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name: Marko, or more commonly – PxelSlayer
surname: I don`t think it really matters :3
year of birth: Older than you, that`s for sure 😉
country: Croatia


Malagard on a card by MarkoTheSketchGuy

Malagard on a card
by MarkoTheSketchGuy


Q1: When did you start making art?
I`ve always been doodling and sketching since I was a kid, but I actively started practising some 5 years ago. Still have a long way to go.

Q2: What does inspire you?
Mostly amazing art I see created by others, which makes me push myself even harder.

Q3: What are your techniques?
Digital art mostly (Photoshop) although I am reaching into 3D as well. When it comes to traditional, pencils are the way to go.

Q4: What is the main idea or feeling behind your works?
Well, hopefully to tell a story or convey a mood. And inspire.

Q5: What is the main color of your art and why?
Oh, that depends on what I want to tell. Some of my pieces use a darker palette and muted colors, other are very bright and vivid. There are no rules, really.

Q6: What would you improve about your work and why?
Everything, lol. I know I`ll never be fully satisfied with what I make, no matter how good it might seem to others, but then again – aren`t all artists like that?

Q7: Do you have any project for the future?
No. I just paint what feels right at that moment, what challenges me, and don`t worry too much about being “organized”.

Q8: Describe yourself with 3 words capturing the essence of MarkoTheSketchGuy.
“Fake it till you make it” pretty much sums it up, lol.

Q9: Show us (link) your very first work. Describe it from techniques till feelings.
Sadly, I don`t have much of my earlier work saved. They were mostly anatomically incorrect sketches of weird looking ladies trying to look amazing and failing miserably at it. Oh boy, those were the days…

Q10: What did change from your first work till now?
Technique. Time required to get to a desired result. I still fail pretty majestically, mind you, but at least there`s one or two good things about those pieces (like, nice lighting. Or maybe an interesting design).

Q11: What is art for you? Escaping from reality or the essence of life?
Both. And neither? Honestly, I`m not thinking of art in those terms. It is what it is. A part of me. A way to say what`s going on in my head. Hopefully, a way to pay the bills. And something I enjoy and struggle with at the same time. True definition of a “love and hate” relationship.

  Love this art!
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