 120 years old and he still couldn’t figure her out. Well she could just stay in that cage. Maybe she will be friendlier to him when she started to get hungry. He had waited a hundred years what was a few more days.

Barbara was impressed, wow she said. Brian frowned. Yeah I know. And started to put the hood back on. No Brian I mean wow as in a you look totally badass. He looked like a Hollywood rendition of a demon. Pointed teeth, crazy yellow eyes with pupils that go up and down and small horns. I know a lot of people who would accept you. Just the way you are. Really,because no one else ever has not even my parents. I’m a freak! And those bastards killed the only people who ever accepted me and treated me like everyone else. Your not a freak Brian. Your just different. Like you would know anything about that, your one of the beautiful people. And Barbara just stared at him for a second. I’m a vampire for fucks sake. I’m married to a Neanderthal. My best friend is a leprechaun. So yeah I know a little something about being different and not fitting in. My husband is coming back with Aileen and some of his friends. When they get here we are getting back out of these cages and kicking these pirates ass! You can come with us if you want. Barbara reached into her armor and pulled out her back up pistol. I’m serious Brian. She reached thru the bars and handed it to him. And held out her hand. He took it. You wanna go with us? Brian looked close to tears. Yes. I would like that a lot. Barbara smiled at the young man and said. Welcome to the family…..

Andrew and Jeff were at the dock. Tank was showing Andrew the Apache. Holy crap on toast how did your wife get an almost fully armed Apache? The only thing missing was the missiles. All the machine guns and cannons were there. She runs a company that makes stuff for the government. She puts in the contracts that the board of directors gets to use the stuff she makes for them or no contract. Until we got married she was the only one on the board. Jeff I need you to pilot the attack boat. No problem. Just get me a tech spec and I can fly pilot or drive anything. They heard a car horn. That must be Aileen. Guys be real respectful of Aileen. She’s family. And she could kill both of you without blinking an eye. Aileen stepped out of her black AMG looking like Every mans fantasy in black leather pants and a silk shirt. Jeff said dam she’s about to give me a terminal boner right now. Chill out Jeff. I’m not kidding. She’s deadly. And it’s time to tell you the rest of the story. You guys ever heard of leprechauns????

Barbara was staring at Alice. Why didn’t she wake up when I shot that camara? A .454 casull was loud as hell. Brian, why is she still sleeping? They keep her drugged. Their scared of her. Why she can’t be more than 8 or 9 years old? I’m scared of her too. When they brought her here, she came awake a little. Just a little while they were putting her in that cage. She made eye contact with one of the pirates. He just kinda went blank. Then he pulled out his sword and attacked the other three. Barbara said well good for her. Yeah I kinda thought the same thing for a minute. But he kept attacking the other pirates long after he was dead. What ?Barbara said. After he was dead. How do you know he was dead? Because all these guys carry machine guns. And they had shot half his head off. And he just kept coming at them. They finally shot his knees out and he dropped. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep and he fell over like a toy the battery had been pulled out of. Barbara looked at the little girl again. She couldn’t believe she was looking at a necromancer. I’ve never seen one so young. Unbelievable. She must have been born with the ability. A natural necromancer. Brain said a natural what? Necromancer. You watch the walking dead? Yeah love it. So you know what a zombie is. Yeah, yeah. Stumble around trying to eat you. Well zombies are real. Just not like on the show. They are puppets. Incredibly dangerous puppets. The only way to stop them is to literally destroy their ability to move. They have no will of there own. They are simply puppets. She’s a puppet master. Yeah? So? I’ve never met a necromancer who wasn’t evil. Let me tell you a story. This happened to a family I know. When the woman was young and beautiful she fell in love with another woman’s husband. She whispered him away from the other girl. He ended up divorcing her and marrying my friend. They had a child. 20 years latter their daughter had a child. That’s when the necromancer chose to take her revenge. She had a zombie come in and eat the newborn baby in front of her mother and grandparents. And there was nothing they could do about it. When it was done it dropped to the floor. And the girl, who was a haggard old woman by then walked in and simply asked the man if breaking her heart was worth it. He killed her right there in the hospital room. He died in prison. My friend died waiting for him to get out. That’s the kind of things people do with zombies. They spend years. Sometimes lifetimes learning dark magic to be necromancers. They don’t do that for fun. They do it for revenge. Brian looked at Barbara and said. Theirs one big flaw in your reasoning. Sleeping beauty over there is 8 or 9 years old. She was born a necromancer. She didn’t ask to be one. It’s just the way she was born. Just like I was born looking like I belong in a horror movie. Just like I assume you were born a vampire Barbara. So let’s not make her evil till we give her a chance okay? People have judged me my whole life. Made assumptions about me because Of the way I look. I don’t do that to other people. Barbara eased the hammer down on the pistol she had pointed at the little girls head and said okay. But when she wakes up don’t look her in the eyes….

Tank had everyone on the deck of the attack boat. Is everybody clear on their jobs? Andrew and Jeff both said crystal. Jeff was a door gunner. Took a special kind of person to be one. You sometimes had to kill targets that weren’t presently a threat. But might be latter. Most people couldn’t do that. Jeff could do it while he ate a sandwich. Andrew said I’m not crazy about flying in on a combat mission with the guns on this bird loaded with blanks tho. Tank looked at him and said it’s not a combat mission it’s a rescue mission. My wife’s on that ship. I don’t intend for her to get killed by friendly fire. We just flush em out. Jeff’s going to do the heavy lifting. Aileen said Tank I’m not sure I can do this. Dolan was the killer, not me. Tank said Aileen I just want you to scare them off the ship. Not kill anybody.just get em in the water. Jeff will do the rest. Okay. I’m still not sure I can. If you can’t we will find another way. Time to call Barbara.

Barbara’s boobs started ringing. She said excuse me Brian I have to take this call. He just looked at her. You’ve had a cell phone the whole time? She said duh, how did you think Tank was going to contact me to tell me he was almost here? Tank said you okay babe? Yeah I’m fine. Managed to get myself locked in a cage. Been sitting here making new friends. Can you have Aileen unlock the cages? She had overheard her. Aileen blinked and the cage doors popped open. Barbara told tank here talk to Brian for a sec. And handed the phone to him. She went next door to see the little girl up close. It broke her heart. She came back crying, Brian said what’s wrong? Give me the phone back. Tank, oh my God Tank. The girl is about 7. They have been keeping her drugged and lying on her back. The whole back side of her body is covered in bedsores Tank. And she’s about starved to death. Please hurry Tank. Even if we get her to a doctor today she might not live. Tank said I’m going to kill Francis. And I ain’t going to do it nice. Be their in 10….

Aileen had overheard a little of their conversation. What did he do to that little girl Tank? Aileen demanded. We thought she was a teenager. She’s like 7. They have been starving her. And keeping her drugged and laying on her back. She’s covered in bedsores. I don’t even want to think why a bunch of pirates had her drugged and laying on her back. Aileen was crying, tears of rage. Her hair started moving around on its own like it was full of electricity. And her tiny fists were clenched. She said get me closer. Andrew draw em out. Fly sloppy and make a big show of the guns jamming. Andrew said will do boss. He put them in the air.

Brian, pick her up gently. She’s hurt bad. Brian said how? They haven’t touched her. Have they fed her? Brian said no, she’s never been awake.well She’s about starved to death, and she’s covered in sores. Give me my pistol back, you just carry her. Brian started crying when he picked her up. The back side of her dress was a mess of blood and corruption. How could anyone do this to a little girl he sobbed? I don’t know. But we are going to make sure they never do it again.

Francis we are under attack. He came out if his fantasy. What? We are under attack. An old helicopter just buzzed us. No damage that I can tell. And his guns are jammed now so he’s just buzzing around like a pissed off bumble bee. You and the men go outside and shoot him down before he manages to get his guns unjammed. Okay will do. Francis thought that was the problem with using weres. They had to be told everything. Most were followers not leaders. He went back to his fantasy of Barbara.

All the the pirates were on the deck firing at the Apache. It was fully armored. So it was having no effect but Andrew didn’t want the pirates to know that. So he was darting and dodging making it seem like they were in trouble. Aileen said thru clenched teeth, closer. So he got her closer.

Barbara told Brian to get it together. We are not out of the woods yet. So I need you focused on what’s happening okay. Brian said okay. It’s just hard. I’m such an idiot I never thought she was in any pain, or hungry. I sat there one cell over and watched a child dam near starve to death because I’m stupid. Your not stupid just young. And you couldn’t have done anything anyway. She was brought to her knees by a blast of psychic energy. Brian felt it too. Holy shit what was that? Brian said. That was Aileen.

Closer was all she said, okay I will have to end this farce but I will get you closer. Andrew said. He stopped pretending to be damaged. And flew the apache right up to the edge of the pirates deck. Aileen stood up. Her hair was flying around now like something possessed. She was shaking and her tears had turned blood red. She looked at the pirates who in their ignorance were still firing at the Apache. And screamed in a voice as loud as thunder…BURN! and they all dropped their guns and started clawing at their faces or rolling around on the deck. Aileen whispered burn you sons of whores.burn And be Dammed!None of the pirates lived long enough to jump into the water…

Aileen dropped to her knees crying, Andrew put us on the deck. Tank called Barbara get to the helicopter babe. After what Aileen just did. We have got to save that little girls life. Be their in a second Tank love you. Tank saw them come out of a doorway Barbara first then a strange looking young man. She hugged Tank. He kissed her. Get on the bird and fly her straight to the hospital. Your not coming? No. Still got to get Francis. No get on the helicopter she said. We can get him latter. Babe don’t argue we don’t have time. Get the little girl to the doctor. I’m not leaving this ship till I find Francis now go. Jeff will take me back. She kissed him. And you hug Aileen she’s in bad shape. Love ya babe and she was gone.

FRANCIS! Tank yelled at the top of his lungs. Just you and me now. Why don’t you come out and face me? You think you can just kill me and take my woman, come out and fight me you coward! Tank threw down his axe, and tossed his pistol away. Is that better Francis. Surly a big tough vampire like yourself can handle one unarmed human. The shots rang out from a doorway, Francis emptied a whole magazine out of his AK-47 into tanks chest. The big man was knocked off his feet.

Barbara convulsed in pain, Tanks been hurt! She felt it like she was there. Aileen was cradling Alice. She sent out her second sight. He still lives Barbara. He still lives.

Francis crept out of the doorway. He still couldn’t believe that they had killed all his men so easily. Well he thought they were just a bunch of trained dogs. I can replace them. Barbara may have got away. But I finally killed that pathetic human who dared to love my woman. Francis walked over to the big man laying flat on his back arms spread wide and started to kick him. Francis is not a soldier. A soldier would have reloaded his weapon. A soldier would have noticed their wasn’t any blood.

Andrew set us down right on the helipad. Alice had took a turn for the worse on the way to the hospital. Barbara and Aileen both thought she was dying. Please hurry Aileen begged. I’ve got to save her. I have got to save her. Will do mam. Andrew said. He called the hospital and told them a private ambulance was bringing in a priority patient to have a team ready on the roof to treat a child who was in toxic shock. They said he couldn’t land there. Andrew simply said try and stop me. I dare ya

Francis brought his leg back to kick Tank in the ribs. Tank in a practiced move brought his arm up into the back of Francis’s knees and rolled onto his stomach in one smooth motion. Dropping the vampire and putting his full weight on top of him. Tank grabbed the vampire by the hair and slammed his head into the deck. Hard. Lights out for the vampire. Tank stood up and took his armor off. His chest was covered in ugly bloody looking bruises. But not a single round has penetrated his armor. Have to get Barbara something real nice he thought. Her getting me this armor and insisting I wear it had just saved my life. Francis was starting to come to. Tank thought time to finish this.

Andrew set the Apache down on the helipad. Their was a trauma crew waiting on them. And the police. Aileen, Alice and Barbara got off the helicopter. While some administrator was trying to get the cops to arrest Andrew. Once the girls were safely inside Andrew swiveled the 20 mm cannon towards the administrator and the cops. The jack ass in the suit was screaming at the top of his lungs at the cop. He can’t do this its illegal. Arrest him!The cop said you must be dumber than you look. that’s an Apache attack helicopter. Thats a 20 mm cannon pointed at us. You tell him he’s under arrest. I don’t make enough money to deal with this shit! And walked back inside. The suit just glared at Andrew. He smiled at him and gave him the finger. The radioed Tank. headed back to base boss.

Tank took off all his armor. When Francis came to he was standing over him wearing just his jeans and motorcycle boots. You sent a werebear to kill me. He attacked me from behind. Your other pirate tried to shoot me while I was unarmed. And you shoot me while I’m unarmed from inside a doorway. You pirates are a bunch of pussies! Well pussyboy. Get your off your ass and onto your feet. you tried to kill me so you could take my woman. Time to face this pathetic human. He let Francis get to his feet. Alright tough guy. Let’s do this. And Francis started throwing punches at Tank. He easily deflected every blow. Your going to have to do better than that vampire. Francis was scared. He had always enjoyed killing humans. It was so easy. He had always relied on his far superior strength because He basically had no skill. This wasn’t fair. Humans weren’t supposed to be as strong as he was! It was not fair dammit. Tank said try harder. Francis was almost in tears. Tank said you really should have checked me out before you just assumed you could beat me Francis. They don’t teach you to fight in Special Forces. They teach you to kill. And how to stay alive while your doing it. Time to start paying for what you tried to do. Tank started breaking his bones every time Francis thru a punch or a kick. Soon Francis was howling in pain. tank checked his watch. Sun be up soon, I’m going back to my wife. Your going to Hell. He grabbed Francis and picked him up over his head and brought his back down across his knee. The vampires back snapped like a dry twig. He left him laying their crying and begging. After he put his armor back on and got his axe and pistol. He attached a rope to the railing and looked at Francis one last time. You know Barbara don’t even remember you.not one little bit Francis. That’s the pathetic part. Good bye Francis. Enjoy the sunrise. And repelled back over the side. Jeff burn it down. Will do boss. Ain’t got nothing else to do. Ive been playing halo. That Aileen’s one scary bitch when she’s pissed off. Tank smiled. Yes she is but don’t ever let her hear you call her that. Time to call Barbara.

Hey babe, did she make it. Barbara was relived to hear his voice. Yes, yes. She’s going to make it. Are you all right? I felt you get hurt. That armor you got me saved me babe. Thanks. Francis is dead.broke his back and left him to met the sunrise. Jeff put his ship on the bottom.and I’m a little, make that a lot sore. Barbara smiled Tank was never serious for long. She said we are going to have a house guest for a while. Brian. Maybe. He might go with Aileen. Sparks are flying between those two. What are we going to do with Alice? I don’t know. But getting her away from Aileen is going to be impossible. She’s in full on mother bear mode. Tank smiled. He was really starting to love Aileen. When will you be here. Soon babe soon. And to help ease my pain your going to have to show me again just how much vampires suck!!!!your an asshole Tank! Yeah but you love me. Yes I do Tank. Yes I do…

the end (of chapter 3).
Dedicated to Alice. These stories wouldn’t be without her inspiring me to write again. Thanks kid.


(chapter 4)

No good deed…. By Jerry Jett

Aileen and Brian, surprised everyone. It truly was love at first sight. Three days after they met, Aileen called Barbara and said meet me at the courthouse. Barbara wanted to know why. Just come. Okay. We will be there in ten. After the events of the last few weeks, Barbara was going to come running. TANK! let’s go Aileen needs us! They jumped in The Beast and put it in the wind!

Tank slid The Beast to a stop in front of the court house and jumped out ready for war! What he wasn’t ready for was Aileen standing there,wearing a wedding dress…

Take your guns off Tank. This is a wedding not a funeral. Aileen said with a smile. Barbara just stared at her. A Wedding? Who’s? Mine. Aileen said. To who? Brian of course. But You just met him. I’m 5000 plus years old Barbara. I’ve waited long enough. I love him. He loves me. Why waste a bunch of time playing stupid games. Brian pulled up in a cab, wearing the ugliest tuxedo Barbara had ever seen, and his hood. Take that ugly dam thing off Brian. Barbara said. Hey give me a break. It’s hard to rent a tuxedo at a moments notice when your as big as I am. She said I was talking about the hood. Aileen said yes Brian, take it off and give it to me…

No, it’s broad daylight. I’m Not sure if this towns ready for a freak show yet. Your our friend Brian. Not a freak. And she loves you. Take off the dam hood. Yes I do love you Brian. Aileen said. And I think your beautiful. I’ve spent better than 5000 years looking at peoples faces. Yours is the first one I have found interesting in a long, long time. Everyone looks like someone else Brian.Did you know that? Everyone. Everyone except you. Your truly unique. I don’t see a freak,Brian. I see a beautiful exotic sexy beast of a man. And I want us to spend the rest of our lives exploring our love. But only on one condition. Brian. Take off that hood. And don’t ever, ever put it back on…,

Brian slowly took off the hood. Looking around to see who was starring at him. Barbara thought. My God it must have been so hard for him growing up. She truly understood why he hated Francis for killing the only other people that treated him just like everybody else. Give it to me Brian. Aileen said. He handed it to her. Barbara, Tank, Brian. Give me your hands. Aileen gathered her friends hands together. And placed the hood on top of them. Thru our love may this vile thing be forever gone, Aileen whispered. And the hood burst into flames. She held their hands together, don’t let go. It burned to ash, and the wind carried those away. No one got burned. Aileen released their hands. The justice of the peace is going to make it legal. But Barbara you and Tank are going to marry us Barbara. We have cried together,loved together,and fought together. I want you and Tank to Handfast us. She reached into Barbara’s hair and pulled out a ribbon. Tank your a little harder. She looked him over, and took his wallet from him. It was on a piece of parachute cord. Had been since he lost the first one in the sand box. She took the cord off and gave him his wallet back. Brian give me your hand. He did, and with a silver blade she pierced his palm. And then her own. Once the blood pooled she grasped Brian’s hand and said. Our blood which contains our souls is forever mixed, now so shall be our lives for as long as we both shall live. Brian said from this breath till my last, my heart. My love. And my life belong to you Aileen. Bind our hands together. Aileen said. Barbara used her ribbon, Tank used the para cord. Binding their lives together in a ceremony as old as mankind itself. It’s done. Brian bent down and gently kissed the tiny woman. Barbara was crying a little. Tank slapped Brian on the back. Be good to her Brian. She’s family. And now you are too. Brian looked up at the big man. I will be.and I’m proud, so very proud to be considered a member of this family. We weren’t prepared for this. We don’t have any presents. Barbara said. Aileen said you have given us to much already. But I’m about to ask for more. What Barbara said. Aileen simply said. Alice….

Brian go inside and finish the paper work okay. Him and Tank walked into the courthouse. I want you to make me and Brian her legal parents. Birth certificate, social security number, School records everything. After what she’s already been thru, the last thing she needs is to end up in foster care. Barbara said no problem. But How are you going to deal with the fact she’s a necromancer? Aileen smiled. I made her forget. She still is one. She just doesn’t remember that she is one. I erased most of her memory. Most of her memories were so sad and dark they made me shudder when I touched her mind. She’s never needs to remember that ship, and what they did to her. She never needs to remember what Francis and his wolves did to her birth parents. So she’s safe now? Aileen said totally. She’s just a 7 year old little girl now with a long road to recovery in front of her. And a family who loves her. Barbara smiled. By the end of the week it will be done. What’s Brian’s last name? Blackwell. Alice Blackwell. Got a nice ring to it…

Sometimes, most of the time actually being Barbara’s friend was AWSOME. Barbara walked into Alice’s hospital room three days latter just after dark. Alice hadn’t woke up yet. She hugged Aileen and Brian. Brian you okay? You look a little rough around the edges big guy. He hasn’t left since the wedding, nurses have got used to him. They were a little freaked out at first, but Brian can win most people over if given a chance. Brian just smiled. Why haven’t you left Brian? Barbara asked. She’s just a kid, I don’t want her waking up in a strange place all alone and with no memories. And we don’t know why Francis took her or from who. So I’m her guardian angel till she’s out of here and safe. This touched Barbara’s heart in so many ways. Your a good man Brian. I’m proud to call you my friend. Same here Barbara. I’ve got something for you guys. Barbara said and pulled an envelope out from inside her armor. It was a birth certificate. Alice Talifany Blackwell daughter of Aileen O Connor Blackwell and Brian Alexander Blackwell. She’s legally your daughter. Here’s your knew marriage license. Happy 7th wedding anniversary by the way Barbara said with a laugh! I had to back up your wedding date till Brian was 17 to make this work. Hope you don’t mind. But it was easier to make her your birth daughter than adopted daughter. You have school records, and immunization records. How did you do it? Aileen said. The Suntrust. My company has got hackers and tech guys that are unbelievable. Everything is digital now. It was easier than you would believe. Barbara didn’t tell them that was several million dollars worth of paper they had in their hands. Her techies were the best in the world. But they didn’t work cheap. She’s all yours. Aileen broke down in tears of gratitude. Barbara hugged the tiny woman till she had it together again. And pulled a set of keys from her pocket. Brain I got you a little something. Let’s take a walk I will show it to you. He looked at Aileen go. You need a quick break. He stood up and winced. Backs a little stiff I could use a walk. Barbara opened the door for him and they walked out. Once they got outside she handed the keys to Brian. Thought you needed a coming out present. What is it? A Cadillac
CTS-V station wagon. Your an old married guy now she laughed. Figured it was either a station wagon or a minivan. Brian winced. You shouldn’t have really. I really mean that. He was 24 after all. Then he saw it. This wasn’t your grandfathers caddy. Graveyard scenes painted down both sides. Zombies coming up out of the hood. And his face and Brawn the Magnificent across the back. Close your mouth Brian. Bugs will fly in. I love it! It’s totally bad ass. I got a little Elvis in me. Barbara said with a laugh. Thank you Barbara. No,thank you Brian. On the ship you stopped me from doing something I would have regretted for the rest of my life. It’s just a little thank you. You wouldn’t have shot her Barbara. You might think you would have if I hadn’t been there. But you wouldn’t have. He said with youthful innocence. Barbara just hugged him while holding back the tears. She wished she could believe that. She truly wished she could….

Six months later…

Sometimes the best parents are those who never had any. That was Brian to a T. He was great with Alice and Terry. They had told Terry a little white lie. Said that Brian had put on a Halloween mask and it got stuck and he couldn’t get it off. Terry seemed to accept that.brian was a regular mister mom with the kids. PTA meetings soccer practice school lunches. He truly was a domestic goddess. And handling life without the hood better than he ever thought possible. Barbara was a genius. The Cadillac. People love custom cars. And it was just strange enough that people kinda expected a strange looking character to be driving it. Most of the locals thought he was awesome. He had rapidly became a local celebrity. He had even worked with the church in town for their Halloween haunted house. It sold out every night. He suddenly had a huge fan club. And was constantly having to explain to woman (and a few men) that he was a happily married man. Life without the hood was good. Aileen had to run the ranch tho. People accepted Brian. Animals, not so much. They spooked and shied away from him. It’s always been this way Aileen said to him one day. He just stared at her. What do you mean? Animals have always feared your tribe. Wait a minute, there are others like me? Brian asked. Their was a long long time ago. The myth of the demon that walked the earth was not always a myth. Are you saying I’m a demon. No, your human. The demons were just a tribe, Brian. your long lost ancestors. They looked different. And most of them had the natural muscles you have. But they were just a different kind of human. They couldn’t blend in. The primitive fearful humans of the time who far outnumbered them. hunted them to extinction. Your a genetic throw back like Tank and Terry. But pretty much totally human. Elves and Faerys walked the earth too. But they met the same fate. The world was a magical but dangerous place back then. We never could have wed. Not openly. People feared everything they did not understand. And every sickness or unexplained death got blamed on witches, demons or elves. No one knew anything about bacteria or sanitation. So they hunted all the other tribes of the human race to extinction. Us leprechaun and the vampires could blend so we survived. It’s really sad. They really were just different tribes of the human race. But enough talk of sadness. I’m going to Denver. To talk to the construction company about Terry and Alice’s Christmas present. Will you be okay with the kids. Yeah I will be great. They really love each other, and Terry really really likes having a little sister. Aileen smiled. I know. Seeing such a huge man having a tea party with such a tiny girl puts a smile on my face sandpaper won’t take off. She plays trains with him too. And cars. We will be fine, go do your thing. I will take them to Mikey D’s in my caddy. I love you Brian. I love you too Aileen. He kissed her goodbye. And watched the love of his life drive away.

Chris held the skull in his hands. It wasn’t that old. He had had it carbon dated.its was Maybe 4500 years. He lovingly turned it in his hands. He knew the moment he had found the skull that he was destined to be the chosen ones messenger. He had started the church of the midnight sun soon after he had found it. It had few members, but they were true believers. Totally dedicated to him. Soon he would have the prize, somehow it had gotten away from the pirate he had paid so handsomely to secure it. He stroked the skull and waited for the extraction team to call…

Everyone was up showered and had cloths on. Not a bad start to the morning in the Blackwell house. Aileen had left yesterday night and wouldn’t be back till well after dark. Her AMG was sunlight proof but why take chances. He wished Bob and Karen had stayed longer. He came to love them in the short time they had been staying there. But Bob had said newlyweds need a little privacy. And that’s hard enough to get with two kids running around the house. Much less an old couple in the house. But he still missed them. Bob was like the cool ass grandfather he had always dreamed of. Alice and Terry were in the living room playing video games when Brian noticed the big black Lincoln town car pull up their drive way. It stopped in front of the house and five guys got out. They looked like either Mormons or some other door to door religion. If the guys in that religion lifted weights. A lot of weights. Maybe these wear the guys who kept leaving tracts and bibles on his caddy. Brian laughed a little, of all the days to have on my Lamb of God shirt. Brian opened the door before they got to it. Just as they were pulling out stun guns from their satchels they wore. Brian raised his hands up. Hey what’s going on? They took his raised open hands as a sign of surrender. We need you to come with us the one on the right said. Tank and Brian had become good friends while Alice was recovering. Tank had decided to teach the young man as much as he could about fighting to stay alive. The first lesson was to seem defenseless when confronted with a weapon. It makes your attacker over confident. Brian had been a stage performer in a freak show for 6 years. It had honed his reflexes to a keen edge. He was much faster than you would have ever imagined a big man to be. They reached for Brian. Quick as a snake he lunged and grasped both of their wrists in a crushing grip. With a quick twist he broke them and dropped both of his attackers to the floor. He dragged them out onto the front porch and tossed first one then the other down the steps. He reached in and grabbed the Brooklyn smasher he kept by the door. He held the oversized baseball bat in his hands and glared at the two that were still by the car. BRING IT! He yelled at them. That’s when he heard Alice scream. Dammit the 5th guy must have circled around back he thought. Brian darted back into the house and thru the deadbolt. And rushed to the back room where his kids where at. One of the most dangerous things anyone can ever do is hurt someone’s child In front of their parents. The 5th guy was holding Alice off the floor by her arm. She was screaming in pain. Brian came into the room like a freight train. And swung his Brooklyn smasher into this guys chest with every ounce of rage driven strength he had. The end of the bat hit him just below the sternum in his solar plexus. The man convulsed. And dropped Alice. He would die once he quit convulsing. Brian had just killed his first man, but he could care less. the only thing on his mind was Alice and Terry. He dropped the bat and reached down to Alice. She was crying uncontrollably and trying to say something. She couldn’t get it out. Brian held her in his arms and she finally managed to say Terry. They hurt Terry and she pointed to the sofa. Terry’s legs were sticking out from behind it. Brian thought please let him be alive. He hadn’t heard a gunshot but their are more ways to kill a man than with a gun. Brian rushed around to the back of the sofa and Terry was laying flat on his back. An ugly burn mark on the side of his neck and but he was breathing. The bastard he had just killed had only stun gunned Terry. Alice was still sobbing they hurt Terry daddy. The bad man hurt Terry. Brian took Alice’s hand and held it to Terry’s chest so she could feel him breathing. They just knocked him out baby. I need you to be strong for daddy okay. He pulled the keys to his Cadillac out and handed them to Alice. We are going for a ride baby. I need you to go In front of me and open the back of the car okay I can’t open it and carry Terry too sweety. Can you do that for me? Alice calmed a little. Yes daddy. Let’s go baby. Brian had never been so glad in his whole life that he had been born strong as he was right now. He was one of the few people on the whole planet that could actually carry Terry by himself. He picked up the big man and headed for his Cadillac. Alice had opened all the doors and cranked it. He was thankful his arms were trembling by the time he got Terry to the car. He gently laid him in the back and closed the hatch. Alice was strapped into the middle seat. He hated running from a fight. But when you don’t know what your up against and have to kids to protect running is sometimes the only option. He was scared tho. His Cadillac CTS-V would easily outrun the Lincoln the guys trying to break down his front door were driving. But he didn’t want to go that fast with Alice and Terry in the car. As he pushed in the clutch and put the car in gear he was hoping that they wouldn’t chase him. He opened the garage door and pulled out into the drive way. The two guys who had been standing by the car were using a rock to try and break the glass out of the front door. He flipped them the bird and left in a cloud of tire smoke. The chase was on.

Brian’s Cadillac was one of the fastest luxury cars in the world. 193 mile per hour top speed. His problem was he had only been driving since Barbara had gave it to him. Growing up in a orphanage and working in a freak show he had always dreamed of cars but could never afford one. So despite his cars far superior speed and handling he was not able to shake the Lincoln. This guy was on him at every turn. Then the shooting started. Brian had no way of knowing the guys in the Lincoln guns were loaded with blanks. He pushed the car a little harder and Alice started crying again. He tried to comfort her its okay baby. When we get out of these mountains I will be able to out run the bad men. Alice said their bad men daddy? Yes their bad men baby. He heard Alice undo her seatbelt. Alice! put your seatbelt back on! But,Alice had turned around in her seat. It was like she was in a trance. She made eye contact with the driver of the Lincoln. You bad men LEAVE US ALONE! The driver of the Lincoln drove his car off the road straight into a tree. He never touched the brakes. The crash was terrible. Alice turned around and put her seatbelt back on as Brian slowed the car down to the speed limit. Is Terry going to be okay daddy? He was to shocked to do more than reply yes. Good daddy, I’m hungry can we go to Mikey D’s? Brian took them to Mikey D’s…..

Tanks phone started ringing. Hey big guy how the hell is married life treating ya? Tank asked Brian. Tank is this line secure?Yeah totally. Tank could tell something was wrong. What’s going on? I don’t know what to do tank. I killed a guy today. Tank got serious. What happened? Brian told him. He told him everything. Don’t call the cops. We will be there tomorrow. Put the body in the freezer. I wanna look at it before we get rid of it. What if the cops show up Brian pleaded? They already would have if they were going to. Quietly tell Aileen what happened when she gets home. Tell the kids your playing a game tonight. Your camping out in your bedroom. All of you. Load the pistol I gave ya and keep it on ya. Let me get the crew together and we will be there tomorrow. Keep it together Brian. He hung up. BARBARA!!!!!we got to go to Colorado like now,..

Brian took the kids to Mikey D’s and. Then back home. He still hadn’t called Aileen. Wanted to get it together a little more. Because he was so young and she was so powerful he had a huge fear of seeming weak to her. Alice hadn’t ate her happy meal, she was a proper little lady and waiting till they got home. Terry had tore into the five he usually ate as soon as they got into his hands. They where playing with the toys that came with them. It amazed Brian how resilient children are. He had asked Alice not to say anything about the accident. She had only gave him a puzzled look. What accident? She had asked. Brian sensed she really didn’t know what he was talking about so he dropped it. He asked her to be strong for Terry. This made her smile. She realized she was the big sister. Okay daddy so they were playing, like any other day she wasn’t in school. Alice when we get home I want you and Terry to go straight to the train and play okay. Okay daddy Alice said. And Alice stay there till I come get you. Okay? Okay daddy. Thanks baby. Brian was not looking forward to the task that was ahead of him. Killing a man in a rage, who was hurting one of your children was one thing. Moving that dead body into the walk in cooler was something else all together. Brian was not entirely sure he could do it. Then he remembered the look of utter terror on Alice’s face, and the nasty bruises the man had left on Alice’s arm. And Terry laying flat on his back. Looking like he was dead. He could do this. When he thought about those things he could kill that man over, and over again. Brian loved those kids more than he loved himself, he would die for them if need be. He didn’t know why they wanted Alice. But They were not going to get Alice. Not as long as he still drew breath. She was not going in a cage again. Ever. He moved the body, and he called Aileen….

What do you mean the extraction team did not get the prize? Send them back, RIGHT NOW! DAMMIT! Chris screamed. I can’t sir. Their all dead. What do you mean their all dead. The watcher told Chris what had happened. Interesting, very interesting Chris said. Well if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. I am taking over the operation. The prize would not slip thru his fingers again…,

The kids were still in the backyard playing on the train. They had bought an old steam engine and had it put in the back yard. It was like a big play room for Alice and Terry. Complete with bathroom and snack bar. I still don’t understand what happened Aileen. When Alice made the driver of the car wreck, she seemed like she was running on autopilot. And when I questioned her about it she didn’t remember it? How’s that possible? Brian said into the phone. Maybe it had something to do with you calling them bad men. Maybe a survival instinct. She didn’t hurt the guy who bruised her arm did she? Brian thought no back, no she didn’t. If she could still do her necromancy anytime she wanted to she would have taken over the man who hurt her and Terry. Brian thought about this for a second. Yeah that makes sense. Now that I think about it. Brian heard a knock at the door, he looked out the window. Oh my god Aileen it’s the police! Be calm Brian. You were protecting our children. If I have to erase all their memories. You won’t be punished for that. I got to go babe. Get home as quick as you can. I love you Brian. He hung up the phone. He answered the door when the officer knocked on it. He opened the door, and looked into his own face. Hello Brian. The officer said. And shot him in the chest with a tazer. Brian’s world went dark. Chris took out a syringe and drugged Brian. Then took out his cell phone. I have the prize. What the hell was so hard about that. He thought to himself. If you want something done right, you really do have to do it yourself…

Alice watched the police man tazer her dad. Brian had taught her the cops were the good guys. She didn’t know what to do. So she just slipped back into the train. I’ve got to call mom..,.

Alice called Aileen. He did what? Alice told her mom what happened. And how several men dressed like the ones earlier had came and put Brian in a van and drove away. Those weren’t cops baby. Take Terry and go to the safe room. Stay there till I get home. Is dad gonna be okay? Alice asked. It was the first time Aileen had ever lied to Alice. Yes baby I’m sure he will be fine….

Brian woke up chained in a cage again. Motherfucker he thought to himself. He looked around as the memory of what happened came back to him. The Cop that looked like him was sitting at a desk across from the cage. Brian struggled up to a sitting position and just glared at him. Brian could see in the better light that this man wasn’t like him after all. He was the result of a lot of plastic surgery and dental implants. The contacts he wore to make his eyes look like Brian’s were a little over the top. I knew you couldn’t hurt me like you did my men who I sent to capture you. I’m the chosen messenger. Chris said. Brian knew to remain silent. This man wanted to talk, and he was going to let him. I knew the moment I found the skull that I was destined to be his messenger. I started The Church of The Midnight Sun that very day. When I found a picture of you on the internet I knew what I was suppose to do. I had to Remake myself in his image. Chris said. You are to be my prize! I will show all the people that demons are real and I,Chris the chosen messenger can control one! He stood up. Let me show you something. Chris opened his safe and lovingly took out the skull. Brian could tell it was old. And it had horns just like his but a lot bigger. Brian was realizing that this little man was completely insane. But he was also coming up with a plan…..

Andrew flew the Apache straight to Aileen’s front door. Drop us refuel and come straight back Tank told Andrew. no problem , I like Brian these assholes gonna pay for messing with my friend and his family. No blanks in the guns this time. Tank smiled. Hurry back. Him and Jeff both nodded. Aileen was waiting for them. Barbara hugged her. Tank said I’m going to look at the body. Both of them just nodded. Are you okay Aileen? No. No I’m not. We have to get Brian back! The tiny woman fell to her knees sobbing. We have to get him back. She pleaded. Barbara just hugged her. He the only man since Dolans father died that I have ever let touch me. Barbara was shocked. Dolans father is dead? As powerful as you are I can’t imagine what could have possibly killed a leprechaun that you loved. Aileen looked up at her. Nothing killed him he died of old age a thousand years ago. Barbara was confused. I thought leprechauns were almost immortal? We are. Dolans father was a human. I thought you knew. This was a startling revelation. Dolan was 6 foot 4.barbara. No pure blood leprechaun could ever be that tall. His father was a gladiator. His name was Longinus. He was a true champion, and a stone cold killer. But I loved him. And he loved me. And we were happy. We knew nothing of mental illness back then Barbara. Or genetics. His father was psychotic. And he passed that trait to Dolan. It’s why he was the way he was. If I had only known. But Brian’s good, and sweet and kind. And his child will be just like him. She started sobbing again. Then Barbara realized what she had said. His child? Yes. His child. I went to Denver yesterday. But not to check with the construction company. But to go to the doctor. I’m pregnant. We have got to get Brian back Barbara. I’m not losing him before he even knows he’s going to be a father. Tank walked back into the room. They didn’t kidnap him to use as a bargaining chip to get Alice. He was the target. He laid a book and a ring on the counter. A doomsday cult called the midnight sun thinks he’s there leaders connection to the devil. They think Brian is a real demon. So they probably won’t hurt him. Barbara said yeah until they realize he’s really is just a 24 year old kid who worked in a side show.and had never owned a car till I gave him one. Aileen please tell me he had his wallet on him when they took him. I think he did.thats wonderful. Time to call Melissa….

Brian just let the little man keep talking. He realized the little guy thought he had made the Lincoln crash. Good these guys didn’t know anything about Alice or Aileen. Brian was relived. I will show the world that I am the true messenger Chris said. I can control you. I will lead the devils army into the apocalypse!You have no power over me demon. So no demon has any power over me! I’m the chosen one! Chris said with a smug smile. Brian could almost feel sorry for the little man. Almost. Delusions of grandeur. And he was completely insane. But it was time to show the little man Brian’s true strength. He stood up and put his hands I front of his face like he was praying. Then snapped the chain on the handcuffs he was wearing. That’s better. The he said in his best scary stage voice. You dare to put me in a cage! Francis dared to put me in a cage. He’s dead. So is his whole crew. And his ships on the bottom of the ocean. I’m your prize aye. You can control me? Brian laughed. There is one far greater than me. One who won’t like me in this cage little man. But you are my prize! No one will laugh at me anymore! I have a real demon! And you can get out of that cage! Brian laughed. You know. That’s exactly what Francis said. To quote a friend of mine little man. You really, really,don’t know who your fucking with….

Melissa answered on the 4th ring. I love you Barbara but you better have a really good reason for waking me up at this ungodly hour. I need you to trace one of the company cards. Like right now. It’s gonna cost ya? I’ve already made you a millionaire many times over Melissa. What do you want? A date. That new security guy Andrew makes my lady parts growl! He’s hot. Get me a date with him and I will do anything you ask. Barbara smiled. No problem. She heard Melissa furiously stroking the keys on her computer. It left your address 8 hours ago and headed north west about 150 miles. Then it just disappeared. Barbara sighed. They must have realized his card had a GPS locator in it. Dammit. Melissa said no don’t think so. He might be underground. Pulled up goggle images of the coordinates. There is a compound. It’s in the middle of no where and one of the buildings looks kinda like a church. Send me the coordinates. Done. And you tell that Andrew I can’t wait to met him. Will do. Andrew and Jeff walked in about that time. Andrew I just whored you out for some information. He smiled cool has she got big tits? Barbara laughed mater of a fact she does. Andrew said cool. Jeff said and does she have a friend…..

Chris looked confused for a minute. Then he said NO! I’m the messenger. I will show the world. I will lead his army into the apocalypse. You can’t stop me! And you can’t control me like you did the driver of the car I had chasing you. Brian just smiled and said if you had a brain in your head you would let me out of this cage. Give me the keys to a car. And point me back towards home. Little man. Why would I do that Brian?your my prize! You can’t control me. Or tell me what to do. Chris sounded like an angry child. I will show the world I’m the messenger of the apocalypse! Why should you let me out? Little man. Because nights coming. That’s why. That’s our time little man. Brian just sat down and relaxed. That’s our time …

What do you mean I’m not going on this mission Tank said to Jeff. Neither is your pretty wife. Not only had Tank been his senior officer in the sandbox. But they were best friends. Jeff had never refused Tank before. But he was this time. You mind telling me why I’m not going? Tank asked. Jeff said because these assholes are the ones that had Brian put in that cage on Francis’s ship. These are the bastards who stun gunned Terry. These are the low down sacks of crap that are the reason Alice is walking around with her arm in a sling. These doomsday cult followers want to bring on the apocalypse. Well we’re just gonna go ahead and send the sorry bastards to hell and cut out the middle man. He pulled out both of there black credit cards. We’re going off the grid on this mission boss. It’s the kind of stuff we do.not the kind of stuff you do. So you and Barbara are staying here with the kids while we go get there dad back. This is not negotiable. Jeff bent down and hugged little Alice. I promise I will have your dad back before breakfast sweety. She hugged the old soldier. A few tears rolled down his scarred and weathered face. I love you uncle Jeff, I love you too Alice. He stood up. Have us a good breakfast ready we will be back before daylight. Let’s go Aileen. They went…

Chris had Brian’s cage rolled up to the platform and placed behind the podium. Chris was whipping his followers into a frenzy that any hellfire and brimstone preacher would be proud of. We will be the bringers of the apocalypse! We will be the guardians of the new order! With the demon behind us who can stand against us!!!!!……I can. Brian heard her voice over the crowd who suddenly grew silent. Aileen waved her hand and all of Chris’s followers fell to their knees. Who are you? Chris demanded. Still totally oblivious to the fact he had completely lost control of the situation. I’m Aileen. His wife. She waved her hand again and Brian’s cage door unlocked. He stepped out of the cage. I told you she wouldn’t like you putting me in this cage. Chris turned and fumbled for a pistol he had under his robe. He was so slow Brian didn’t even have to rush to beat him to it. He pulled the pistol out. Nice piece. I may keep it to remember you by little man and tossed Chris into the cage. You know little man. I’m not a demon. Hell I don’t even believe in the devil. Im just Brian. And I’m happy being just Brian. Good bye little man. He took Aileen’s hand and walked out of the compound. They heard Chris screaming over and over again. But I’m the messenger!She pulled out her phone. We’re clear Jeff. Don’t look mam. It will hurt your eyes. The followers of the church of the midnight sun wanted hell on earth. 500 gallons of napalm is pretty dam close. So in a weird sort of way Jeff figured he gave them what they wanted and they died happy when he dropped it on them…

Andrew landed the Apache in Aileen’s yard and shut it down. Alice and Terry ran out to met them. Alice stopped at Jeff. She had a flower in her hand. Thank you uncle Jeff for bringing my dad back Alice said and gave him the flower( he carried it with him till the day he died) your welcome Alice Jeff said with tears in his eyes. They all went inside and ate breakfast…..

Final thoughts
Barbara looked around the table at her big dysfunctional family. Life’s strange. Eight months ago I didn’t have a family. And was seriously considering walking out to met the sun. Now I have a big one. Andrew and Jeff, two stone cold killers. But also the best and most loyal friends you could ask for. These two old war dogs were picking on Alice about eating scrambled chicken babies. Alice, the worlds only natural necromancer. But that wasn’t her true power. Her true power was love. Everyone who met Alice loved her and wanted to protect her. Brian and Aileen. A leprechaun and a demon , who are desperately in love and expecting a child. Barbara was really curious to see who it would look like. And finally Tank and Terry. Possibly the two strongest humans in the whole world. She desperately loved them both. Yeah her life is strange, and scary, and wonderful. And she wouldn’t have it any other way…. Pass the chicken babies please.

The end (of chapter 4).

The end for now. These stories are dedicated to all the people I love. Life would be meaningless without them.


(chapter 5)

A time to kill. By Jerry Jett

Barbara and Tank stayed in Colorado. Barbara was as excited about Aileen’s pregnancy as she was. Jeff and Andrew went back to mind the old factory back in North Carolina and supervise getting all of Barbara’s cars and bikes moved to Colorado. They had decided to move their base of operation to there. Tank and Barbara bought a huge ranch next to Aileen’s. Because they had become a close knit family. They all wanted to stay close together now. Andrew and Jeff never had kids of there own. But once the title of uncle got put on them they both loved it. Things where going great. Tank was going to the doctor today. He thought he might have altitude sickness….

Tank stopped by the liquor store on his way home from the doctor. Been a long time since he did that. He lost the memory of the last time he saw one of his dear friends because he had been blackout drunk. One of his best friends got killed by a drunk driver on the way home from his house. He quit drinking that very day. This was the first time he had been in a liquor store since then. But today was going to be hard. And a little Southern Comfort might make it easier. After putting the bottle in his saddle bag he called Aileen. All he said was meet me at the top of observatory rock I need to talk to you and hung up the phone….

Observatory rock was a local landmark. It looked like a cartoon telescope looked. You could walk up the back side and the top was almost flat. But there was a three hundred plus foot drop straight down the front side of it. Tank parked his bike at the back of the rock and took his bottle of Southern Comfort and went to sit on the edge of the cliff and wait for Aileen…

Catch me Tank! Tank was instantly alert. Aileen was running full speed towards the edge of the cliff. He was on his feet in an instant and rushing to her ,she jumped. He leaped and barely caught her in a rolling dive before she went over the edge of the cliff. He turned his great bulk so he wouldn’t crush the tiny woman. They came to rest with her on top of him. Dammit Aileen! What the hell did you do that for!? I almost missed you! She just stared at him. Well? So it’s okay for you to plan on jumping off this rock but not me!? I can’t exactly read your mind Tank. But I can sense your intent well enough to know that’s what you intended to do. I just wanted to show you how much it hurts when people you love are careless with their lives. Now explain yourself before I kill your big ass myself! I wasn’t gonna jump. I was gonna ride my bike off. Wanted to leave this world to the sound of a screaming engine. Why Tank? For all the Gods sake why?Because I love Barbara. I’m going to ride my bike off this cliff, and your going to erase me from her memory. Aileen’s face twisted into a mask of rage. She slapped Tank. Hard. She might be the size of your average nine year old. But she is a pure blood leprechaun. She’s far stronger than most grown men. How dare you even ask me to do such a horrible thing! Why Tank?Because that little shit Francis may have killed me after all. Body armor is made to stop single bullets. Not a whole dam magazine full. Doctor said it must have bruised my heart pretty bad. I got scar tissue in it now. A lot of scar tissue. He said I might live another 50 years, or another 50 minutes. No way of knowing. But he could tell me I was a thousand times more likely to die of a heart attack now than I was before that little shit shot me. Barbara is a young woman still in the prime of her life. She told me once in a moment of weakness that she would walk into the sun not long after I died. She’s not doing that because I drop dead of a heart attack. So I’m getting on that bike she bought me and riding it off that cliff, and your going to erase me from her memory so she won’t do that. No, I will not. Our kind live a long time Tank. Without a reason to live we simply exist. Your her reason to Tank.because of you I met Brian. Your the father Brian never had. Your Alice’s grandfather. And Barbara loves you more than she loves herself. Brian loves you. Alice loves you. Dammit Tank. You killed my son. And I love you. That ought to tell you just how much you deserve to be loved! Not everyone does. I would never make anyone forget you! If the fate’s takes you. We will build you a memorial. If an enemy kills you, I will drain him dry myself! But you will never, ever, take your own life Tank. To many people love you! And I’ve found out one thing in the last five thousand years. It’s that Most doctors are full of shit. The strongest medicine in the world is the will to live. And you have that in great amounts. Tank was humbled by the tiny woman’s words. Will you help me tell her? Of course I will Tank. She got off of him. He walked over and picked up his bottle of Southern Comfort. It was still sealed. You want it ? I bought it,thought I wanted it real bad. Then just sat up here looking at it. turning the bottle in my hands. Aileen took the bottle from him, whispered an incantation and threw it with all her mite off the cliff. It exploded in a huge fireball. You don’t need liquid courage Tank. Your the bravest human who wasn’t completely insane I have ever met. You remind me so much of Longinus Dolan’s father. You make It easy to believe in reincarnation. Maybe part of him did come back to try and fix the sins of his past. Tank just looked at Aileen she had never mentioned Longinus to Tank before. I will explain latter Tank. For now I will just say he was always willing to die to protect me from any harm. Even tho I didn’t need protecting. But he was insane. And your not Tank. Now give me a ride down to the house. Tank smiled and fired up his bike. And be careful. Pregnant leprechaun back here…

Tank and Aileen walked into the house together. Barbara was crying. What’s the matter babe? Barbara held out a little plastic stick. No words would come yet. Aileen took it from Barbara examined it. then turned to Tank looks like your going to be a father…..Tank looked at her and silently mouthed the words not now She understood. Now was not the time to tell Barbara there was something wrong with Tanks heart. Aileen took both of their hands. We truly are a family. Our children will be siblings not just friends. Barbara’s black satellite phone rang. Aileen and Tank both just looked at her. Got to answer it. Only a handful of people in the whole world have this number. She answered the phone. Hello, Brunhild……

The smile vanished off Barbara’s face. That’s my great, great grandmothers name not mine. And how did you get this number? My name is Victor Ramses. And let’s not play games Brunhild. I run a company called Regen. We do Genetics research in to reversing the aging process. Your techies are some of the best in the world. Mine are the best. I hacked your system found the last few pieces of the puzzle I needed. Ran all the known and unknown photos of you threw facial recognition programs. You are Brunhild Loudermelt. And you are at least a few hundred years old. You just admited to hacking a government contractors computer system. Yes I did. And I also told you who you really are and about how old you really are. You will tell no one what I did, because you want your secrets kept. So like I said. Let’s not play games. I can help you, all I want is to examine you and take a tissue and blood sample. If you hacked my computer you know I’m one of the wealthiest women in the world. What could you possibly offer me that I can’t get for myself? Put me on speaker phone. Tank, can you hear me? Yeah asshole. I can fix your heart. Barbara looked at Tank. There’s nothing wrong with his heart. Why don’t you tell her Tank what the doctor said today. I will call back in an hour, we can help each other. Victor hung up…..

What the hell is he talking about Tank? Francis. He messed my heart up we he shot me in the chest with that AK-47. Scarred it. Doctor said good chance I’m going to drop dead of a heart attack. And just when did you plan on telling me this!!? About 5 minutes ago, right before you told me we were going to have a baby. Thought it would wait. He’s not getting anything from you babe. If it will help you Tank I will give him any dam thing he wants. You can’t make someone into a vampire. You can only be born a vampire. All those stories of people getting bit. All a load of bullshit. Those were the reshaping of stories of humans killing vampires, not the other way around. Drinking our blood, eating our flesh. Trying to become us. We don’t hunt humans.No need to. Always lots of willing donors. But they have always hunted us, because some want to be us, and will try anything to make that happen. But it’s not possible. I will give him anything he wants if he can help you. It will be interesting research but it will do him no good whatsoever. Merlin couldn’t make the transformation. This Victor guy is wasting his time. They waited for Victor to call back…

Did you discuss this with Tank? Victor asked. Yes, send all the information about your company and the procedure to my data analyst Melissa. If she says you are on the up and up and can do what you say we have a deal. But you fix Tank first. I will be in your area tomorrow Brunhild. My names Barbara. As you wish, Victor said. And Victor if you want something from me contact me. Do not hack my computer files again. I value my privacy. If you value your life. Don’t invade my privacy again. Understand? Perfectly well Brunhild. I mean Barbara. Good send the data. Contact me tomorrow

So let me get this right Melissa. You think he can repair the damage to Tanks heart. Yes his company is a world leader in gene therapy. If you have really deep pockets. His treatment for scar tissues is just short of magic. Half of Hollywood uses his clinics after plastic surgery to erase the scars. It should work just as well on the scar tissue in Tanks heart. I did a little hacking myself. He keeps it out of the media, but Victor Ramses is a youth obsessed sociopath. Dealing with him might be dangerous. He might be a sociopath. But Tank, Andrew, and Jeff are professional soldiers. Melissa giggled. That’s not all Andrew is a professional at. Thanks for getting me that date. Your welcome. Find out how he got in our system. I don’t want him to do it again. Will do. I will be in touch.

Victor was a pretty man. Not handsome. Pretty. He must have spent more time fussing in front of a makeup mirror than Aileen and Barbara combined. He knew he was pretty too. He held out a soft manicured hand for Barbara to shake. It is so wonderful to meet you Brunhild. You are amazing. Simply amazing. You don’t look a day over 25. she squeezed his hand almost hard enough to break the bones in it. for the last time Victor. My name is Barbara. He winced. How? It’s impossible. How are you so strong? He looked at her with wonder in his eyes. Not fear. Her little display of strength had backfired on her. You truly are almost godlike. Let me fix your husband immediately. So that I can examine your secrets. He laid Tank down on the table. And pulled out an over sized syringe. I took the liberty of making this from the blood sample that he gave the doctor. This will be painful, do you want a local? Tank just stared at the man. I kicked the mans ass who did this to me. After he shot me. Think I can handle you sticking me with a needle. Victor had to lean on the needle hard to get it thru Tanks muscles. I have never seen anyone with muscle tissues as dense as yours. You both are unique. I would love the opportunity to examine you more fully. Not going to happen doc. I keep a low profile. There are a lot of people out there from my days as a sniper who would like to see me dead. Don’t want to be famous. Tis a pity. If I could unlock the secret to your strength it would be a major breakthrough in the world of genetics. People don’t need to be as strong as I am doc. It would be very unfair for whoever did not have the money to get the treatment. Plus without my bone density, your muscles would tear your body apart. Are you done? Yes, give it 2 days. Your doctor will confirm all the scar tissues are gone. How’s that possible. My company wouldn’t be the number one genetics research company in the world if we told our patients our trade secrets. I just know how to make your body fix itself. Now brun, I mean Barbara. We need to arrange to have you flown to my clinic in Mexico. You don’t need to arrange anything just give me the GPS coordinates and I will fly there myself once we confirm you fixed his heart. As you wish. And by the way just what exactly do you want to do with my samples. You can’t make a world full of people who live several hundred years. People notice pretty quickly if you don’t age. I don’t want to market it. I want it for myself. I want to be like you. Young and beautiful forever. She looked him in the eyes. It’s harder than you think. Contact me in 2 days. Let’s go Tank

Tank woke up the next morning and rubbed the lightning bolt looking scar in the middle of his chest. Just like he had almost every morning since he got it. It never stopped itching. It healed but some microscopic traces of metal they couldn’t get out of the wound meant it would itch, forever. It still itched. But the scar was gone. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. All the scars on his chest and face were gone. He looked younger without the scars. But he also looked less like himself. He had earned those scars. In battle, in fist fights, and a couple of car crashes. Most would have been happy they were gone. Tank was pissed off. Barbara came into the bathroom. Melissa was right. It’s almost like magic. She touched a couple of places where she knew scars had been. Just smooth skin. He can do this with one injection? Why isn’t he making this avalible to more people? Who knows? How do you feel Tank? Amazing actually. Guess it worked. We need to talk to Andrew and Jeff. See if they can fly us to his clinic tomorrow. Will do. Thanks babe. For what? He forced our hand. We just made the best of a bad situation. And he’s going to be pissed off royally once he realizes our DNA is close. But not a match. You never told him it was a match. He forced his way in. Screw him…

You do realize these coordinates are in Mexico, right? Andrew said. Yeah is that a problem?We can’t take the apache. Have to be a helicopter without guns on it. They got some real hard laws about Americans having guns down there. Can we go in under the radar? Tank asked. Probably. Place isn’t close to a big city. And we will come in at night. But it’s still a little risky. Would rather take a small risk than fly into an unknown situation without any firepower. Alright then load everybody up and let’s kick this pig…

As they approached the clinic Andrew said. Tank are those what they look like. Tank looked at the towers. Heavy machine guns. Andrew armed the apaches guns. Don’t fire. But if they even twitch, open up on them with the 20mm cannon. Will do boss. Those big .50s would cut threw our armor pretty quick. They flew over the wall and set down in the courtyard. Victor was waiting. With champagne and caviar. Welcome, my honored guests. I hope your flight was uneventful. Tank just glared at Victor. You should have told us about the machine guns on the towers Victor. Those? They are just to keep the locals at bay. On this side of the border there is not much law. If you can’t protect something it’s not yours. The few test subjects we have let inside the clinic told wild tales about drugs and money. Had to hire a security company after that. I apologize. I’m a doctor not a soldier. Never really thought about it. Let me show you the clinic. The clinic was a modern state of the art hospital/ research facility. The person who had designed it had spared no expense on the equipment and decor. It was a strange combination of functionality and opulence. Victor stopped at the media center. Tank would you like to watch a movie while I examine Barbara? I want to be there when you examine her. Tank to be quite honest with you. You frighten me badly. It will go smoother and faster if I don’t think I’m going to die the entire time. I fixed your heart Tank. And you have those two really scary heavily armed gentlemen right out side. Your wife is perfectly safe. Barbara whispered in Tanks ear. He’s human Tank. And a slender built doctor. Think I can take him if he gets out of line. I would be more comfortable not having you watching. Okay babe. He said without taking his eyes off Victor. But if you try anything hinky. Your going to regret it. Me and those really scary guys outside are professional soldiers.and I don’t have a bit of problem kicking your ass. I wouldn’t think of doing anything to make you angry Tank. Good. Your a smart man.

Victor took Barbara into a little gym. Do you mind if we do a few strength tests? Your amazingly strong for your size. You cracked a couple of bones in my hand when you squeezed it. Sorry Victor. I was a more than a little aggravated. What do you want me to do? How about bench press, it’s a good indicator of overall strength. Barbara smiled. Time to show off a little. She put the pin all the way at the heaviest setting. And then smiled at Victor as she bench pressed it. Easily. with one hand. That’s amazing,how is that possible. Barbara just shrugged. Don’t know. But you think I’m strong. You should see Tank in the gym. He could hold every powerlifting record in the world if he wanted to. He can bench press over1200 pounds. Not sure how much over 1200 pounds, because we can’t find a bar that will hold more than that. That’s amazing. I wish he would let me examine him too. Not going to happen Victor. The best way to deal with Tank is to treat him like everybody else. And you don’t. It puts him on the defensive. Well I can dream. The next test is an MRI I want to check your bone density…..

Tank was wondering what was taking so long…

Barbara fell asleep while the MRI was being done. When she woke Victor was all smiles. Just a blood and urine sample and we will be finished. I fell asleep? A lot of people do during MRI’s. Barbara felt kinda funny. She had never been to a doctor before. Much less had an MRI. She had no way of knowing that it did not check your bone density. Or that the machine he had put her in was not an MRI at all. But Victor knew. He took her blood and urine. All done. What about the tissue sample?Not needed. Think the info I have and the blood sample will be sufficient. Let’s take you back to Tank.

Victor escorted her back to Tank. All done. Thank you both for making the trip. It’s been most enlightening. He gave them both courtesy bags from Regen. Skin care products.and Anti aging cremes. Tank just stared at him. Really? Fucking really? Never to early to fight wrinkles Tank. Tank just shook his head. Let’s go babe.

Once they got the apache back in the air Jeff said hell. Why don’t we go to Vegas before we go home? That was a big lotta nothing. Let’s go blow off some steam. Tank just looked at Barbara. She smiled why not? We got plenty to celebrate. And it might just be the funniest dam thing in the world to watch you three goons go crazy in Vegas with an unlimited about of money. Andrew shouted hot dam! And pointed the apache towards Vegas…

It was a good week. Barbara had never laughed so much in her life. Jeff and Andrew are funny when they are sober, get them a little drunk. And watch the inappropriate behavior begin! They ate to much, gambled to much, and the guys drank to much. Jeff only proposed to 3 strippers, and one drag queen that week. so it didn’t get to wild. Tank was the best behaved of the bunch. He had quit drinking a long time ago. And there was only one woman in the whole world in his eyes. Barbara. So he just kicked back and laughed at his best friends. He was glad they had laughed as much as they did. Because once they got home none of them felt like laughing, and probably wouldn’t for a long time….

They came thru the door of Aileen’s house to darkness. SURPRISE! The lights came on. Aileen, Brian, the kids and Melissa jumped out at them and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Tank had arranged for a birthday party for Barbara. She had never had one. She didn’t even know her real birthday. Only that it was sometime during the summer. So he picked her one. June 21. The summer solstice. Longest day of the year. Just. Seemed right. And his birthday was December 22 the winter solstice. Longest night of the year. She was surprised to say the least. Aileen ran up to her and gave her a big hug. And then stepped back from Barbara. Her smile gone. When did you lose the baby? I didn’t? Barbara said. I feed on life force. I can feel everyone’s around me. That’s why it’s impossible to hide from a leprechaun. When you left there were two life forces inside of you Barbara. Now there is only one. Barbara felt all the strength go out of her. She said with her voice trembling. But I haven’t had any bleeding. No cramps,nothing. Are you sure? Yes I’m sure. I’m so sorry. Melissa said what exactly did Victor do to you? A strength test. An MRI to check bone density. I fell asleep during that. He took blood and urine. Melissa said. MRI’s don’t measure bone density. And even if they did,you wouldn’t fall asleep during one. They are pretty loud. It was silent. I got relaxed. I Fell asleep I woke up a little queasy. Melissa said oh my God. That son of a bitch! He gassed you and took your baby. Stupid,I’m so stupid. Melissa wasn’t. Her IQ was so high they couldn’t rate it. Stem cells. The rest was all just smoke and mirrors.Thats what he was after all along. It’s probably why his clinic is in Mexico and not here. He Doesn’t have to deal with the FDA that way. Victor can do all the illegal research he wants down in Mexico and no one is the wiser. He aborted your pregnancy because he wanted the stem cells. He figures he can use them to make himself like you. He’s an evil genius with genetics. If he has those it’s entirely possible he can do just that. He killed my baby to get the stem cells? So he could try to be like me!? VICTOR!!! Barbara started screaming, she went into a black rage.. She passed out.

Barbara woke up in her bed. She was sore. Really sore. Tank was sitting in a chair by the bed. Drinking coffee and bleeding. You okay babe? What happened? You kinda lost it for a bit. Started tearing the place up. I thought you might hurt yourself or one of the kids so I restrained you. I’m sorry your probably going to be pretty sore. I tried my best not to hurt you. But your are a real handful when your good and pissed off. She looked at Tank. Several of the cuts on his face would need stitches. Did I do that? Barbara asked. No big deal babe. I Didn’t like looking in the mirror and not seeing any scars anyway. If your okay I need to get these stitched up and get the guys ready. Ready for what? War….

War? Victor is not getting away with this. We are going to fly the apache back down to Mexico and wipe Victor and his clinic off the face of the earth. Barbara reached into her nightstand and pulled out her pistols. Not without me your not. Victor is mine. Don’t hurt a hair on his pretty head! She pulled out her skinning knife. He killed my baby. So he could stay young and pretty. He’s not going to be pretty once I get done with him. Alright. But let me give you your birthday present. He pulled a box from under the bed. In it was a custom shoulder rig by El Paso saddlery. And two custom short barreled freedom arms .454’s. Wanted to give you this under happier circumstances. But Now I won’t have to worry so much about you having to reload. If 20 rounds of .454 won’t get it done you need to run. Thanks Tank. He pulled out his cell phone. Change of plan Jeff. Pick us up a tandem rig. Barbara’s coming with us. Will do boss. Tell her I’m sorry, and hug her for me. I didn’t get a chance to. Will do Jeff you guys hurry back it’s almost dark…

Tank waited for Barbara with Jeff and Andrew in the living room. Aileen came out of her bedroom, wearing armor like Barbara’s. She looked like a smaller red headed version of Barbara. Nice costume Aileen. What’s the occasion? I’m going with you. Why? This is a combat mission. Not a rescue mission like when we got Alice. And when we got Brian back. Barbara walked into the room. She had her armor on, and 4 pistols. Skinning knife stuck in her belt. Aileen held out her hands. Tank took one, Barbara the other. Jeff and Andrew closed the circle. Let me say, I don’t like to kill. But we are family. Our bond is Stronger than blood.our love is Tighter than kin. And Our lives and our fates are bound together forever . I don’t like to kill. But for everything there is a season. And a time to kill is upon us. when someone hurts someone I love as badly as Victor hurt Barbara they deserve no mercy. She looked at Jeff. No mercy. She looked at Andrew. No quarter. She looked at Tank. We go for blood. She looked at Barbara. She only spoke one word. Vengeance…..

The plan was simple. Fly in at high altitude out of the range of the machine guns. Tank and Barbara where going to do a tandem parachute jump into the court yard. Then go find Victor and kill him. Once he was dead. Andrew and Jeff were going to blow the hell out of the clinic. Simple plan. But there is an old saying. If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans….

Victor was not so pretty anymore. He had used the stem cells from Barbara and Tanks fetus to make a serum that he thought would make him like Barbara. He hadn’t counted on the fact that Tanks DNA was already mutated. And he didn’t know Barbara was a vampire. Doctors didn’t believe in stuff like vampires. He had grown well over a foot in height. He now had a bone structure kinda like Tanks. Except he had a huge misshapen skull thanks to Tanks Neanderthal DNA. And a mouth full of huge fangs, thanks to Barbara’s vampire DNA. He could barely talk now. And he kept biting his tongue. Victor also had a huge thirst. Nothing seemed to satisfy it. He couldn’t understand this. He could smell the blood even in a tiny cut like a hangnail from thirty feet away. And it made his mouth water. And his thirst grew desperate. He was so hungry. But nothing seemed to satisfy him. He was So angry. But,Rage had become his only emotion. Hunger had become his all consuming need. All He had wanted was to be like Barbara. Young and beautiful forever. He had not asked for this. No,Not this. Never this. He had not wanted to become a monster…..

Barbara hadn’t said a word on the flight back down to Victors clinic. She just sat there. Flipping the loading gate open and closed on her pistol. Over and over again. Tank was worried about her. He had seen post traumatic stress syndrome before. She was showing all the signs. Babe, you okay? She looked up. I’m fine. It’s time to put the harness on. A tandem rig is used to train people how to skydive. It allows an inexperienced person to jump in relative Saftey with an experienced one. It was perfect for what they intended. Tank helped her into it. You don’t really have to do anything babe. She just nodded. Okay Jeff, open the doors. They hovered at high altitude. Tank looked at Jeff and said easy peasy Japanesey just like he always did before he jumped into a combat zone. Him and Barbara jumped.

Jeff was closing the doors when he heard Andrew say. Crap ! We got a missile lock! Neither Jeff or Andrew had seen any missiles when they landed the first time. They were hovering, so running wasn’t an option. Going to try and out run it! Andrew said. Jeff called thru the headset. NO ! hold it steady. We can’t build speed fast enough from a hover to even try to outrun it. He flipped the safety’s off on the door gun. If he hadn’t seen the missiles it must be shoulder fired. I got this Andrew! Jeff was a door gunner, probably the best in the world. He knew he only had one chance to save them. He got cold, dead calm. He saw the contrail of the missile. Time seemed to slow down. He focused on it. And did what he was trained to do. Take out a threat with his door gun. Jeff said I got this, then held down both triggers on the mini gun. Andrew saw the explosion. And felt it rock the apache sideways in the air. DAM! Nice shooting Tex!…radio silence. Jeff?? Jeff you okay? Andrew looked across at Aileen. Tears were rolling down her face. Will you go check on Jeff? She said yes. But she didn’t need to. She had felt him leave. It sucked sometimes to be a leprechaun. Aileen didn’t believe in heaven or hell. She had been born well before modern religion took hold. Actually she didn’t believe in much of anything after five thousand years. But Longinus had always talked lovingly about Valhalla. One of the other gladiators , a Northmen. Had told him about it. It was where warriors went. If they were worthy. Few were more worthy than Jeff. He looked peaceful slumped across his gun. Almost like he was sleeping. She took his big, rough hands in her tiny ones. And then she screamed his name. Just like she had when Longinus died. So that Odin would know a warrior was on his journey to him. And to be fairly warned. She talked to Jeff like he could hear her. I’m going to take Alice’s flower Jeff. I think I will carry it for a while if that’s okay with you? She reached into his shirt pocket and took out the pressed and laminated flower that Alice had gave him the day he had brought her daddy back. You were always her favorite. Thank you for being so good to her. She loves you Jeff. I love you.when you get to Valhalla tell Longinus I still love him. She hugged Jeff. And went up to tell Andrew his friend was no more…

Tank was waiting till the last second to deploy the parachute. He was still in free fall when he saw the guy fire the missile at the apache. The mercenary had not seen Tank or Barbara yet. Tank pulled out his SR-9 and fired at the mercenary. Most people wouldn’t have had a chance of making the shot. Tank wasn’t most people. Three of the five rounds out of his pistol hit the mercenary. He tumbled off the wall. Tank pulled the rip cord. Debris wasn’t raining down on him and Barbara so he knew that somehow the apache had avoided the missile. As soon as he hit the ground he released the parachute and cut Barbara and himself out if the harness. Tank only had two guns with him. A mossburg model 500 persuader and his Ruger SR-9. No room for a full size rifle doing a tandem jump. He left the persuader strapped across his back and pulled out his jungle machete. You okay babe. Barbara just nodded. Let’s get out of this courtyard. Barbara pulled her pistol out. Don’t shoot unless it’s an emergency. I don’t want the mercenaries to know we are here. They made their way into the clinic. It was in a shambles. Furniture was throw all around and it looked like someone had tried to barricade themselves into one of the examination rooms. Barbara stopped Tank. I smell blood. A lot of blood. They turned the corner and found the first body. You could tell she had been beautiful once. Something had chewed her to pieces. And one of her arms was missing. Tank and Barbara both just stared at her. Tank put his machete away. And pulled out the shotgun. What did this? Tank asked Barbara. I don’t know Tank. But she’s not the only one. I smell more bodies. Screw them hearing us. Anything moves shoot it. They went further into the clinic.

Is Jeff okay? Aileen sent out soothing emotions to Andrew. She usually never tampered with her friends emotions. But Jeff and Andrew where more than just friends. They were like brothers. She laid the flower in his hand. He is waiting for us Andrew. Get us out of range of anymore missiles. Once Tank and Barbara tell us they are clear I want you to show me how to fire his gun. It’s going home empty. I want to kill all these cruel evil bastards. Andrew cried silent tears and flew them to a safe distance…

They found a pile of bodies around the next corner. Chewed, torn apart. Victor was still feeding on his staff. He was on his knees, tearing into a nurse like an animal. Tank pumped a round into the chamber of his 12 gauge. Victor was on his feet in an instant. He spun around to face Barbara and Tank. Tank started to put a load of buck shot into the creatures head. Barbara yelled WAIT! I think that’s Victor. His clothes were ripped to pieces from his sudden growth. But their was still enough of them there to hold his ID badge. What did you do to me?Victor croaked. Barbara put her pistol away. What did I do to you, you son of a whore! You took my baby! Tank give me your machete! No babe. Tank give me your machete or I swear I will shoot you and take it! Tank handed her his machete. You wanted to be like me! Barbara popped her claws and fangs! Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it! I’m a MONSTER Victor. A thousand year old vampire. Your hackers didn’t find that in my computer files did they. Barbara expertly spun the machete. I have spent most of my life learning to use swords, knives, axes. Anything sharp. You could become like me Victor. But you can’t become me Victor. She rushed in and slashed Victor across his abdomen. He clawed after her. It wasn’t even close. You made me into a monster Victor screamed at her! No, you made yourself into one. Barbara said as she went in on him again. When she was past him this time four of the fingers on his right hand were laying on the floor. Victor howled in rage and pain. And leapt at Barbara she let him grasp her. She drove the machete into his groin. And her teeth into his neck. Barbara drank. Victor screamed again, and started to beat at Barbara with his huge hands. She held on like a pit bull. Tank dropped his shotgun and pulled out his trench hawk. Tank drove the spike into victors spine. Tank twisted it and yanked it free. All three of them hit the floor. Victors struggles were growing weak now. And still Barbara drank. He’s dead babe. She didn’t let go. He’s dead babe! Tank tried to pull her free. She still held on tight. He killed my child too babe. This got thru to Barbara. She worked her jaws loose from victors neck. I love you babe. Let’s go home. Barbara started sobbing. Even tho I’m a monster? Your not a monster. Your the only woman I have ever loved. He picked her up and held her in his arms. Let’s go home…

We are clear Andrew….

Andrew flew in on the clinic with the 20mm Vulcan cannon firing full auto. He took out the machine gun nests. Aileen was firing Jeff’s minigun. Hosing down anything that moved with it. The guns were empty. And they were out of napalm. The clinic was no more. Jeff would have been proud….


Are you sure you want to do this Alice? Yes was all she said. Aileen insisted they give Jeff a Viking funeral. He was in the apache. Seated at his gun. Surrounded by the things he loved. A bottle of southern comfort. A CD of Metallica greatest hits. And the flower that Alice had given him. Alice threw the torch that set the apache a blaze. It had flown its last mission. His friends, Andrew Tank Aileen Barbara Terry Brian Melissa and Alice bid him farewell. They were his only family. Alice said with tears in her eyes. I love you uncle Jeff…. Somewhere Jeff was smiling…

The end (of chapter 5).


(chapter 6)

First kiss… By Jerry Jett

Aileen was watching Tank and Brian practice with training swords. Brain had a pretty good case of hero worship for Tank. He had become a father figure to him. They were happily laughing and beating each other bloody with the plastic training swords. When your 5000 years old, things seem to repeat sometimes. Watching Tank and Brian took her suddenly back to the day she first met Longinus…..

Aileen was traveling. She had grown bored on her Emerald Isle. She wanted adventure! Wandering had taught her many lessons. She had had to kill a group of men. They had cornered her with the intent of taking her by force, all of them. It had happened suddenly. She was 4000 years old, but still pure. And she intended to stay that way until true loves first kiss. The men had attacked her suddenly, she killed them swiftly and painlessly. But it still troubled her that she had to kill them. She now traveled as a shadow. Making everyone forget her who came in contact with her so no one got the idea to rape her again. At least that was the plan until she happened across the arena, and it’s greatest champion. Longinus…

Aileen had never seen a man like Longinus before. He would be tall by modern day standards. A thousand years ago he was a giant. He was covered in rock hard muscle, and battle scars. He had a head full of thick white hair that was wild and unruly She happened on him while he was training a younger gladiator. They were laughing, and beating each other bloody with wooden training swords. Watching Longinus fight was like watching a very skilled ballet dancer. He moved effortlessly for such a big man. Aileen felt an unfamiliar stirring in her stomach. She was pure because she had never found a man that interested her. None that excited her. Until now. She was enthralled. She started coming to the arena every night hoping to catch a glimpse of Longinus. Soon he was all she could think of. She wanted to stop him from fighting in games if she could. She didn’t want him to be seriously hurt, or the Gods forbid. Killed. She decided to buy him. And then set him free,,

Aileen approached the prefect of the games. I want to purchase Longinus. He openly laughed at her. Aileen looked at him like a tiger does, right before it goes in for the kill. I am a woman of considerable means. How dare you insult me. I can afford to buy him and all the gladiators here today. The prefect back pedaled. I didn’t not mean to offend my lady. But you cannot purchase Longinus. Aileen glared at him. Well why not? Because dear lady. He is not a slave. Longinus doesn’t fight for his freedom. He is a free citizen. He fights for glory. He fights Because he was born to do battle. The man must have came out of the womb with a sword in his hand. He has never been defeated. How do I meet him? Many women have tried, none have succeeded. Aileen grimaced. A sodimite. It was common here. And completely unfamiliar to her. She had never encountered it on the Emerald Isle. No my lady. Longinus is not a lover of boys. He just cares not for things of the flesh. He only craves the excitement of the games. How do I meet him? She asked again. Wait for him in the corridor leading out of the arena. He has his own private entrance. Aileen thanked the prefect with gold, and erased his memory of meeting her. She had a date with destiny.

She waited in the dark for Longinus. Her stomach was in knots. She had no idea how to do anything when it came to men. She only knew that she must make this meeting come out the way she wanted it to. She heard him coming. It was now or never…

Longinus saw the tiny beautiful woman step out in front of him. Time to hurt another whores feelings he thought to himself. He tired of the horny wives of fat rich men thinking he was a breeding animal who could be rented for a few coins. In truth, there was a secret. it was a secret he kept even from himself. He was mean to them because He was afraid of killing the women. The voices in his head where almost impossible to say no to at times. So he was mean to them with words. So they would leave him alone. The voices told him to kill, it’s why a free man fought as a gladiator. Without the arena and the games to satisfy his need to kill. he probably would have been crucified long ago for killing the wrong citizen. Get out of my way whore. Go back to your fat weak husband. I have no use for you!Aileen held her ground. I just want to talk to you. Please. It took all my courage to come here. Longinus looked down on the tiny woman. Everyone wants to talk to me. I’m the undefeated champion of the arena. She looked up at Longinus. I care not for your ability to kill. So you say. he said. If you where like me.aileen said. And could kill any man, at any time you wanted to, fighting ability would seem useless too. Longinus was starting to grow angry. You boast, your not even wearing a sword.and your the size of a child. And yet you say you can kill any man. Even me. The undefeated champion of the games! His gladious was suddenly in his hand as if by magic. The voices were growing loud now, Longinus was becoming agitated. Aileen held her ground. I don’t want to hurt you Longinus. Please, I only want to talk to you. Aileen didn’t seem to understand she had just challenged a very dangerous man. Longinus was close to rage. Hurt me? You hurt me! He shouted. Prove you can hurt me he said as he drew his gladious back as if to strike her with it. Please no. I only wanted to talk to you. I don’t want to hurt you. That was the straw that broke the camels back, Longinus moved in for the kill. Prove it he screamed. And was suddenly drowning….

He couldn’t swim. The only thing Longinus was afraid of was drowning. On ships he was always close to panic.and stayed near the center of the ships. Always close to something he could tie himself to. Now somehow he was suddenly in the ocean. With no land or a ship in sight. His worst fear had came true. He was going to drown….

Aileen held him like that for a few moments and then released him. Longinus came back slowly. He sat up, and looked at the gladious in his hand. He tossed it away. How, how did you do that?I’m a leprechaun. The word is probably meaningless to you. But it means I’m a mind warrior. I can paralyze a man with fear, I can make him feel any emotion, or I can simply kill him. I can make him forget about me, or everything he’s ever known. If you had been born like I am, with the ability to kill anyone or anything. With just a thought, fighting wouldn’t seem so important. Longinus got on his knees and knelt in front of Aileen. You have bested the greatest warrior the arena has ever known. My life is yours to take. Aileen was close to tears. I don’t want to kill you. Longinus was confused. Then why did you challenge me, if you didn’t want to take my life. Because I think I’m in love with you… Ever since I first saw you. Your all I can think about. It’s making me crazy. I wake up thinking about you, I go to bed thinking about you. I dream about you. Longinus looked at her. Then if not my life, what is it you want? A kiss…

I can make you forget about me Longinus. I can make you forget about everything that has happened today. But I can’t make myself forget about you. She was crying now. Please, Longinus. I can’t spend the rest of eternity dreaming about you wishing I had been brave enough to kiss you. Please, just one kiss. And I will make you forget me if you want me to. But I can’t stand this anymore…

He looked at the beautiful tiny woman. He held out his huge hands. Aileen took them in her tiny ones. What is your name? Longinus asked. She opened her mouth to say Aileen. And before she could say a word Longinus kissed her….

Slow and long, full of passion, yet tender and gentle was how Longinus kissed Aileen. She worked her way into his arms, he stood up and held her in a loving embrace. It truly was true loves first kiss…

Longinus finally set Aileen down. You truly are beautiful he told her. I’m sorry I was mean to you. Your innocent aren’t you. She shyly looked down. Yes I’ve never been kissed before. If you want me to, I will make you forget now? Longinus picked her up and kissed her again. I would rather you drive that sword threw my heart than ever make me forget about you. I love you too..he paused and waited for her to speak her name. My name is Aileen. I love you too Aileen….Longinus set her down.and realized for the first time in a long, long time that the voices were silent. He then knelt before her once again. Longinus raised his fist to the heavens and brought it down into the ground at her feet in a mighty blow. By all the Gods, I swear this oath. From this breath, till my last. My heart belongs to you Aileen. Aileen raised his head up and looked into his eyes. I will always love you Longinus. Now and forever…..

Tank and Brian were still laughing and beating each other senseless when Aileen came back to the present. She was smiling, and crying. I still love you Longinus. She whispered to the heavens. I love Brian now too. But I still love you. She dried her tears and cheered on the man she loved to victory. Just as she had a thousand years ago…

Brain was laughing when he walked up to Aileen. He picked her up and spun her around as he kissed her. That was too much fun! She smiled at Brian. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. She wanted to tell him that she didn’t want him to ever,ever pick up a live blade. People died. And she had seen some of the best in the world. Die quickly. And horribly. But she strived to treat Brian like a man. Not a child. He loved her so much, and was so good to her and the children. But he was not a warrior. And there was no shame in that. She had been married to a warrior, and had died a little inside every time he got into the arena. She never wanted to watch someone she loved put themselves in harms way just for the thrill of the fight again. The worst fight that Longinus and her ever got into was when Aileen had interfered with one of his matches. Because she thought he was losing. It had emasculated him. It took him weeks to recover. It was the one and only time she used her power to first help him…then to make him forget. She had learned her lesson. You have to let the person you love, be the person you fell in love with.

Terry and Alice played at night and slept during the day when Alice was out of school. Brian and Aileen had talked about getting her private teachers and letting her be homeschooled. But they both thought it was good for her to be around other children. Their lives where strange buy normal standards. They had secrets that must be kept. Terry was one of them. Alice loved her big/little brother Terry. She would play with him for hours. The tracks for the train had cost a small fortune. And it ran off of a huge electric motor instead of steam. But they had their own train. And both of them loved it. Alice loved to dress in period correct clothing. Although she dressed as an adult not as a child of the late 20’s. And Terry wore his bib overalls red kerchief and conductors hat so proudly. Aileen was watching them go around and around on the tracks when Barbara came up and sat down beside her..

It had taken Barbara a little bit to get over Victor stealing her and Tanks baby. Victor had paid for that evil deed with his life. But so had Jeff. Tank and Andrew had a saying. Never forget the dead, but life is for the living. They both mourned the loss of their friend. And then got back to the task of living. It was the way soldiers made peace with the life that they had chosen. This helped Barbara to mourn her own loss. And to get back to living. She was on a mortals time frame now, not a vampires. Taking years to get over something was a luxury she didn’t have anymore. Her time with Tank, and her new found family was to precious to her to waste….

Aileen was just staring at the children. They were laughing and playing on the worlds most expensive train set. Aileen’s face was strained. Barbara realized she was fighting back tears. What’s wrong Aileen? Nothing. She whispered. Your as bad a liar as Tank is. Aileen looked at her. I am aren’t I? Leprechaun’s never developed the skill. You can’t lie to us, and we can make anyone forget anything. So we never learned the art of lying. What is troubling you so? Barbara asked Aileen. Children are suppose to bring you joy, make your life complete. She looked out at Alice and Terry again. Don’t they Aileen? Yes these two sweet children do. The past swam back to me today. I remembered Longinus…. Aileen broke down into uncontrollable sobbing. Barbara got up and held her best friend in her arms. It’s okay Aileen. It’s okay. She just held her, and rocked her in her arms until the sobs turned into just tears again. You still love him don’t you? Barbara asked Aileen. Yes, as much as I did the day of our first kiss. I’m so torn. I love Brian, and he’s so good to me. But I will always love Longinus. I feel like I’m betraying them both. I promised Longinus that I would love him forever..and now I’m married to another man. And getting ready to bear him a child. She started sobbing again. Barbara held her friend tight. When she calmed a little Barbara said. Tank and Andrew have a saying. Never forget the dead, but life is for the living. It’s okay to still love Longinus. He was your first love and the father of your child. A thousand years is long enough to mourn Aileen. If Longinus loved you as much as you still love him. Then he would want you to be happy. He would want you to embrace all their is in this world. He would want you to love and be loved. Aileen looked up into her friends face. But? Her face was trembling. But what Aileen? It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault. Everything that happened! It’s all my fault! Aileen lost herself in her pain again. Barbara held her best friend and rocked her. She would rock her forever if she needed her too. Aileen has passed out and went into the past once again..,

Longinus and Aileen where married just hours after their first kiss. Trying to explain to Longinus she couldn’t be in sunlight was harder than she thought it would be. He wanted to show the world his beautiful wife. Aileen was truly beautiful. And so different than any other woman he had ever seen. Her hair alone was almost more than the eye could take in. He didn’t understand that she just wasn’t fair skinned. But that sunlight would kill her. I want to show you in all your glory to the world my love! Please, it will just take a few minutes to cross the common. Then we will be in the arena. It’s shaded in the privileged boxes. It will have to wait till night my love. I won’t get sunburned. I will die. He just looked at her. She rapped herself up in two blankets. Time to make him understand. Open the door my love. A thin shaft of early morning sunlight came thru the door. She looked Longinus in the eyes. She said I love you. And thrust her hand into the light….

Aileen screamed herself awake in Barbara’s arms. Barbara was still rocking her friend. It’s okay, it’s okay Aileen. No,it’s not okay it will never be okay. Yes it will. Aileen just looked at her. She was a strong woman. She got herself back under control. I need your help Barbara. Anything Aileen. Don’t agree yet. You will have to be away from Tank for a while. Away from everything. I will do anything to help you Aileen. Barbara saw Aileen as her mother. Not just her best friend. I need you to help me have this baby. I can’t do it in a hospital to dangerous. I need you to be my midwife, only you are strong enough. This puzzled Barbara. But now was not The time to question Aileen. It’s hard watching your hero’s cry. But even hero’s are human, even when their not really human at all….

The pain was immediate. Aileen screamed in agony. But Longinus had to learn. He rushed to her and shoved her back from the light. Her hand was badly burned, big ugly blisters had already formed on the back of her hand. Longinus held her hand with tears rolling down his face. I’m sorry. I didn’t understand. Please forgive me. She wiped the tears from his scarred and beautiful face. It will heal my love. But I had to make you understand. I’m trapped in darkness forever. I long to see the sun. But it will kill me. That’s how my kind end our lives. We watch the sun come up. He stood suddenly angry. You will never see the sunrise! Never! Promise me! Aileen Promise me! I promise Longinus. I love you! More than you will ever know. And I Longinus love you Aileen. Now and forever….

They had a long time of great happiness. Somehow being with Aileen almost silenced the voices in his head. She had to get used to being married to the equivalent of a modern day rock star. And people where really going crazy over the new Longinus. One who actually talked to people, without bloodshed being involved. She also had to get used to women, and a lot of men. Openly offering themselves to Longinus. The green eyed monster of jealousy reared it’s ugly head a few times. She made one young blonde girl with huge breasts completely lose the ability to say his name. When she openly mocked Aileen’s small stature. The young woman grabbed her breasts and told Longinus that he needed a real woman. Not one built like a child. Longinus laughed at that. Aileen on the other hand didn’t find it funny at all. So she made a game of it. A very dangerous game. Tell me his name. Aileen told the young woman who was mocking her. Simply say my husbands name. And I will give you my husband for the night. She tried but no matter how hard the young woman tried she couldn’t remember it. Truth be told Aileen had pushed her a little to hard. The young blonde girl would never be able to say his name again. It upset her so badly that she couldn’t remember Longinus’s name that she ran from the arena sobbing. Their were times when other women did things like the blonde girl had done. When Aileen had to stop herself from drinking them dry. She had to remind herself that she did not like to kill…. But sometimes it was hard. Sometimes it was very hard indeed…

Longinus became a creature of the night as well, he wanted to be with Aileen every minute he wasn’t in the arena. He told the powers that be that his eyes had suddenly grown sensitive to sunlight. No one seemed to realize that the change in character and the change in habits coincided with his marriage. Aileen had to learn to accept the man she married for who he was. A gladiator. He fought, he got hurt sometimes. And she had to control herself when that happened so she didn’t kill half of everyone in Rome. She didn’t want to watch him fight. But he really wanted her to. He needed her to watch him. And cheer him on to glorious victory. She hated watching him fight. She wanted to kill his opponents. Or at least make them run screaming from the arena. But she did not. Everyman needs something to be proud of. Longinus was the undefeated champion of the arena. That was his thing to be proud of. So she watched him fight. And she stayed out of it…

Aileen calmed herself. Barbara just sat there. Drinking coffee, and waiting for Aileen to tell her the answers she sought. It’s because your a vampire Barbara. This surprised her. What does that matter? Barbara asked Aileen. Aileen found the art of lying was an easy fit after all. Because I won’t accidentally kill you, I can’t accidentally kill you if I lose control when the pain gets bad. Who helped you with Dolan? No one. The milk of the poppy was very common in Rome when he was born. I slept thru the whole thing. I missed his first breath. I don’t want to do that with Madison. Madison? Barbara asked. Yes, I’m having a girl. This brought a smile to Barbara’s face you couldn’t have taken off with sandpaper she picked up Aileen and spun her around and around…

A son! Longinus picked up Aileen and spun her around and around. A Son! He will be so strong! Aileen had never seen Longinus smile so big. I love you so much Aileen. You are so strong, and so beautiful. His name shall be remembered forever! What do you want to name him my love…. Dolainus. It was my fathers name. I wouldn’t be champion if it wasn’t for him. He taught me from the time I could walk the way of the blade. Is that okay with you? Aileen smiled up at her champion. Perfectly my love. Dolainus it shall be….

Madison. That’s a beautiful name. I was expecting something more Irish. Barbara said. It’s Alice’s real name. Real name? We called her Alice because the pirates did. Once I erased her memory I realized her name was Madison. After all she has lost I thought it would be fitting if at least her real name lived on. It’s a beautiful name. And Alice is a happy well adjusted little girl. Who’s going to go crazy once she finds out she’s going to have a little sister!!!!

Longinus showered Aileen with attention and love. And he didn’t fight in the arena anymore once he found out he was going to be a father. He wanted to ensure that he lived long enough to raise the next great champion! He retired undefeated. A free man. Who fought for glory, not his freedom or gold. It was unheard of. Longinus truly was a legend in his own time. Some worship legends. Some hate them. Aileen got over her dislike of killing the first time an assassin crept into their bed chamber in the middle of the night. Her eyes flashed open an instant before the assassin could plunged a dagger into Longinus’s heart. She froze him with doubt. Found his fear and burned the man to death with flames only he could see. She could have killed him painlessly. In her rage at seeing an assassin try to kill the man she loved. she chose not to. Longinus had never seen her kill before. He was in awe. You can do that to any man, at any time? Longinus asked. In her fury Aileen let her dark side show, just a little. I can do that to a thousand men at once. Any time I want.Longinus said. It’s amazing your kind don’t rule the world. Aileen gifted him with an evil smile. It’s only because we don’t want to my love…

What do you mean you and Barbara are having the baby here at the ranch? And all of us have to go to Tanks house? Brian said. It’s the only way my love. It’s to dangerous for you and the kids to be anywhere close by. I might hurt you. If I lose control I could project intense pain to everyone around me. Lying gets easier the more you do it. Aileen realized. Barbara is not human. I can’t easily hurt her like I can you. Barbara is not a doctor! Brian said. Aileen smiled. Women have been having babies since the beginning of time without doctors. I will be fine. She hugged her huge man. She grabbed his horns and pulled herself up even with his face. I love you Brian. She looked into his strange yellow eyes. I love you so much it hurts. Love doesn’t come easy to me. I will bear you a daughter. Her name will be Madison. She kissed him. Now go the time is short. I love you too. Brain said. And left…

Andrew stopped Barbara. I have got the Beast loaded with medical supplies. Even got a defibrillator in there. Chopper pilots are cross trained as medics in case of a crash. I’m next best thing to a doctor. Anything goes wrong you call me. I will take my chances. I love that crazy little Irish woman. Not going to let her bleed out because she don’t want to hurt me. Barbara hugged the old soldier. Will do Andrew now go. He drove the beast down to the end of the road and waited. He had a bad feeling about this. Their was something Aileen wasn’t telling them…

The baby is coming. Longinus the baby is coming! He had prepared for this. The best midwife and doctor in all of Rome were on hand. Here drink this my love. It will take the pain. Aileen’s face was contorted during a contraction. She thought to herself when it passed. What in the world was I thinking having a baby with such a giant of a man. Then she smiled. I will give you a house full of children Longinus she said almost to herself. But I can’t take the milk of the poppy for pain. I need my control. I hate seeing you in so much pain my love. I feed on life force Longinus. I need my control. If I let it slip it would be fatal for anyone close by. I can take the pain. Just hold my hand. Your son is coming! Then she squeezed his hand and screamed in pain.

Aileen’s water broke. Madison is coming soon Aileen said. The contractions started hurting in Ernest Just hold my hand Aileen and tell me what to do. I want you to forgive me. And promise to raise my daughter as your own if something goes wrong. Of course I will raise Madison. And forgive you for what? Barbara asked. For lying to you…

The pain was enormous. Child birth is difficult under the best of circumstances. When your the size of a child and your husband is a giant. It can be deadly. She was bleeding. And the pain was a living breathing monster now. Just one more push should do it. Aileen pushed. Dolainus was born into this world. His father Longinus held him up for Aileen to see. He was smiling so proudly. He’s perfect Longinus said. I love you Longinus Aileen said and then passed out..,

Your bleeding Aileen I am going to call Andrew. NO! Aileen screamed. You can’t. He’s not afraid of a little pain. I once saw him use a propane torch and a ball peen hammer to burn off a tattoo he didn’t like anymore. Andrew is a tough old bastard. He will be fine. Barbara pulled out her phone. No Barbara you don’t understand I’m not afraid of losing control. I never have. But I will never have a child I just gave birth to kill someone again. I can’t stand that. I would rather die. I lied to you. Longinus didn’t die of old age. He died because he loved me! Because I bore him a child! Who was like me! A leprechaun! The undefeated champion of the arena. Was killed by his newborn son. Dolan’s first act in this world was to feed on his father. Because I, Aileen the proud one had to have what she wanted. The man I loved. The man I still love. Longinus,died at the hands of his own son. I have to know if Madison is a leprechaun before anyone gets near her. Please she might be entirely human. But until I know no one who’s not a vampire can come anywhere near her. Aileen screamed in pain. She’s coming!

Aileen woke up in the dark to the sound of a crying new born. Where was everyone at? She struggled out of bed. Longinus? Where are you. Then her eyes adjusted to the darkness. And Aileen’s mind almost shattered. Longinus was laying on the floor. Stone cold dead. With a screaming new born cradled to his huge chest. The doctor and the midwife lay dead as well. All victims of a hungry leprechaun new born. He had drained all three dry when his mother had passed out. She picked up her son. And walked out of Rome. Forever. Her long dark night had truly begun.

Barbara called Andrew. Get here now she’s bleeding bad. Andrew pushed the Beast to its limits. And sent out a silent prayer to who ever was listening. Please let me save this one. I’ve taken so many lives. Please let me save this one..

Aileen with one final effort pushed Madison into the land of the living.., and pushed herself into the land of the dead at the same time…

There was a huge gate I front of her. With a cowboy leaning against it. A cowboy wearing camouflage fatigues. And a big black Stetson. Jeff? Hello Aileen. What are you doing here?aileen said. They sent me out to give you a message. But I figured what the hell I’m going to give you two messages. What I want to say, and then what they told me to say. I want you to tell everyone to quit worrying and crying over me. I like it here. The beer is cold. The wings are hot. And the women are easy. Plus I like that crazy son of a bitch you sent me here to give that message to. He’s alright. Makes me laugh everyday. There’s this hot blonde with big boobies that try’s to throw it on him everyday. He asks her what his name is. And she stumbles off like a drunk co-ed. Funniest dam thing you ever saw. I told him what you said. And a lot of other stuff. Like how you was raising two kids just like they was your own youngens. And how you turned this band of misfits and screw ups into a real family. He liked that. Tell Alice I miss her. He bent down to hug Aileen. And forced something into her hand and whispered something in her ear. Then closed her hand into a fist. I will be waiting for you guys. Now I got to tell you what they want me to say. Don’t go thru the gate. You will only find oblivion on the other side. Not us. Your a guest here. Jeff kissed her on the forehead and turned back to the gate. Wait! Tell Longinus. Jeff winked at her. No disrespect mam. But tell him yourself. Jeff disappeared and Longinus was suddenly in front of Aileen.

Longinus smiled down at Aileen. Why are you smiling she asked him. Because that strange warrior you sent to find me told me you still loved me after all these years. And I have never quit loving you my mind warrior. But how could you love me Longinus? You died because I’m a monster. Because our son was born like me. Your not a monster Aileen. You made me into a good man. You silenced the voices in my head that told me to do evil horrible things. Do you know why I wanted to name my son after my father instead of myself? Aileen shook her head no. Because I killed him, and my mother. And a lot of other innocent people. The voices. I was a monster. The day of our first kiss if you hadn’t been a mind warrior. Hadn’t been able to defeat the undefeated Longinus. I would have killed you to. You made me into a good man Aileen. I was the monster,not you. And I couldn’t have died prouder knowing my son was a mind warrior like the legendary Aileen. I’m not legendary. Yes you are. We tell stories of battle here. We brag, we boast. I tell stories of you. The mind warrior who can kill a thousand men at once! The all powerful Aileen who can make an army tremble with fear! They didn’t believe me at first. Then the blonde girl with the large breasts got killed in the arena. She fought like a banshee in the end so she ended up here. I told the warriors here you took away her ability to ever say my name again because she taunted you. You Offered me to her if she could only say my name. I’ve done the same thing everyday for a long long time now. And everyone in here has told her my name. And she still can’t say it! I told them once Aileen takes something from you. Only she can return it! You. Are. Legendary. I’m so proud of you. But I’m also angry with you. Why Aileen asked? Because you promised me you would never walk into the sun. I didn’t Longinus. Yes Aileen,you did. That’s why only oblivion waits for you beyond that gate. You gave up. You must go back and die as you lived. A warrior. I will be waiting for you. He knelt in front of Aileen. And kissed her. Longinus raised his fist to the heavens. And then brought it down at her feet in a mighty blow. By all the Gods I swear this oath. Since our first kiss, until time immortal stands still. My heart belongs to you. And then he was gone. Aileen screamed WAIT!

She sat bolt upright, WAIT! Oh thank God. Andrew said. Wait Aileen whispered. Please wait…I can’t wait Aileen. I thought I had lost you. Lay back down. I got to get an IV started. You have to leave. It’s not safe. Aileen said. Yes it is Aileen. I don’t feel anything coming off of Madison Barbara said. She’s human. And she’s beautiful Aileen. Andrew was starting three IV’s on Aileen. I don’t know your blood type so universal it is. And Barbara I want to hook you up to her so there’s less chance she will reject the blood. Barbara and Madison sat down next to Aileen. Barbara placed Madison in her mothers arms. She’s beautiful. Aileen whispered. She had a full head of her mothers hair. And you could tell she was going to have a bone structure like Aileen. But everything else about her was pure Brian. She had deep red skin, and beautiful yellow eyes. And her tiny little horns were the cutest thing Aileen had ever seen. Longinus was right. My work here was far from over. Barbara said Longinus? Yes I saw him. And he forgave me. I saw Jeff too. This caught Andrews attention. Just a dream Aileen. He said to tell you to quit worrying about him. He was happy. He said the beer was cold, the wings are hot, and the women are easy. Does that mean anything to you Andrew? Andrew started smiling and crying a little. Jeff always said he hoped that it would be like that. Aileen opened her hand. In it was Alice’s flower. How did you get that Andrew said we burned it with him? He gave it to me said he would be waiting for us when we got there and I could give it back to him then. Aileen looked into Madison’s tiny beautiful face. Longinus was right. Her work here was far from over, it had only just begun…..

The end (of chapter 6).

Chapter 7

Awakenings by Jerry Jett

Brian wanted to show the world his beautiful daughter. He was so proud of Madison. Just as Longinus had been proud of Dolanius so long ago. His family was all here. And they were Trying to make him understand a hard truth. What do you mean we may have to keep Madison a secret? No! She’s going to have a normal life. She’s never going to be anyone’s dirty little secret like I was. Madison will never, ever put on a HOOD! My parents treated me like a monster. I never once went out in public without the hood on. And then when they got tired of having a monster for a son. they tossed me into an orphanage without a second thought. All but one of the Nuns in the orphanage acted like they were scared to death of me. They all shunned me and treated me like a monster. No one is ever treating Madison like that. She going to have friends. She’s going to go to birthday parties and sleep overs. She is going to have the kind of life I always dreamed of. Tank spoke up. Are you willing to fully step into the light to make that happen Brian? I already am fully in the light. I never put that hood on again. And I never will. But your not fully in the light Brian. Tank said. People believe what they want to believe around here Brian. And the people around here think your the King of body modification. I’ve heard them talking big guy. They think your red skin is a full body tattoo. They think those horns are sub dermal implants. They think your teeth have been filed. And I’ve had more than one person ask me where they could get some of those badass contacts lenses you wear all the time. Brian No one, and I mean no one thinks those are your real eyes. This shocked Brian. People really think that? Yes Brian, people really think that. So I will ask you again? Are you prepared to make the whole world understand that your not the King of body modification? But the last member of a lost tribe of the human race. Brian looked into Madison’s tiny face. A face that was so much like his own. But I’m not the last member, not anymore. He looked up at Tank. Tank saw deep into Brian’s soul. He saw the raw pain that was still such a big part of Brian’s psyche. He wanted so badly to fix Brian. Tank had come to love the young man, like the son he had never had. He wanted so badly to make his pain simply disappear. But he had no idea how to do that. So all he said was okay. Tank pulled his tomahawk out and spun it around into a fighting stance. You want to fully come out into the open big guy, I’ve got your back. Anyone try’s to hurt you or Madison and their going to have to come threw me to do it. Andrew eased up beside Tank and suddenly his hands were full of .45’s. Cocked locked and ready to go. Your a good man Brian. Better than me. No I’m not Andrew. Yes you are Brian. Brian didn’t know that all the faces of the men he had killed haunted Andrews dreams. Let somebody try to hurt you or that baby. And I will put so much lead in their ass they will get stuck in a mud puddle. Barbara eased up beside Tank. I owe you a debt I can never repay Brian. No you don’t Barbara. Brian said. Yes Brian,I do. Only him and her knew that he had stopped barbara from killing Alice on Francis’s ship after she found out Alice was a necromancer. If anyone try’s to hurt you or Madison I will drink them dry. Finally Aileen stood in front of Tank. She almost could have been mistaken for an exceptionally beautiful child. But Aileen was no child. She was almost God like in her ability’s. If anyone try’s to hurt you or my daughter I will make them beg for the pleasantries of Hell. To quote Jeff. Aileen was one scary bitch when she was pissed off. Brian looked at his family. All willing to fight and die to protect him and Madison. And Something awakened in Brian. Something he hadn’t know was there before. The heart of a warrior. Thank you. All of you. And I swear this oath. Someday I will be able to fight to protect all of you.
Just as your willing to protect me now. Tank and Andrew just smiled. We will teach you all we know about fighting to stay alive big guy. Melissa chimed in. Well if she’s going to be outed then Madison needs a birth certificate. I can make that happen, what’s her middle name? Aileen spoke up. She doesn’t have one yet. Brian I chose her first name without asking you. I’m sorry. Give our daughter a middle name. Without hesitation he said Elisabeth. Brian saw the green eyed monster of jealousy spring to life in his wife’s eyes. It’s not like that Aileen. Sister Elisabeth. She was the Nun who treated me good. She taught me to tie my shoes. How to read and write. Brian smiled. She told me fart jokes to make me laugh when I was having a bad day. I loved her like a mother. Brian got a far away look in his eyes. You can’t lie to a leprechaun. Even by omission. And then what happened Brian? Aileen asked. She snuck me out of the orphanage late one night when I was about fifteen. Made me get in the car with the man who ran the freak show. I didn’t want to go. I loved Sister Elisabeth and Was begging and pleading with her to please let me go back home with her. She slapped me. I shut up. She told me that she loved me with all her heart. But I could never, ever go back there. She kissed me on the forehead. And walked away. It was the last time I ever saw her. The next day I was smuggled on to a ship headed to Thailand. Guess she got tired of being friends with the freak. I’m sure that wasn’t the reason Brian. Aileen said. Melissa smiled. She said to never ever come back there. How about I bring her here? You could find her? With the greatest of ease Brian. I’m the queen of the computer hackers. She took the place of your mother, she would want to see her granddaughter. Would you like to see her again Brian? I would like that very much. Thank you Melissa. Your welcome Brian. Melissa was about to find out that Brian wasn’t the only one that had disappeared that night. Finding Sister Elisabeth was harder than she thought it would be.

Everybody noticed a change in Brian. At first it was a strange distance, he was quite. Then a hardening. A quickening if you will. When Tank first started teaching Brian swords he thought it was hopeless. Brian was fast and agile. But fighting with edged weapons took a killers instinct. Killing with a blade wasn’t like killing with a gun. No long range push button killers with edged weapons. You had to look into your opponents eyes. You saw their pain. You saw them die up close and personal like. Most people couldn’t do it. Brian couldn’t do it. At least at first. But now Tank was having to scramble to stay ahead of Brian. The student was rapidly becoming the teacher. Brian had been having strange dreams, and the dreams were changing him.,,,

Your going to have to start training Brian. Tank told Barbara. Why ? Because he’s kicking my ass now. Are we talking about the same Brian Barbara’s said with a smile. Big guy with red skin and those sexy ass horns ? Tank raised an eyebrow at that. Barbara smiled. I don’t know how he’s got so good so fast. But he’s beating me at every turn now. He’s actually holding back so he doesn’t make me look bad. Barbara had personally trained Tank. She had over a thousand years experience with blades. Tank had taken to edged weapons like he had been born with one in his hand. If Brian was besting Tank now, she wanted to see it.

Tank me and Melissa are gonna fly down to West Virginia in the new bird. That’s cool Andrew. We think we may have found Sister Elisabeth . Don’t say nothing to Brian okay cause we are not sure it’s her. This surprised Tank. Melissa is not sure? I thought she was like the Aileen of the computer world. She is. Andrew said. Then why isn’t she sure? Because most Nuns wouldn’t be caught dead working as a bartender in a lesbian biker bar..,

The Landing Strip was a pretty good size bar. Andrew had landed the Blackhawk in a field not far behind the bar and they had walked in. Luckily the place didn’t have metal detectors or Andrew would have had to walk back to the Blackhawk and store his hardware. He had his .45’s plus a very short barreled shot gun concealed on him. They drew a few stares as they walked thru the door. Andrew was the only man in the whole bar. Him and Melissa heard the word breeders a few times in the background noise before it quieted down and the women got back to having a good time. Nice ass place for a biker bar Andrew said to Melissa. Yeah it is,act touristy. I need to get a pic of the bartender. Taking a selfie of me and you seems like the easiest way. So they had a few drinks and acted touristy. Melissa saw the opportunity to get the pic. She saved it cropped it and ran it threw facial recognition software quicker than you can say it. It’s her Andrew. Well hell pretty lady. Let’s go talk to her. Andrew and Melissa eased up to the bar in front of Elisabeth. Andrew smiled and winked at her. Mam, theirs something me and my lady want to talk to you about. I’m Not interested cowboy. Theirs lady’s in here that are up for that kinda action especially with a couple as hot as you two are. but I’m not. Andrew just laughed and shook his head. That’s not what we are looking for mam. We came on behalf of a friend of ours. He really wants to see you again, Sister Elisabeth. Do You remember Brian? From the orphanage?Elisabeth’s face got hard. I don’t know what your talking about cowboy. He saw her hand easing towards something under the bar. It’s not like that mam. Leave that hog leg under the bar. We are not forcing you to go with us. Just asking you to. Brian said you was like a mother to him. He done got married and had a baby. She looks just like Brian if you know what I mean. We figured if you was like his mother then you might want to see Madison your granddaughter. Elisabeth had the strained look on her face of someone who had been on the run for a long time and was tired of it. You two really are friends of Brian’s aren’t you? Yes we are Sister Elisabeth. Melissa said. I found you. It wasn’t easy. We want to surprise him. Andrew felt the back of his neck get hot. Someone was staring at them. He turned around there were six hardcore looking bikers standing at the entrance to the bar. We got company Melissa. Andrew had been riding long enough to spot real outlaw bikers from the posers. These guys were the real deal. Prison and gang tats on everyone of them. Lots of tear drop tattoos. Elisabeth,is somebody else looking for you? Andrew asked. She looked about ready to pass out from fear. Yes. The brotherhood. They are looking for me and Brian. You must have lead them here. They didn’t follow us mam. We came in a Blackhawk helicopter. It’s parked in the clearing about half a mile behind the bar. We just happened to get here at the same time. Fortunately for you we are the good guys. There’s six of them cowboy. How’s that fortunate for me? I know Andrew said. I almost feel sorry for them that the odds aren’t more in their favor he said with a grin and a wink. The bikers spotted Elizabeth. They came towards Andrew and Melissa in a tight group. Amateurs Andrew thought I could take them all out so easy grouped together like that. Well best not kill em all if I don’t have to. Ex cons tend to think they are real badasses. It’s because they are used to being in gangs and intimidating ordinary people. Andrew was anything but ordinary. Andrew had retired from Special Forces Just like Tank had. He was a real deal certified badass. Whose confirmed kill number was so high that it would never be declassified. Out of the way asshole. one of the bikers said to Andrew. Andrew ignored him. The biker went to push Andrew. and Andrew who was watching him in the mirror mounted behind bar spun around and hit the biker in the temple with a whiskey bottle. He dropped like he had been pole axed. Andrew dropped the bottle and brought the shotgun out from under his jacket before the other five had time to react. Thank you, you stupid waterheads for standing so close together. Going to make killing all of you with this 12 gauge so much easier. Andrew said as he pumped a round into the chamber of the 12 gauge. The bikers froze. Criminals are terrified of the sound of a pump shotgun. And For good reason. Their are not many things you can hold in your hands that are deadlier at close range than a 12 gauge pump shotgun. You boys don’t do this much do ya? One of the bikers tried to lunge at Andrew. And quick as a striking snake Andrew stuffed the muzzle of the shotgun into his right eye. The biker went down clawing at his eye. He would be wearing an eyepatch for the rest of his life if he survived the night. We got no beef with you cowboy. We just want her. One of the other bikers said and pointed at Elisabeth . Well you can’t have her asshole. I found her first. Now all of you get down on the floor or I’m going to see just how big of a mess this 12 gauge makes at point blank range. These dumb asses still thought they had the upper hand. The one who seemed to be the leader said. you won’t pull that trigger cowboy, to many witnesses. Andrew just smiled at him. Not long ago I dropped five hundred gallons of napalm on a church full of people. Burned them all to death. Just because one of the members of that so called church thought it was a good idea to hurt one of my friends kids. Then I flew back home and had a big breakfast. I don’t have a bit of a problem gunning a bunch of piece of shit ex cons like you. I’ve killed so many people that I’m sure the Devil has a special place reserved for me in Hell. So what’s a few more shitbags on the body count one way or the other ? The biker saw something in Andrews eyes. A calmness. Like taking on a group of six guys all by himself was something he did everyday. He realized he wasn’t bullshitting. Only stating the truth. And that this cowboy was about one step away from killing them all. He started to get down in the floor. They all did. You guys are smarter than you look. You got anything I can tie these guys up with he said to Elisabeth. He heard a shuffling. And about 20 of the ladies in the bar came forward with handcuffs. Andrew laughed. I like how you gals party. He cuffed the bikers. Elisabeth you better come with us. Think your days as a bartender are over. She came out from behind the bar. I got to go ladies. It’s been fun. But I been running From these bastards for almost ten years. Free drinks,serve yourself. As they walked out the head biker yelled after them. This ain’t over cowboy! Andrew calmly said if you know what’s good for you. It better be, because I don’t give second chances. I see you again and you get a one way ticket, straight to Hell…

When Brian showed up to train the next day Tank had on jeans and a T-shirt and was eating a breakfast burrito. Brian said jokingly. Think its a good idea to eat before we train old man? Tank grinned at him. Your not fighting with me today. I’m just watching. Who am I fighting then? Brian asked. Barbara. Brian scowled. I don’t want to fight Barbara. I hate men who hit women. I’m not going to deliberately try to hurt her. Glad to hear you say that big guy. But you have been holding back with me. I don’t know how you have gotten so good so fast but Barbara wants to see for herself. And Barbara is a lot harder to hurt than you think she is. Yes I am Brian. Brian turned to see Barbara standing behind him in full armor. Brian I understand how you feel. But I’m a vampire Brian. I’m stronger than you, faster than you, I’m more skilled than you. And my bones are harder. Plus I’m wearing armor. You don’t have to worry about hurting me. I want to see for myself what Tank is talking about. I don’t want to do this Barbara. Brian said. Barbara pulled her sword. Sorry Brian, but you don’t have a choice. No quarter, none given none taken. Let’s dance. And Barbara attacked Brian.

At first the dreams had angered Brian. Because the man he was dreaming of had looked upon him with disgust. A loathing that was almost hatred. And it became evident in the very first dream that this man was going to teach him something. Weather Brian wanted to learn it or not. They became teacher and student. It’s hard for a teacher to dislike an enthusiastic student. And Brian was that. Because what this man had to teach him, was something that Brian very badly wanted to learn. So the hate and disgust transformed slowly into grudging admiration. And soon the teacher and the student had a special bond. Soon they both looked forward to these strange dreams.

Barbara and Brian danced. It was beautiful and breath taking. Tanks breakfast was forgotten. He called Aileen. And told her to get to the studio right now she had to see this. They moved like liquid. No thought , no hesitation. They almost seemed to be reading each other’s minds. Aileen watched in fascination and dread. There was something so familiar about the way Brian fought. And she realized that no matter how much she didn’t want it to be true. It was. She was once again married to a warrior…

The dreams had become something that Brian looked forward to very much. They filled a void in him that he hadn’t known existed. Then came last nights dream. He finally bested his teacher…

Brian and Barbara were both dripping with sweat when they decided it was a draw. Brian your skill level is amazing. Without cheating and tapping into my vampire ability’s I can’t beat you. You have skills that can’t easily be taught. Like knowing how to fein weakness to gain advantage. And you anticipate three moves ahead while still staying focused on the right now in the fight. Brian just shrugged. How did you learn these things. Barbara asked. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Brian said. Try me Brian. I’m more open minded than you think. I learned them in a dream….

Brian buried his sword in his teachers chest. His teacher pushed forward on Brian’s sword until he had Brian by the shoulders. I am your teacher no more Brian. You have fairly beaten me. I failed them Brian. But I didn’t fail you. You now have the skills you need. Always be diligent, don’t ever let your guard down. Always protect them. I failed them Brian. You must not. Somehow Brian knew that this was the last time he would dream of his teacher. He looked into his teachers eyes and asked him. What is your name? My name is unimportant Brian. What is important is what I have taught you and that you never forget it. Brian looked into his teachers eyes and said. In my heart of hearts teacher. I have called you father. Your name is not unimportant to me. What is you name teacher? And Brian in my heart of hearts I have called you Son. And been proud to do so. My name……is Longinus

You learned to fight like that from a dream? Well a bunch of dreams actually. I have been having similar dreams every night. A man has been training me in them. That’s amazing. Brian just shrugged. Andrew yelled to them. Hey guys am I interrupting anything? No. We just got done. Well I got somebody I want you guys to meet. Sister Elisabeth stepped out from behind Andrew and Melissa. Hello Brian, it’s been a long time…

Brian just stared at her. After last nights dream, this was almost to much to handle. He was conflicted to say the least. Part of him wanted to run to Sister Elisabeth and give her the biggest hug she had ever had. But part of him, a big part of him. wanted the answers as to why she walked out of his life ten years ago. The hug won out. Answers would wait. Brian ran to his mother…

Brian picked Sister Elisabeth up and spun her around. She fiercely hugged the young Demon. Both of them cried unashamed. Brian finally set her down. Sister Elisabeth. I can’t believe its you. She frowned. It’s just Elisabeth now Brian. Haven’t been a Nun for a long time now. Brian stepped back and looked at Sister Elisabeth. She was right. She didn’t look like a Nun anymore. She had several tattoos and piercings. And a short flattop haircut now. He had never seen her out of her Habit. You could still tell it was her, but only if you knew her well. What happened? I thought you loved being a Nun? Brian said. I did love being a Nun Brian. I still would be a Nun. Serving God and raising his lost children was all I ever wanted to do. But I had to save you Brian. I had to save them all. I had to become Gods Hammer. Let me explain…

She looked at the people gathered around them. They are family Sister Elisabeth. Completely trustworthy. Brian said. Sorry,I’ve been on the run for so long. Fear and mistrust just become normal. Barbara spoke up. I’ve got some high priced, high power attorneys on retainer. Sister Elisabeth. Plus some people in high places that owe me favors. You don’t have to run from the law anymore. I’m not running from the law dear lady. I’m running from the Brotherhood. They are an outlaw biker gang that has a hundred thousand dollar bounty on my head. I’m suppose to be raped. Then murdered if you want to collect the bounty. This caught Tanks attention. Tell us what happened Sister Elisabeth Tank said. It all started when we got the new priest. Father Murphy. He was young and good looking, in a hard kinda way. Nuns take a vow of celibacy. It don’t mean we are blind. He had a winning smile and was charismatic. Half of the younger Nuns were smitten with him. He was good with people. But horrible at the services. He fumbled thru them like he was reading from a book. Sometimes he was. He didn’t seem to know anything about our faith. Brian said I remember him. Good with the ladies. Bad at everything else. And cussed. Only time I have ever heard a priest say fuck was when he was over the orphanage. First time I ever saw a Harley Davison was after he came. It was late at night and the sound of them woke me up. A deep rumbling. I crept out of bed to see what was making the strange noise. Followed the sound to the back of Father Murphy’s house. Their was four custom Harley’s sitting behind it. To a fifteen year old boy who had spent his entire life hidden away they were the most beautiful thing I had ever saw. Sister Elisabeth said. Strange stuff like that started happening after he came. The kids and a few of the other Nuns started acting strange. I did too. I had a strange obsession after he came. Hammers. I kinda fell in love with hammers. They were all I could think of a lot of the time. I took the tiny amount of money I had saved and bought myself a 22 once Estwing stainless steel hammer. It was a thing of beauty. I know it sounds strange, but I had to have it. It was a physical need. Some of the children started acting out. Violent angry behavior. We had a few run away, and one suicide. Every time I tried to talk to Father Murphy he just smiled and avoided the subject. Then came the day that one of the other Nuns told me that you Brian were being adopted. Somebody tried to adopt me? Brian said. No Brian. I handled all of the pre adoption interviews. If you were going to be adopted, I would have known about it. Something fishy was going on. I went to question Father Murphy about this. But suddenly I just had to have my hammer. So I didn’t fight this compulsion. I just went and got it. And something else told me not to knock on his door just to walk right in. At first I thought his door was locked,and then suddenly it wasn’t. I walked in to his private chambers. Sister Elisabeth started trembling. Her voice was filled with emotion. Father Murphy was forcing himself on one of my children. Little Samantha. She broke down sobbing. Brian looked at Aileen and nodded. She understood, she gently calmed Sister Elisabeth so she could finish her story. I felt like I was filled with power. I’m not sure how I got across the room, heck maybe I have floated. All I know is that I was suddenly over Father Murphy. And I don’t know how I got there. But I will never forget what I said. In a voice as loud as thunder. SUFFER NOT THE LITTLE CHILDREN, DECEIVER! FOR I AM THE HAMMER OF GOD! And then I hit him in the head with the hammer. Over and over again. I killed him Brian…

I threw his body off of Samantha. She wasn’t breathing. He had been holding his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. She was close to death. I used CPR to bring her back. Once I brought her back I passed her off to Sister Candice. And made her swear to the blessed virgin not to do anything till I got back. Something told me I had to get you away from the orphanage. I called my friend who ran the freak show and told him that he had to meet me right now. Giving you to him Brian was the hardest thing I ever did. I went back to Father Murphy’s house and called the police and told them to come get me I had killed a man. They asked what happened and I told them I walked in on father Murphy raping a seven year old girl and I hit him in the head with a hammer and killed him. I’m a murderer I confess come get me. The dispatcher told me units were on the way but I wasn’t a murder if my story checked out. I was a Hero. In North Carolina using deadly force to stop the commission of a rape was completely legal. I waited for them to get there. A van pulled up outside. Four guys got out. I had spent most of my life in an orphanage. Either as a resident or a Nun. But I could tell these guys weren’t cops. They had leather jackets on and shaved heads. They were on the steps when the cops pulled in behind them. The guys in the jackets pulled out guns and started shooting at the cops. It wasn’t like on TV. It happened really fast the officer took two hits. But he kept firing with a shotgun. He put down all four of the guys in the leather jackets. I rushed out to help the officer. His vest saved him. I told him I was the one who called him. Soon the place was swarming with police. They did a rape kit on Samantha and it showed she had been violated. While they investigated the scene they found twenty kilos of meth amphetamine under Father Murphy’s bed. The DEA officer who came to investigate asked to speak to me. Hello Miss? I said its Sister Elisabeth. My name is officer Halbur. What did you say was the name of the man you killed to protect the little girl? Jon Murphy. The new priest they sent to us when Father Callahan died. So we have a missing person to investigate also. I was confused. Missing person? Yes,we need to find out what these guys did with your priest. The officer explained to me that the man I killed wasn’t Jon Murphy. But a member of the outlaw biker gang the Brotherhood. His name is Chris Cunningham. He was the son of the founder of the Brotherhood Jake Cunningham. Don’t feel bad about killing him mam. He was a very bad man. The only reason he wasn’t in jail for rape is that all the witnesses kept disappearing. Officer Halbur looked at Sister Elisabeth. And mam I hate to tell you this but you deserve the truth. You have to leave here. Tonight.Why? Because these guys are going to put a price on your head. A big one. And they like using machine guns and dynamite. You stay here and all these children will be at risk. You have to run. Just as far and as fast as you can. Become someone else. He handed her a black duffle bag. You stopped something horrible from taking place here Sister Elisabeth. I wish I could tell you we can protect you. But we can’t. Run and don’t look back…

The duffle bag was full of money. It must have been in the van to pay for the drugs. I ran and kept on running. I was lucky. If your friend Andrew hadn’t walked into that bar when he did my luck would have ran out. Aileen spoke up. I can tell it still bothers you that you killed a man because he was raping a little girl. It shouldn’t. I once killed twenty men who intended to rape me. No man has the right to take a woman by force. Sister Elisabeth looked at Aileen. How did you kill twenty men? Aileen just smiled and nodded at Brian. Brian said. Let me introduce everyone.You already know Andrew. Ex special forces and general purpose badass. That big ugly guy over there is Tank. He’s ex special forces too. He’s also a genetic throwback. He’s incredibly strong. He’s probably the strongest man in the world. That pretty lady standing next to him is Barbara his wife. Brian tapped his incisor with his tongue. Barbara understood and popped her fangs. She’s a Vampire, the blood drinking kind. But don’t worry, she’s one of the good guys. Tank laughed that’s debatable. You’ve never been around her when she’s PMSing. Watch it Tank, watch it. Barbra said. And the little redhead is Aileen my wife. She’s a kind of Vampire too. But she feeds directly off of life force and emotion. She’s not as physically strong as Barbara. But her mental powers are far stronger. Andrew said that’s the understatement of the year. She’s a pure blood leprechaun. Aileen conjured fire into her hand and made it dance across her finger tips. You don’t have to run anymore Sister Elisabeth. We can protect you. Andrew said I should have killed those shitbags in the bar. If I had known they were there to rape and kill a Nun I would have. If your the Hammer of God Sister, I will be your Angel of Death. Me too said Tank. Barbara said how would you like me to build you an orphanage here for you to run? You could do that? Sister Elisabeth said. I would very much like to do that. If you want to raise Gods lost children I want to help. Sister Elisabeth could tell Barbara was holding back tears. Something had happened to this woman she thought. Something very painful. What happened to your hammer Sister? They kept it for evidence I never got it back. Barbara walked over to the weapons cabinet and selected a war hammer. Two feet of no nonsense lethal steel designed to do one thing. And one thing only,Kill. She walked back to Sister Elisabeth. To be Gods Hammer requires that you have a hammer. She handed the war hammer to Sister Elisabeth. Welcome to the Family…

Sister Elisabeth’s first night at the ranch was full of surprises. Terry being one of the biggest ones literally. Sister Elisabeth was overcome with emotion when she met Terry. She broke down sobbing uncontrollably. This confused Brian. What the matter Sister Elisabeth? Nothing Brian. I’m just so proud of you. The world and everyone in it tried so hard to make you out as evil. I knew you were good Brian. Raising these two children as your own Brian. That’s something you can be proud of. Your a good man Brian. I had a good teacher Elisabeth. You shaped me into who I am. I love you Elisabeth your the only mother I ever had. They looked out into the yard at Terry and Alice playing. He’s Tanks brother isn’t he? Yes Elisabeth. His twin brother. How did you end up adopting a grown man? It’s complicated. I got time Brian. Aileen’s son Dolan. He forced Barbara and Tank to kill him and his friends. Oh my goodness Brian. He was crazy. Liked to kill for fun. Afterwards Aileen kidnapped Terry. She kidnapped him to force the truth out of Barbara and Tank. She fell in love with Terry instead. He’s easy to love. So is Aileen. I was rotting in a cage when these guys rescued me and Alice. She was close to death. They saved us both. Their good people. Elisabeth scowled a little. What? Brian asked. Their killers Brian. So am I Sister. So are you. Sometimes the world don’t give you options. You have to decide to live. Give them a chance. I will Brian. It’s a lot to take in in one day. Properly introduce me to your children….

The thing that Sister Elisabeth loved about children is their frank honesty. She knelt down to meet Alice. And Alice rubbed her hair. Your hairs like uncle Tanks! She laughed I guess it is Alice. TERRY! Let’s go play on the train! Sister Elisabeth was dragged laughing onto the train by two happy children. Terry ran them around and around the tracks while Sister Elisabeth and Alice played dress up and had a tea party. Sister Elisabeth looked funny in the flapper dress with her flat top hair cut. Alice giggled. That’s not right. She went back and got Sister Elisabeth a gangsters zuit suit. And fedora complete with gold pocket watch. Alice declared that’s better. Sister Elisabeth looked at herself in the mirror. A man was staring back at her. I have got to grow my hair back out she thought. I really do look like a man in this suit. Are you a lady ? Alice asked. Yes I am Alice.Sister Elisabeth said with a laugh. Alice’s silly choice in cloths saved Sister Elizabeth’s life.

Where’s the old bitch at? Came a voice from behind them. Sister Elisabeth turned around to see a member of the brotherhood holding a gun on them. I asked you a question faggot. The biker snarled at Sister Elisabeth. She realized because of the suit and hat that she was wearing this biker thought she was a man. Maybe she could bluff him. She held her hand up to her mouth and made a mewling sound. She might look like a man right now. But her voice was pure southern belle. Best not to talk. The biker cocked the hammer on his pistol. I asked you a question ya little faggot. Oooh, your gonna be in trouble Alice said. That’s a bad word! Oh little girl. I’m a bad man. The biker said. so it’s okay for me to use bad words. Once I kill this old queen I’m gonna show you just how bad of a man I am. Alice got serious. So Your a bad man? Yes little girl. I’m a bad man. The worst. Alice looked at Sister Elisabeth. Don’t tell mommy. Alice looked deep into the bikers eyes, he went blank….

Alice was frantic, she just kept saying mommy is going to be so mad. She had calmly faced down a killer with a gun. But it scared her to think she had made her mother angry. Children. Sister Elisabeth looked at the biker. He just stood there like a statue. Alice, is he dead? No, he’s just a doll now. Sister Elisabeth waved her hand In front of the bikers face. The lights were on but nobody was home. Alice can you make him back like he was? Yes. Then why are you scared that Aileen will be mad? Because I’m not suppose to make dolls anymore. Alice, look at me. Alice looked up into Sister Elisabeth’s face. He was going to hurt us Alice. You saved us. If Aileen’s mad I will explain. Alice was close to tears. You promise? I promise Alice. Now how do I stop this train ? Push the red button in the box on the wall. It’s an emergency stop. It was also an alarm. Brian was on the train before it got completely stopped. And the only reason that the biker didn’t lose his head was Sister Elisabeth stopped him. No Brian. No. She waved her hand I front of the bikers eyes again. Brian looked at her. She shook her head no and discreetly pointed at Alice. She whispered to him. She saved us. He was going to rape us both. And then kill us. She’s scared that you will be mad. Don’t you dare fuss at her. Make this right Brian. Alice are you okay Brian asked. Yes daddy. Is mommy going to be mad? Brian realized she wasn’t in a trance like last time. She had done this on purpose. No Alice. You saved Sister Elisabeth and yourself, mommy won’t be mad. Aileen came in and saw the man frozen like a statue. She screamed Alice what have you done and Alice cowered down. Brian who never raises his voice to his wife yelled slow your roll Aileen. Why the hell are you so mad? She said thru clinched teeth. because I don’t like it when my children kill. It’s happened before. He’s not dead Aileen. You of all people should be able to tell that. He’s just a doll mommy. Alice said in a trembling voice. Sister Elisabeth spoke up. She was furious that Aileen was yelling at Alice after what had happened. Look at the gun in his hand Aileen. Look at it! She saved our lives and your punishing her for it! You don’t deserve to have her if that’s how you treat her. Aileen trembled…. And fell to her knees. She realized that Sister Elisabeth was right. Your right. Please forgive me Alice. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. Alice ran to her mothers arms…

Once everyone calmed down Brian asked Alice. How long have you been able to do this again Alice? Since a little after Madison came. Aileen asked,but how can you do it again Alice ? I took away your ability to do this. No,mommy he told me you can’t take away my ability to make dolls . He said You could only make me forget that I could make dolls. He said you shouldn’t have made me forget mommy. He said I was like you mommy. A mind warrior. He said I should be proud of that. He said I might need to be able to make dolls to protect you mommy. Or to protect Madison. So he made me remember mommy. Aileen and Brian looked at each other confused. Who made you remember Alice? The man in my dreams mommy. The man with the funny name. What’s his name Alice?………Longinus mommy. He said his name was Longinus.

Tank and Andrew walked into a highly emotional scene. They just kinda tried not to look at anyone and shuffled their feet. Both of them would walk into a gun fight armed with a pocket knife. But were completely uncomfortable talking about feelings and emotions. Once they got noticed Andrew said what’s with the Statue of Liberty? Sister Elisabeth said Alice froze him so he wouldn’t hurt us. Andrew winked at his niece good job little lady. Can you unfreeze him? Yes uncle Andrew. He’s a doll now, I can make him do anything. Well make him give me that pistol please. It’s Making me real nervous him pointing it out like that. Andrew walked over and the biker laid the pistol in his hand. He made it safe. Kimber eclipse .45acp nice piece for a biker to be carrying. Alice if me and Tank take him out to the garage can you release him when we yell to ya? Yes uncle Andrew. Tank your younger than me. Carry his dumb ass outside will ya? Tank picked up the biker and tossed him over his shoulder like a log….

Once they got to the garage And set the biker down on the floor Andrew giggled. Wait a minute Tank. He walked over to the workbench and got a grease gun and put it in the bikers hand. That’s going to be funny as hell. Yell over to Alice to let him go. The biker came back suddenly, furiously squeezing the trigger on the grease gun. Andrew and Tank both laughed at him. The biker who’s real name was Mark but went by shank threw down the grease gun and stared at the two hard looking men in front of him. Andrew said we got a couple questions for you. Shank said I’m not telling you shit old man. Andrew tossed Tank a crescent wrench. Bend that into a u for me me Tank. Tank did that without even straining. Now give it to our young friend over there. Tank tossed the wrench to the biker. You mind straighten that out for me? He tried,Couldn’t bend it back even a little. Andrew smiled. Now we can do this the easy way. Or we can do it the hard way. But your going to answer my questions. What’s the easy way? You answer them then walk out of here. And the hard way? I have my large friend over there rip one of your arms off and beat you with it till you decide to answer our questions. Shank looked at Andrew and realized he was serious. He decided to go with the easy way. What do you need to know? Why are you here? The whole brotherhood is headed this way to collect the bounties on your and the old cunts heads. Jake raised them to a million dollars a piece. They are riding in. I decided to fly in and beat everybody to the punch. Why do I have a bounty on my head? Andrew asked the biker. Jake didn’t like you making six of his soldiers look bad in front of those dykes. Andrew pulled out his Bowie knife. I’m a soldier. So is my friend over there. We earned the right to be called that shitbag. You refer to yourself or any of your friends again as soldiers and I’m going to cut your eyes out. You understand? Shank nodded his head. Good. How did you find us. Back at the dyke bar. You put six of our guys on the ground. There was seven guys. A newbie was outside watching the bikes. He was taking a piss when you came out. He followed you back to your helicopter and wrote down the name on it and the tail number. Jakes got connections. He found you that way. Sorry Tank I shoulda flew the new Apache down instead of one of the civilian birds. He hadn’t flew the new Apache yet. It somehow didn’t feel right without Jeff. No big deal Andrew. Andrew got a strange look on his face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys and tossed them to the biker. Then flipped his Bowie knife into the planks at the bikers feet. Change of plan. Your not walking out of here. If you leave your going to be riding my bike. It’s that custom sportster parked by the door. Nice bike old man. What do you mean if I leave? You came here to collect the bounty on my head. If you leave. You will be riding my bike. With my head in the saddle bag. And if I don’t? Then you won’t be leaving at all. That big gorilla isn’t just going to let me leave after I kill you. Yes he will. Tank if he kills me. Open the gate and let him ride out. Soldiers honor. Goddam you Andrew. You heard me Tank. Soldiers honor. Fine Andrew, Soldiers honor. Now get out Tank. Tank walked out and slammed the door behind him. Just you and me now kid. Shank reached down and pulled the Bowie knife out of the floor. He spun it around in his hand a couple of times to check the weight and balance. Nice blade old man. Thank you Andrew said. I’ve had it a long time. I’m almost going to hate killing you old man. Shank said. You’ve got style, that’s rare now days. It’s something to be admired. But a million dollars is a lot of money. Sorry. It’s nothing personal, just business. Andrew looked at him and said. A million dollars is a lot of money kid. But how much is your life worth to ya?Because you can’t spend that money in Hell. I will tell ya a little secret. A lot of people have tried to kill me in the last thirty years. They are all dead,I’m still here. If we are going to do this. Let’s do it. And Shank went in on Andrew with the Bowie knife. Shank actually was pretty good with a knife. He went in slow at first,feeling Andrew out. Learning his strengths and weaknesses. He actually managed to tag Andrew a couple of times pretty hard with the Bowie. If Andrew survived he was going to need stitches in several places. Then Shank saw his weak spot and went in hard and fast on Andrew. Just like Andrew wanted him to. Andrew sidestepped the younger man and deftly twisted his Bowie knife out of his hand. He used Shanks own momentum to spin him around and slam him into the wall. Andrew had him by the throat, with his Bowie knife pressed hard into the younger mans chest. I’m almost going to hate killing you kid. You got skills. That rare now days. Something to be admired. But I kinda like being alive. Sorry. It’s nothing personal,just business. He drove the Bowie into Shanks heart and gave it a twist. And then whispered in his ear as was dying. When you get to Hell. Tell the Devil, Andrew Zebley sent ya….

Andrew and Tank told the family what the biker had said. The whole brotherhood is on their way here. Tank said. If we ride hard and leave today we can meet them half way. Lot of lonely places in Missouri to settle this mess. Don’t want to fight them here at the ranch if we don’t have to. Barbara the Beast is sunlight proof and blends in to the scenery. Will you drive it to carry the hardware in ? Sure as long as you put my R6 in the back. If these guys ride like most motorcycle gangs side by side like they are in a parade. And we are planning on taking them all out. Then I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to do. What that babe? Barbara just smiled. My little secret big guy. Trust me. You will like it. He raised an eyebrow at that. Do I have to ride with Barbara? Brian asked. He wasn’t so great on two wheels. No Brian, Barbara said. I will give you your birthday present early. Can am Spyder. It’s got three wheels and an automatic transmission. You should be able to keep your skin intact on it. She said with a laugh. Melissa find them for us. On it Tank. Sister Elisabeth spoke up. She was holding the war hammer Barbara had given her. I’m going with you. Andrew said we got this mam. You stay here and hold down the fort. I’m sure you do Andrew. But I’m still going. I have to. Their was a hardness in her voice that said end of discussion. Okay I guess you can ride in the Beast with Barbara. No, there is a bike in the garage I will ride if it’s okay with you Barbara. Sure sister Elisabeth. I didn’t know you could ride. I worked for six years as a bartender in a biker bar. Had to fit the part. You mind giving us a demonstration mam. Tank said. Sure,Sister Elisabeth said with a crooked grin…sure my pleasure.

She went into the garage by herself. And was in there for a few minutes. What do ya think she will come out on Tank ?Andrew said. Don’t know. She’s tall. So it could be anything. Maybe a sportster? There’s that little Honda rebel 250 that we been trying to teach Brian how to ride on. I just don’t know. Then they heard the garage door rumble up. And a few loud buzzy revs. That ain’t no sportster. Andrew said. That’s a crotch rocket. And a big one at that by the sound of it. Sister Elisabeth came out of the garage like she had been shot from a gun. She pulled the GSX-R1100 up on its back wheel and road it down the road past Andrew and Tank that way. She set it back down and worked thru the gears without letting off the throttle. Then brought it to a quick controlled stop. She then revved it a few times and spun it around in a controlled slide. She got it up to speed again, fast. She was headed right at Tank and Andrew at full throttle. Then at the last second brought the big motorcycle to a stop right in front of them. She shut it down and took off her helmet. Did I pass your test Tank? With flying colors mam. You ride like a pro. He paid her the highest compliment a biker could give. I’d ride with you any day. And let you lead. Andrew said don’t take this the wrong way Sister. but holy shit, you ride like you stole that dam bike. Ain’t you afraid of getting hurt or killed? Sister Elisabeth looked at Andrew and gave him a cool smile. Just What should I be afraid of Andrew. Dying and going to Heaven? She tossed Tank her helmet I wanna take it out for a spin Tank if you don’t mind. It’s been to long since I’ve been on a bike. She took off again on the GSX-R at full throttle. She didn’t stop at the gate this time but rode towards the horizon, pushing the high performance sport bike to its absolute limits. Happy and at peace with the world…

Melissa had found them and was tracking the brotherhoods every move. She had tapped into a network of surveillance satellites that had amazing resolution. She was able to give Tank exact numbers and locations so he could set up an ambush. The brotherhood was keeping to secondary roads. Elroy Missouri wasn’t really a town just a wide spot in the road on U.S hi-way 84. But it was to be their killing ground. The family had showed up a day early and set everything up. The brotherhood all fifty of them were on their way to Colorado to kill a Nun and an the old Soldier who had come to her rescue. Five people, two retired soldiers. One young demon. A Vampire and a Nun stood in their way. Usually ten to one odds would be considered suicidal. With these five people it was just a little unfair… To the brotherhood.

Tanks phone rang. They are coming at you and will be to your location in five minutes. Melissa said. Thanks for the heads up. did you set off the bank alarms in the surrounding towns to keep the law busy. It’s done every cop around the area is headed to a bank thinking it’s being robbed. Your a doll Melissa. And I’m glad your on my side. You just keep Andrew from getting his ass shot off. He’s going to marry me when he gets back. He just don’t know it yet. Melissa said with a laugh. Will do. Barbara, Sister Elisabeth fire your bikes up and head out of town. Remember once you pass back by us, stay past us. Sister Elisabeth is not wearing armor. They both nodded and headed out in the opposite direction of the brotherhood. Once they had went about a mile out they turned around and stopped. Barbara turned around and raised her visor up as far as she dared to. It was full daylight she had to be careful. Are you ready to thread the needle sister? Sister Elisabeth said ready as I will ever be. Barbara patted her ass and said you stay right on this. Sister Elisabeth looked at Barbara’s fine looking back side encased in skin tight leather straddled across that motorcycle. And for a brief moment she completely understood all the ladies she used to tend bar for at the landing Strip. Oh yeah. She shook her head and laughed lets do this! They took off in a cloud of tire smoke and laughter. Two happy Valkyries riding into battle on the backs of steel horses. Barbara had forgotten just how powerful the GSX-R1100 was. She was having to push her bike to its limits to stay in front of Sister Elisabeth. Barbara armed her NOS. Time to hit the go fast button. She surged away from sister Elisabeth as they passed back by Tank. Her R6 hit 230 miles an hour on a full NOS burn. Everything happened real fast after that. Both her and Sister Elisabeth threaded the needle and rode right thru the middle of the brotherhood at 200+ miles an hour. To say that two women who wear laughing and actually having a good time scared the shit out of a bunch of supposed bad ass hardcore bikers motherfuckers. Would have been a gross understatement.

Pull it tight Brian! Tank yelled as the women flew by on their bikes. Brian popped the clutch on the Beast and yanked the inch thick cable as tight as a banjo string. Tank turned his head back just in time to see Barbara and Sister Elisabeth thread the needle. Tanks heart skipped a few beats in his chest. Barbara and Sister Elisabeth had threaded the needle and rode thru the middle of the brotherhood at full speed. Half of the brotherhood went down from the sear shock of what had just happened. The rest went down when they ran into the cable that was pulled tight across the road. Tank and Andrew went to work with cold precision on what was left of the brotherhood with AA-12’s. Fully automatic military issue 12 gauge shotguns. The brotherhood had picked this fight. But The Family was going to win it. They had chosen to let it be known that they intended to rape and kill all the women at the ranch. They had chosen to attack the The Family in there own backyard. In other words. They had chosen to die. Every last one of them. Their lives had ended the very moment they had decided to do these things. They just didn’t realize that they had all bought a ticket. A ticket straight to Hell. That was until they rode into Tank and Andrews killing field,in a little wide spot in the road. Called Elroy Missouri.

Barbara and Sister Elisabeth slowed down and turned back the way they had come. They stopped well out of range of the shotguns. Sister Elisabeth stared in a strange sort of bewildered awe as Tank and Andrew calmly walked among the downed motorcycles firing at anything with a heartbeat. She had never seen anything like this. It reminded her of the biblical stories about avenging Angels. But She now understood that these bikers had every Intention of raping and killing her and Alice and Aileen and Barbara. All fifty of them. She now understood that this was the only way to stop them. The only way to put an end to all the evil things they had done. And were still doing. She now understood. That these were truly evil men and they must be stopped. She had had a dream the night before. She had already seen all of this take place. she looked over at Barbara and said I’m sorry, and then savagely kicked her bike over into the drop off at the edge of the road. She did it Because She already knew what was coming next. Barbara just stood there stunned as Sister Elisabeth turned the GSX-R around and took off with the rear tire squalling.

Jake Cunningham and his two personal body guards had followed the main group of bikes in his Cadillac limousine. He was a multimillionaire who had made his fortune selling drugs and people. Mainly children as sex slaves. He really wasn’t much of a biker. Just a sleazy businessman who recruited the worst of the worst strait out of prisons all across the south. He thought he was above the law because of his money. He thought That he was untouchable. He didn’t realize that today he had a date with destiny. That today he had A date with Gods Hammer.

Barbara witnessed the whole thing. Sometimes your eyes see something that they just don’t want to accept. Even when your a thousand years old.

Sister Elisabeth felt herself fill with the power again. She knew what she must do. She twisted the throttle on the GSX-R1100 wide open and rammed Jake Cunningham’s Cadillac at full speed. The impact was AWSOME in its destruction. it cut the car completely in half. Somehow Sister Elisabeth had floated above the crash and landed gently on the other side unhurt. With her war hammer in her hand. She walked back thru the wreckage and pulled Jake out of the limo. The sins of the father, show in the son. You Jake Cunningham were the one who decided to defile my children. To sell My lost children of God into slavery. You turned the house of God into a brothel! Jake looked at Sister Elisabeth and begged for his life. Please I’ve got money. I can pay you. Please don’t hurt me. Sister Elisabeth said In a voice as loud as thunder. Those who show no mercy will receive none defiler. God has many tools that he uses to punish the wicked. One of those tools is a hammer. Me, Gods Hammer.
She dropped the hammer on Jake Cunningham. Putting an end to the pedophiles life. And his criminal empire in the process.

Sister Elisabeth walked back to Barbara who just stared at her. I’m sorry I knocked over your bike and destroyed the other one. After what Barbara had just witnessed. It took every once of control She had to keep her voice steady. That’s fine. I will get you a new one. That bikes made for you. Your can ride Tanks Victory Hammer back. And My R6 was due for a rebuild anyhow. Let’s round up the boys and go home. Sister Elisabeth slowly said the word home. I like the sound of that. It’s been a long long time since I’ve had a real one. Well You do now Sister. We have fought together against evil and we kicked its ass. You truly are a member of The Family now and forever.

Once they were all headed back to Colorado. Tank looked over at Barbara and said. okay, now tell me why she’s riding my dam bike? Nobody rides my bike. There’s not a dam thing wrong with your R6. Just a few scratches. I wanted to Talk to you Tank In private. She sounded subdued, Shaken. Did I miss something? While you and Andrew were cleaning up the survivors of the brotherhood. Sister Elisabeth kicked my bike over and took off. She did what? She kicked my bike over and took off. Then she rammed a Cadillac limousine at full speed with the GSX-R. Like she knew it was coming. It Cut it completely in half. It had Jake Cunningham in it. His human trafficking scam at the orphanage caused this whole mess. She killed him with that war hammer I gave her. Wait a minute. She rammed a Cadillac with a motorcycle ?On purpose? Really? Yes, it completely destroyed the bike. But….She wasn’t hurt, how the hell do you explain that?…..Wings Tank. Big Beautiful Angels Wings. They were just suddenly there. She soared over the crash, and came down gently on the other side. Then she ripped the door off the Cadillac like it was made out of paper. And killed Jake with the Hammer. It cut him almost in two. Then just as suddenly as the wings appeared they were gone. I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s not human Tank.And she doesn’t know she’s not human. I think she might be an Angel, or maybe possessed by an Angel. If that even makes any sense. When it was over she just calmly walked back and told me she was sorry for knocking my bike over. I don’t think she realizes what she did. He just stared at her for a moment. Then He laughed. Big deal. So she’s not fully human. Neither are you, my love. Neither am I. Neither is Brian. Or Aileen, or Alice or even little Madison for that matter. The point I’m trying to make is that she fits perfectly in with this family. Angel or not I don’t really care. I really like her crazy ass. She’s got a heart as big as Texas. And she truly loves children. She stood up to Aileen when she was being to hard on Alice. This was After she knew exactly what Aileen was. And how truly dangerous she is. That takes courage.and a big set of cojones. Me and Andrew will just have to try to remember not to cuss so much around her now or tell anymore dirty jokes. that is if you really do think she’s an Angel. Tank then winked at Barbara and gave her his best smile. she just shook her head and smiled back at her big crazy love able man. Now please find us a Logan’s Roadhouse babe. I’m dying for a good steak…..

Dedicated to all the powerful women in my life. They are the Angels that walk among us. They endure. They overcome. And they survive. Also to my Soldiers. Logan Jett, Dakota Campbell, Nicole Jett, and Latonda Rowson. The world would be a very different place with Soldiers to Defend those who can’t defend themselves. Thank you all.


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